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Young Robins vice

2022-06-20 01:10:07

As soon as the school bell screamed the end of the day had arrived, the small unassuming girl ran all the way home. There was only a few older eyes who noticed the slim waif with the cute pretty face and baby doll blue eyes.
Robin had only had her laptop PC for 4 weeks, it was the best thing ever. She Quickly did her chores for her wheelchair bound grandmother, then straight upstairs to her bedroom, flick on the pc, throw her school uniform off and settle down for the night in front of her gateway to an exciting new world.
Robin had received the laptop for her eleventh birthday. As to where it had come from, her and her grandmother didn’t know. It had been delivered by a courier the morning of her birthday. At first her grandmother refused to allow Robin to have it, but after a week her aged grandmother had given way to the constant nagging Robin had given her.
The young girl discovered so many cool sites from online games to wildlife websites. But tonight she was going to join a web community and make some new friends. She had heard other girls at school incessantly talk about who said what, to who and boast about how many friends they had online. As robin didn’t get on with the other girls, she was looking forward to find some friends of her own.
Young Robin clicked on the shortcut on her desktop which was already on the PC, it took her to a website ‘for young ladies who were looking for special friends’. Little 4.5 foot Robin decided it was perfect.
She created her profile and then putting her best dress on she took a picture of herself using her webcam. Robin was so pleased with herself. The young girl looked at the screen for ten minutes, nothing happened. She was unsure what to do next, so she left her PC and disappeared for her evening meal.

When she returned she picked up her towel and took herself to the shower.
In the hot steamy water she washed her naked petite body with soapy hands.
The young girls slim glistening body resembled that of an athlete, a tiny narrow waist, slim legs, all perfectly formed. In a few years she would be well sort out by the opposite sex, if they could look beyond her family as she had been the main target for verbal jest for years, just because she was been brought up by her invalided grandmother.
Robin caressed her small young budding breasts, she loved to feel her tiny nipples become erect and hard in her fingers, giving her the most sweet sizzling feeling all over her body, but she already new where she could get the much nicer sensations. She quickly washed herself off and left the shower room for her bedroom.
Her body seemed to be telling her it wanted the special touching that she had discovered by accident 3 months ago. She didn’t bother drying herself off. She laid her towel on her bed and laid down opened her legs quickly and gently stroked her small pink hairless slit. Stoking downwards with one finger from each hand on either side of her lips, young Robins body quivered with pleasure. She put a two fingers from one hand either side then spread her lips apart, then with her other hand she stroked up and down gently, her body visibly shook. Unconsciously her knees lifted spreading her young pussy wider.
The young girl hadn’t noticed the red light on her webcam PC was on, the naive girl had been streaming a live feed.
Robin slid her finger round the top of her pussy lips, as this was giving her the best sensations. As the entrance to her pussy started to become wet, Robin slid a finger in slightly, her mouth opened and her eyes closed in ecstasy. Her young breasts fell and rose rapidly, she could feel her body start to tremble, her special moment was going to happen. She flicked one finger in and out fast and rubbed the top of her pussy at speed, her pelvis rose up to meet her finger, all the muscles in her body became tense. As the young girl climaxed her heart missed a beat and the air caught in her lungs, she let out a strangled scream. Her body lifted in to the air wanting more finger inside her, then she crashed into the bed unconscious. Copious amounts of fluid trickling from her young virginal pussy between her spread legs. Visible to the many on line eagerly watching, with there own fluids spilling from their hungry cocks.
When the young girl opened her tired eyes, her body was rosy warm and relaxed. It had been the best special time she had ever had. She lifted her exhausted body up and looked straight at the PC screen. She had received 115 messages. Excitedly she jumped forward and read the messages. They were all from people wanting to be her private friends. Robin was overjoyed. But she remembered the girls at school boasted at how they had 300 friends. Robin wanted desperately to beat them.

The next day on her way home from school as Robin was about to enter her house her name was called from across the road. Old Mr Price who lived in the farm house across the road was looking over his side gate. She walked over to him.
“Hello Robin, how do you like your new PC I sent you?”
“It was from you Mr Price?”
“Yes but you mustn’t tell your Grandmother, it wouldn’t be good people knowing an old fella like me was sending expensive gifts to young ladies.”
“Oh I see, I can understand that.”
“I noticed you had joined my community last night, you got quite the following now.”
“Its your site, how do you do that? I mean can I have my own?”
“well your grandmother is still away at her day clinic so you can pop round now if you like and I will create one for you.”
“oh yes please, thank you,” Robin smiled her biggest smile.
The timid young girl followed the old man into his farm house, she entered excited as she had never been inside, even though Mr Price was an old friend of her grandmothers. He had been visiting her house since she could remember.
When he climbed the stairs she wasn’t concerned, she followed on, looking around taking in the surroundings. They entered a large room at the front of the house, looking through the window Robin noticed her house.
“ooh look, I can see my bedroom from ere.”
“yes darling, here take a look through these binoculars,” he handed her the largest pair she had ever seen.
“Oh wow! I can see everything, there’s my teddies, there’s my PC, I can even see my pretty teddy bear picnic bed cover.”
“oh yes, there’s a good view from ere, I been watching you grow up for a few years now, but last night was the best baby.”
Robin froze, a look of worry crept over her face.
“When you came back from your shower you laid on your bed and gave the most beautiful display I have ever seen in my life, I think a lot of other men think so as well as your friend requests have risen to 125 now. Your quite the little website star. I thought you would be, that’s why I sent you the PC. After seeing you through my window 2 months ago, naked in here touching yourself. I new you would be a great requisition to my site and I was right.”

Robin stood opened mouthed, face bright crimson. What she had just learnt was shooting round her brain like lightening. She had images of herself from last night and in all of them she was being watched. She closed her eyes in humiliation, she suddenly realised her panties had become extremely wet, opening her eyes she looked down at her school shirt, her tiny nipples were standing visibly rigid through the cotton cloth.
All the time they were in the room he had been tapping away on a keyboard.

“There we go you have your own website now, I will control it myself, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. I have sent the web address to certain fans of yours, they would be so miserable I they never saw you again.”
Robin looked at the screen, there was 118 men online.
The young girl swallowed hard, she was totally blown away. She just wanted to make some friends, but it was even better than that. Now she had fans.
“We had better make some new photos for your site, young lady, if you would follow me.”
They left that room and entered another, there was a large camera in front of a large green screen. In the corner there was a long rack full of strange clothes, Robin went through them, there was items from a very tiny school uniform to sets of various bikini’s, black shiny smooth outfits with chains and buckles, even some baby outfits.
“All those outfits are for you Robin, in your sizes.”
Robin looked at the old man shocked, she had never seen so many clothes before and these were all hers.
“Your fans will be wanting to see you in all sorts of ways. We cant disappoint them can we baby?”
Robin stared at all her new stuff, she shook her head. “no, I want them to like me.”
“Good girl, ok, would you like to put the new school uniform on first please.”
The young girl picked it out then started to remove her real uniform. Whether it was from her excitement or the fact she new him for so long, Robin wasn’t shy about being naked in front of him.

The uniform simply consisted of a very short skirt showing all her legs right up to her small white panties, a simple small nearly see through white cotton shirt. To finish there was short white pretty ankle socks and flat shiny girl shoes. Her old family friend instructed her into different poses in front of the green screen.
After 15 minutes Robin was starting to get risqué all by herself by lifting her skirt to show her panties to his camera. The old man kept quiet and let the young girl lead. She undid her shirt and let just a glimpse of her small breasts be visible. The old man was delighted, he knew she would be ideal for his site, but wouldn’t have guessed she would be a natural at this young age. He could see the cheeks on her face were becoming rosy, she was becoming turned on.
Soon she had removed her shirt and stood with her hands behind her back her face tilted down slightly looking up with her eyes, blatantly displaying her young breasts, her little nipples were poking rudely at the camera. Just as the old mans cock was pointing rudely through his trousers at the young girl.
“I would say your really enjoying yourself Robin.” she nodded gently, shy at admitting it to him.
“It makes you a very special girl.”
She smiled back.
He told her to get on all fours facing away from him then she turned her head back to the camera. The sight of her young bum showing under her short skirt made his cock jump in his trousers. He took various images this way.
“Ok Robin do what you feel is right, for the camera.”
She turned round got on her knees, spread them and pulled her skirt up revealing a damp gusseted pair of panties. He zoomed the focus in to get some close ups. Next she undid the skirt and displayed her self in just wet panties in various poses.
“Ok well done Baby, you are excellent. Now we are going to do some thing extra special. But first you have to say if you really really trust me.”
“Of course I do Mr Price, you have been my friend for years.”
“Good, thank you. Maybe your first friend?”
“Err, yes you were, yes,” she realised with a smile.
He put the camera down and flicked on a video camera pointing it at the young girl who was still on her knees. He walked over and stood in front of her.
“Ok listen carefully. Undo my trousers and take out my cock.”
Young Robin froze for a split second then reached up and pull out his manhood. She had never seen one for real before, she stared wide eyed. It was a lot bigger than she had ever thought.
“well done now open your mouth and place it just inside.”
“You not going to wee are you?”
“I might, I might not. Is that a problem?” he asked intrigued.
“Err, no, if that’s what you want.”
“You would let me as I’m your friend?”
As she nodded she opened her mouth and laid the cock inside, on top of her tongue.
He didn’t move waiting to see what would happen. 5 long minutes later she closed her mouth around the cock and started to suck. The old man smiled at the young girl.
She sucked on the cock like a ice lolly for 10 minutes, occasionally closing her eyes. Robin’s clit had stirred when the cock lay on her tongue, it felt like it was becoming erect like her already hard nipples. She could feel her panties were sopping wet. The young school girl didn’t know why she started to suck, it was an overwhelming urge. It felt natural.
Just like the one she was getting now to move her head forward and have more deep inside her mouth.
The old man gasped when she took more into her mouth. He looked at the young pretty face that was trying to get as much of him as she could into her mouth. Her eyes were closed, he was sure there was a look of ecstasy on her cute face.
When she had the cock at the back of her mouth she was slightly disappointed that she couldn’t get anymore, her throat wasn’t use to it. She tried desperately to get her rebellious throat to relax. She kept trying determined. She was so pleased with herself when her throat surrendered and the big cock squeezed it self down passed her muscle into her throat. As her nosed touched her old friends stomach her pussy convulsed flooding her panties.
The young girl pulled her face away from him letting the cock slide to the front of her mouth, then she pushed forward again, the cock slid down deep in side her neck. She pushed her face into his belly. Again she pulled away then pushed forward again. This time her pussy convulsed again her body shuddered. She speeded up her forward and backward motions, making her pussy dance in blissful unison with her throating of the wondrous cock. Each time she slammed her pretty face into the fat belly.
A few minutes later the old man’s cock couldn’t withstand the pleasurable punishment the young girl was inflicting. He quickly grabbed her head pulled her away slightly and spent his load into mouth.
When the cum exploded in to Robins mouth it hit the back of her throat, this sent spasms down her body through to the ends of her nipples, across her tummy, a tremor erupted in her clit her pussy opened in a wanting and desperate act of paroxysm, Robins whole body shook in orgasm sending a wave of carnality up her spine, the young girl fell to the floor comatose.

Thirty minutes later Robin woke up in a big bed. She looked around the room it was a beautiful pink. Matching curtains, carpets and furniture.
Getting up she looked through the window, it over looked the rear of the farm. There was sheds and barns of all sizes. Two horses were frolicking in a field, next to the field there was a long kennel, she could hear the dogs barking. She opened the door and made her way down stairs there was no sign of her old friend. She found her way to the back door and went outside. The sun was beaming down, the young girl realised she was naked as the suns rays warmed her soft skin. She felt so alive, after the experience in the studio with her first cock her body glistened in the light.
The young naked nubile girl walked round the sheds she pigs in one goats in another, then she came to the kennels. Not being able to see what type of dogs they were she opened the door and entered. In one kennel there was a big wolfhound in the next two terriers, in the next nothing. But I the next there was the biggest Doberman she had ever seen. She was in awe of the creature. It looked up at her distrusting. As she went forward to the metal cage, it moved over to her and tried to search her smell. She thought it looked so beautiful, finding the door she opened it and stepped in. the animal did not move. She closed the cage door behind her and stepped forward, bending down slightly she whispered calmly to the beast. Suddenly before Robin could dodge, the dog leapt up and knocked her down to the ground. The young girl screamed with sudden fright. She quickly pulled herself up to her knees and found the dog inches away from her walking round her sniffing her hair, her armpits, her bum. Its nose nudged her rear pushing her forward on to her hands and knees. Robin terrified, didn’t move a muscle. As the dog nudged its nose into her pussy to take her scent, Robin squealed. It could smell her heavy aroma of her own juices from earlier.
It took her taste on its tongue, then another. Soon the dog was feasting on her pussy, enjoying her sweet nectar which covered her quim. It didn’t take the beast long to realise there was more inside her hole. Its tongue delved inside her virginal hole.
Robin could feel her nipples harden, as the wet organ lapped at her hymen Robin murmered. Her legs opened wider by themselves, she thought her body was betraying her, but how can this be so wrong when it feels so right.
She pushed back onto the dogs tongue. The fierce teeth dug into her sensitive pussy lips making her squirm and moan in delight. The beast was receiving fresh girl nectar on to his tongue making him double his efforts. Robin panting like a dog climaxed over his face. With this signal the beast pulled away from her and leapt on to her back, the dog saw his new bitch tense her muscles ready and willing for her mounting. Robin screamed when the cock pushed inside her taking her virginity in one thrust.

More to come. Let me know how I’m doing. Ta