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2023-01-21 01:33:28

.They are a very attractive couple, with what appears to be all over sun tans. Peter is blond, tall and slim while Janet exudes sex appeal. A slim, tallish brunette wearing a short above the knee skirt with a slit up one side and a silk blouse showing lots of cleavage, obviously without a bra as I note her erect nipples, set off by stiletto heels.

I love being sexually pleasured by a third person around once a month, a man preferably but I am very comfortable with a woman, so perhaps tonight sexual pleasure from a man and a woman?

“Did you know we post stories about our sexual adventures on a website. The number of hits we receive and the approval percentages are our scorecard,” Roger teases.

“They also provide ideas for new experiences for us.”

“When was the last time you two had sex,” Janet asks as we finish our desert and sip coffee.

“Should I tell them Sarah?” Roger asks.

“Why not?” I smile back, looking forward to the reaction we might receive from our guests.

“Two nights ago and it was magic,” my man Roger smiles.

“Want to tell us about it, I would love to hear,” Janet smirks.

“We shaved each other’s pubic area, then had a shower together. As we dried each other off I knelt in front of Sarah and licked her cunt lips while I teased her nipples with my fingertips.

“Sarah is multi-orgasmic and she told me, ‘Three orgasms with your tongue then I will suck your thick eight-inch cock’.”

Roger has the full attention of our dinner guests by now as he continues.

“Sarah is very good at oral sex and had me rock hard as she expertly licked and sucked my big cock.

“After five minutes she could sense I was getting close so she told me, ‘Fuck me now, right now’ so I did.”

Listening to Roger and the reaction he was getting from our dinner guests was making me horny.

“Excuse us for a moment,” Roger says as he takes my hand.

A few minutes later man Roger and I reappear in very short black silk dressing gowns, though I have a pair of stiletto heels and a fresh dose of perfume

“Watch and enjoy,” I tease as we walk in and we both let our gowns fall open, the exhibitionist in me thriving on the attention from a male and a female combined with the sexual tension

“Wow, you have my full attention,” they both gasp in unison.

I love to flaunt my naked body in a situation such as this, as does Roger and I am pleased to see Peter ogling Roger’s semi-erection.

“You are hung and thick Roger, very thick, and love the way you shave Sarah,” Janet smiles as she takes in our bodies as Roger turns me around and slides my gown off.

“Show them your gorgeous ass baby and tease your nipples for them.

“Watch and enjoy,” Roger tells them as he kneels behind me and kisses my ass cheeks in turn as he parts my legs, teases my thighs with his fingertips (wonderful foreplay), then puts his arm between them and teases my cunt lips with a fingertip.

I am enjoying being a sex object and an exhibitionist as I repeat for them, “Watch and enjoy.”

“He is much bigger than you Peter, much bigger,” Janet murmurs as she comes over to me and tongue kisses me.

“I have wanted to have you all night Sarah,” she smiles as she kisses and licks my very erect nipples, a lovely sensation while Roger is kissing my ass cheeks and teasing my cunt lips with his finger.

“And I think my man wants your man, he can’t keep his eyes off his huge cock,” Janet moans as she slides out of her silk blouse exposing a very impressive pair of tits with erect nipples.

“Take my skirt off for me Peter, no knickers, I took them off half an hour ago.

We have lots of wall mirrors and I am pleased to see Roger now has a full on erection.

“Eight inches and thick isn’t he,” I tease as Peter ogles his cock.

“Like what you see Peter?” Roger asks as he stands up and lets his gown slip off his shoulders, then poses with his hands on his hips, his erection pointing upwards.

“Like my all over suntan? Sarah has one as well,” Roger smiles as he teases his nipples and flaunts his erection, then stands with his hands on his ass as he arches his hips forward to showcase his erection.

“I love another man blowing me while Sarah watches, and she wants to watch you do it Peter,” Roger smiles as he teases his roaring erection with his fingertips.

“I think Sarah wants your lady to lick her while she watches you blow me. Sarah loves her cunt being licked and teased by both sexes,” Roger teases as he stands close so Peter can touch his erection.

“Like that?” Roger asks as both of our dinner guests watch fascinated as he holds their gaze and slowly slides his black cock ring all the way up his erection, then clips it under his balls.

Without saying a word Peter turns his chair sideways and takes his shirt off, he has a very good body I note, then slides his hands all over Roger’s body, then his ass.

“I have heard lots of good thing about you Peter, show Sarah and I if they are true,” Roger almost taunts as Peter licks his nipples then licks his way down his torso until he kisses his erection.

“Wow, love having my nipples licked, love it.

“You have my absolute complete attention now,” Roger gasps and smiles as Peter slides his fingertips along the full length of his erection, then licks the underside of it, then his balls, then all of his erection.

I always get a special tingle when I see another man take my man’s erection into his mouth and this time is very special while his lady is expertly licking my cunt lips as she kneels in front of me as I sit in a chair with my feet on her shoulders, as I watch her man slide his lips over the tip of my man’s erection, then take half its length in his mouth while he lightly scratches his balls.

“I wish you could see what your man is doing to my man, he is very impressive, very,” I whisper to Janet.

“Tell me about it then.”

“He is feasting on my man’s eight-inch, very thick erection, and my man is enjoying it very much while he watches you pleasuring me.

“And I am enjoying it very much.

“Have you had a man that big before Peter, eight-inches and very thick? Tell me later, your mouth is full right now,” I tease, very turned on watching another man blowing my man.

“Your man is taking off the rest of his clothes now.

“And now he is sucking my man’s erection while he strokes his.

“Can I have him later, I want to blow his huge cock as well,” Janet asks as I orgasm for the third time.

“Watch this with me, this really is something,” I tell Janet a few minutes later as Roger is breathing very heavily and making guttural noises. He has his hands on Peter’s shoulders as he thrusts his roaring erection into Peters eager mouth in a fucking motion while he feasts his eyes on two women pleasuring each other.

“Wow, your man is magnificent, when can I have him?” Janet moans as she teases her long hard nipples.

“I am watching and enjoying baby, your pleasure is my pleasure,” I whisper very turned on watching my man being pleasured by another man as he is close to cumming.

Janet and I both watch in awe as Peter uses two hands to scratch Rogers ass, leaving marks, then digs his nails in, while he is licking just the tip of his cock. Roger moaning, “Harder, do it harder, so good, so fucking good, so fucking good, watch me cum, watch me cum,” as he teases the tip of his cock with his fingers, then shoots all over Peter’s chest.

Ten minutes later Peter and Roger are both freshly showered and Peter is licking my nipples while his lady is licking Roger’s nipples as she teases his cock with her fingers.

“Your cock is magnificent, I want to blow it while your lady and my man watch,” she says as Roger has almost a full erection again.

“Lick my nipples for me, then I will start on you.”

“Love you licking my nipples, watch and enjoy Sarah,” she smiles at me.

“If you thought my man was good, wait until I have you. I taught him his blow job technique,” Janet smiles as I notice for the first time she has two studs in her tongue as she licks my man’s nipples then licks her way down to his cock, then licks around the base of his cock.

“Are you ready for me big boy? Are you really hard for me?” she smirks as she takes the tip of his cock in her mouth, then takes almost the full length of his erection in her mouth.

“Is that different for you? What can you feel?”

“That is magic, absolutely fucking magic, never had that before,” Roger moans as Janet lets his cock out of her mouth, then flashes the two studs on her tongue,

“Now you know why, glad you like it,” she smiles as she does it again, then manouvers so she can work on the left side of his roaring erection, then the right side.

“I think you liked my man licking your nipples. Would you like it again when you are really close?” Janet teases as she lets Roger’s cock slip out of her mouth.

“What if he licked your nipples then kissed your lady’s ass while you watched when you were really, really close, would you like that?” Janet teases white she has my man on the edge as she teases his erection with her tongue.

“Yes I would, now right now,” he moans.

“So good having my nipples kicked while your lady is sucking my cock, so good.

“Now I want to watch you kiss Sarah’s ass for me,” he groans obviously on the very edge.

“Watch and enjoy baby,” I smile as I savor the moment, very much enjoying another man kissing, licking and enjoying my ass while I watch and enjoy his partner sucking my man’s roaring erection to the brink of orgasm.

“So good, so fucking good, watch and enjoy baby,” Roger almost screams as he shudders and Janet swallows his load with aplomb.

On the way out Janet whispered to me, “Next Thursday afternoon, just you and I if you are free. We could have magical lesbian sex.”

“Why not, look forward to it, very much,” I smiled back as we kissed goodnight.