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Upon Reflection, Ch. 01: Through the Looking-Glass

2023-01-23 00:02:10

Author's Note: This is a commission I've been working on recently from one of my readers. It explores a side of MC that I usually don't write about, which made it a lot of fun to work on! If you'd be interested in a commission, contact info is at the bottom!

Upon Reflection

by Fidget

CHAPTER 1: Through the Looking-Glass

"Well I hope you're happy, Darren, because we're through, you stupid-head!" Maddie yelled, slamming the door to his dorm room and walking quickly back across the quad, trying to hold back her tears. Everything had been going so well with Darren, and when she had opened the door to his room and caught him with his tongue in Amber's mouth, and his hand exploring underneath her tight tank top, Maddie had been absolutely devastated. Darren and Amber had both jumped up when she walked in, and Amber had sheepishly slid past Maddie and out the door while Darren tried to explain himself, but that had quickly escalated into a shouting match as Darren explained in detail everything that was wrong with her. He said that he regretted ever going out with a ditzy cheerleader like her in the first place, and that she'd never be able to measure up to someone like Amber. Maddie had asked what was so wrong with her that Darren hated her that much, and he had looked her up and down and responded with one disdainful word: "Everything."

The tears finally started as she arrived back at Dodgson Hall, briefly glancing up at the mirror over the door that everyone assumed had a security camera behind it, before entering the building and climbing the stairs to the top floor. She'd gone to Darren's room to be comforted, of all things. She had just failed a chemistry exam, because even after studying all night, she still just didn't get it. Aside from her cheerleading she felt like a useless idiot, and now even her cheerleading was in jeopardy due to potential academic probation. It was all her fault too; if only she were less like, well, herself, and more like someone else, maybe she wouldn't have lost Darren.

Walking onto her hall on the top floor and turning toward her room, she suddenly noticed a new flyer on the bulletin board. "ARE YOU DISSATISFIED WITH YOUR LIFE?" it said across the top in all caps. "Have you ever felt like you'd be better off if you were someone else? If so, come to the Dodgson Hall basement at 8pm tonight. It could literally change your life."

That's silly, she thought, staring at the board. It was probably some sort of weird cult. She was about to turn away when she suddenly heard a mocking voice from behind her. "Darren finally dump you?"

Maddie whirled around in fury to see the hall's bitchy goth-wannabe Nicole leaning against the wall smirking at her.

"I told you he was cheating on you. Too bad you were too stupid to see it," Nicole said matter-of-factly.

"Well at least I'm not a dyke slut that can't keep a girlfriend for more than two days!" Maddie retorted angrily.

"You're just jealous of all the action I get. Let me know if you ever get tired of being disappointed by dick and want to try the fairer sex. Maybe you should go to the basement tonight and see if whoever it is can help you get a life," Nicole taunted, blowing her a kiss through lips thickly coated with dark red lipstick.

Suddenly the building RA, Cassandra, unexpectedly appeared between them. "Girls, girls!" she shouted, trying to calm them down. "What's going on?" The two girls immediately fell silent - Cassandra was universally popular among her students, and neither Maddie nor Nicole wanted to do anything that would cause her any trouble.

"Oh, hey Cassandra! Maddie here just got cheated on and dumped, so I was just giving her some friendly advice."

"Your advice didn't sound very friendly. Maddie, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Feel free to come talk to me if you ever need any help. It's important to turn to others it times of need," Cassandra said, before heading back to her office and taking Nicole with her.

Glad to finally be alone, Maddie walked into her room and threw herself on her bed to stew for a few minutes, before remembering that she needed to change for cheerleading practice. She'd rather skip, but the captain was strict, and she didn't want her day to get even worse. As she stripped in front of her full-length mirror to put on her uniform, she looked sadly at the shapely c-cup breasts, firm ass, and tight, athletic body that she'd been so proud of until now. Why didn't Darren want her? What did Amber have that she didn't? If only she could become a different person like that flyer had said.

Lauded professor of psychology Alexis Streater made her daily rounds through the corridors of Dodgson Hall. As the faculty representative in charge of the dorm, it was her responsibility to see that everything ran smoothly and the students were taken care of, and like all of her professional responsibilities, she took it very seriously. Walking through the halls in her dull brown cardigan and floor-length skirt, however, the petite Professor Streater went practically unnoticed by the students milling about in the dorm after classes. She wore her mousy brown hair back in careful bun, and her large glasses hid her face just as well as her clothing hid her tiny body, completing her carefully cultivated image of a respected professor well beyond her years, as she was only thirty-five.

As she made her rounds, she felt the familiar twinges of jealousy at how carefree and happy the students seemed to be, especially the young couples full of hormones excitedly discovering each others' bodies. She remembered being their age, feeling those same desires, but she had always been shy, and had devoted her time to her studies instead of... extracurricular activities. And she was satisfied with her success, with her responsibilities to the school, to her field, and to her students, but she was getting older now, and hadn't been in a relationship in over a decade. So, as fulfilling as her life was, she still felt like her personality and her choices had prevented her from ever experiencing any sort of real romantic happiness.

Dwelling on these feelings of loneliness a bit, she finally made her way up to the top floor, which was all but deserted. A bright yellow flyer on the bulletin board caught her eye, so she walked over to read it. It was about some sort of self-improvement group meeting in the basement tonight, which was odd, since though Professor Streater had been the faculty rep for Dodgson for almost a decade, she couldn't remember ever having actually been in the basement. Furthermore, she couldn't recall seeing this flyer on any other floor, or in any other building on campus for that matter. Even so, from a psychologist's perspective, the flyer certainly made an interesting claim; Professor Streater wondered how exactly whatever group this was intended to deliver on their promise of a life-changing experience.

As she stood there lost in thought, she eventually noticed Cassandra, the RA, standing beside her. She briefly admired her strong features - dark red hair framing high cheekbones and bright green eyes that stared through you with startling intensity. Cassandra was quite popular with the students, and with the administration as well. In fact, it occurred to Professor Streater that Cassandra had been the RA almost as long as she herself had been the faculty rep, which was unusual, because even though some grad students remained in their programs as long as Cassandra had, few kept the same job in the same building the entire time instead of moving on to bigger and better things.

"Hello, Cassandra. How have things been in Dodgson today?"

"Very well for the most part, Professor Streater, though Maddie seems to have had a bit of a rough day, and Nicole of course had to make it worse by intentionally antagonizing her."

"That's unfortunate. I remember Maddie from Intro to Psych - enthusiastic young girl, if not very bright. Nicole took to psychology like a fish to water, though it seems she's using her knowledge more for cruelty than kindness these days."

"That's true Professor. I wonder if there's any merit to this flyer, and if lives really are so easy to change."

"I wish that were true, Cassandra, because then it might be easier for all of us to have the lives we want, though it would probably put me out of business in the process."

Cheerleading practice had gone late for Maddie, and it was only a few minutes before eight when she finally arrived back at her dorm. As she walked by the bulletin board, her glance was once again caught by the bright yellow flyer for a life-changing experience. Oh what the hell, she thought, and started back down the stairs. She was still in her cheerleading uniform, though she had stripped her sweaty panties off in the locker room before heading back to her dorm for a bit of comfort. Nobody would see, and she'd just remember to cross her legs if she needed to sit down for whatever reason.

As she descended the stairs to the first floor, she couldn't recall ever having actually been to the basement. She'd seen the stairs often enough, and assumed there would be something down there, but it had never actually occurred to her to go check it out. When she reached the first floor, she was discouraged to find Nicole there waiting for her.

"What are you doing here?" Maddie snapped.

"Oh, I just wanted to see if you were desperate enough to actually join a cult," Nicole said gleefully as she tossed her long, dyed-black hair over her shoulder, her curvy body leaning against the wall in a tight black crop top that said "Vagitarian" over a short plaid skirt. "Now that you're actually here though, I think I'll tag along and see just how hilariously sad this gets."

"Fine bitch, if your life is that boring, maybe you need a new one too. Come on."

They fell silent as they began to walk down the stairs together, filled with a sudden feeling of foreboding.

"Have you ever been down here before," Nicole whispered.

"No," Maddie responded. "I'm surprised you haven't though, being an unpopular basement-dweller who's never seen the sun."

"Very funny."

At the bottom of the stairs was a large door, and above the door was another mirror, but this time with a cloth draped over it. Taking a deep breath, Nicole grabbed the door handle, turned it, and the two girls went inside, into the darkness, as the door closed behind them.

A few seconds later, the room lit up with brilliant light, and as the girls' eyes adjusted, they realized they were in an incredibly large, fully-furnished bedroom. One end of the room was dominated by the largest bed the two girls had ever seen, and at the foot of the bed stood a giant, ornate mirror, mounted on a pedestal so that it could revolve freely, able to reflect anything and everything in the room.

Near the mirror stood Cassandra, wrapped in a dark green robe, almost a nightgown, as her emerald eyes smoldered behind a pair of clear spectacles under her fiery hair. In her right hand was a small hand mirror. The overall scene gave the effect of an aristocrat from a bygone era alone in her boudoir, preparing for bed, or perhaps other nightly activities.

"Cassandra? What are you doing here? Where are we?" Maddie asked, incredibly confused.

"My room, of course!" Cassandra replied, sweeping her arm around.

"But, I've been to your room. It's on our floor, upstairs!"

"That's only my room for official purposes, so that I can have this room for... unofficial purposes," she said with an enigmatic smile.

Nicole had been silent this entire time, fully taking in the large area with its couches, chairs, and lavish decoration. She wasn't sure what was about to go down, but she could tell that it was going to be some crazy shit.

At that moment, the door behind them opened once more, and Professor Streater silently stepped through as the large door closed and locked with finality behind her.

"Ah, I wondered who all would come. I knew that Maddie would show, and probably Nicole as well, since she wouldn't be able to resist both her curiosity and an opportunity to harass Maddie, but Professor Streater - what a pleasant surprise!" Cassandra said, beaming at them.

"Yeah, Professor, like, why are you here?"

"I'm here for two reasons. As the faculty rep for this building, it was my responsibility to check up on such an odd group meeting, especially since the flyers only went up on one hall."

"Well spotted, Professor. I'm impressed," Cassandra complimented.

"Secondly, I'm a psychologist - I wanted to see what was this group was offering, as promises of transformed lives are always interesting from an academic perspective. Also, I may have been suffering from a bit of cheerlessness myself recently, and so I wanted to see this mystery group first-hand. I must say, I thought there was something odd about you having been the RA here for so long, Cassandra, but it never really occurred to me to check into it. How on earth did you convince the school to let you turn the basement into this?"

"You'll find that I'm very good at getting what I want," Cassandra replied with a smile and a wink.

"Fine. Will you at least tell us why we're all here then?" the Professor asked.

"Of course. I just wanted to show you my room. Feel free to look around!"

As Nicole and Professor Streater continued to question Cassandra, Maddie found herself drawn to the mirror standing alone in the middle of the room. She walked over to it, and slowly turned it until her own reflection came into view.

There was something different about herself, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Her clothes were the same, but as her gaze traveled up her body, she eventually locked eyes with her double, and couldn't seem to look away. Her reflection's eyes sparkled with an intense intellect that she had never seen before in her blue eyes, but they were also cold and uncaring, as though the burden of knowledge was acceptance of the truth that life had no meaning, and the only temporary relief from existential despair was hedonism. In fact, they looked exactly like Nicole's eyes, and that scared her.

She tried to break the stare, but instead, her mind began to feel fuzzy and her thoughts began to jumble. Was it such a bad thing that her reflection seemed a bit more intelligent? she wondered. That was what she had wanted, after all, and if a better understanding of the shitty state of the world was the price of intelligence, so be it. She was proud of her intellect, always had been, and it wasn't her fault the world was shitty. That blame lay squarely at the feet of men. Women were hotter anyway, with their soft, curvy bodies and delightful little pussies. Why had she been so interested in that Darren jerkoff in the first place? Maddie's eyes drifted back down her reflection in the mirror, appreciating her own sexy body and the thinking of all the hot women that would soon be lining up for a taste.

But then her eyes focused on the cheerleading uniform that she hadn't had time to take off. Wait, why had she been wearing a cheerleading uniform in the first place? Sure it showed off her sexy body to the other women in the room, which was exactly what she wanted, and it would be a great way to infiltrate the cheerleading squad for some new pussy, but why was she wearing it now? And her blonde hair and girly makeup just made it worse. This had to be a prank. As soon as she got the chance, she was going to go find some real clothes, maybe something like the girl by the door was wearing, and fix her makeup.

"Hey assholes!" she shouted at the three women gathered over near the entrance.

"What is it Maddie? Are you ok?" Professor Streater asked, concerned about her sudden, uncharacteristic outburst.

"It's Madison! I'm not some stupid ditz that needs a cutesy pet name to feel better about herself. And who the hell are you people, anyway? Why am I in some weird-ass bedroom dressed like a bimbo cheerleader?"

Cassandra briefly glanced down at the mirror in her hand, and saw the following readout appear on the smooth surface:

Madison Lancaster







Well this will be interesting, Cassandra thought to herself, feeling a familiar rush of arousal at watching a new girl submit to her irresistible changes for the first time, before turning to Madison. "Don't worry Madison, you're part of a performance for the next hour or so. The uniform is only a costume - you can take it off once you leave. In the meantime, feel free to do whatever you'd like."

"Whatever. Just let me know when I can get out of this hole," Madison said, walking over to the giant bed and hopping up onto it. She lay back and splayed out, not knowing or possibly not caring that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Either way, her short cheerleading skirt rode up, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy for all to see.

Nicole had been watching the athletic blonde's strange behavior closely, but now she had another reason to watch, feeling a new urge to dive between those toned, tan legs grow. She had always known that Maddie was hot, but the way she she was talking and acting now, combined with her tasty, exposed pussy, was really starting to push Nicole's buttons.

"Um, Maddi- Madison, you're, um, not wearing any underwear," Professor Streater stammered, completely bewildered by the unreality of the situation.

"Good. That'll make this easier then," Madison said, spreading her legs even further and sliding a hand down to softly stroke her sensitive labia. Oddly, this self-pleasure somehow seemed like a new experience to Madison, but that couldn't be right, so she ignored the thought and returned her attention to the novel sensations pleasantly pulsing through her as a result of her fingers' teasing stimulations.

"What did you do to her?" Nicole asked Cassandra, watching hungrily as whatever was piloting Maddie's body now began to slowly slide her middle finger in and out of herself.

"Very good Nicole!" Cassandra responded, smiling at her. "I'm not doing anything specifically, but Madison has indeed undergone certain... changes, by looking at her reflection in the mirror you see at the foot of the bed."

"Can it change me like that too?" She's so hot now, Nicole thought. If the mirror could do that for Maddie, think of what it could do for her!

"It absolutely could," Cassandra responded cryptically. Nicole, however, had already stopped paying attention and was headed over to the mirror.

"Maybe you shouldn't-" Professor Streater began, but it was too late. Nicole had already turned the mirror and had met her double's gaze, eager to discover her own changes. As she began to lose herself in the depths of her reflection's solemn eyes and her mind grew pleasantly fuzzy, however, she finally noticed the rest of her reflection, and was horrified by the petite girl she saw shyly looking back at her, her hand clasped around a crucifix hanging around her neck. Where was the powerful femininity of Maddie's transformation? This religious goody-goody couldn't be more unlike her.

It was too late, of course. Nicole was unable to break her gaze away from the sweet, wide-eyed innocence of her reflection, and she felt her thoughts continue to drift in new directions, despite her silent screams of protestation.

She calmed down a bit upon the realization that her distress was due to the fact that her life had entirely lacked direction up until this point. She had viewed her life as meaningless because she had never been part of something bigger than herself. Her morality had been subjective because she had rejected the one objective morality that could give her life purpose, and that nihilism had manifested in a cruelty toward others that now disgusted her. Well, no longer. Nikki knew that her passion, her purpose, was to make others feel good, not just because that was what God demanded of her, but because it was the right thing to do. She embraced a new, surprisingly strong desire to submit to the will of those around her, because she knew it would make them happy, and that would make her happy as well.

Professor Streater was watching this time, but Nicole's transformation seemed to be entirely unlike Maddie's: her posture and body language entirely changed before Dr. Streater's eyes, to the point that she looked like a completely different person. Her proud shoulders narrowed and turned inwards, as though she were perpetually ashamed, and her defiant gaze gave way to a downcast look of submission, which perfectly matched the expression on the face of the reflection Professor Streater could see in the mirror behind Nicole, though of course her curvy body and clothing remained the same, in stark contrast to the petite, modestly dressed Catholic schoolgirl staring out at her. The juxtaposition of the new Nicole's shy demeanor and provocative appearance gave the impression of a sweet, submissive slut from some adolescent fantasy, eager and willing to dish out the pleasure her sexy body was designed to give.

Nikki, however, was busy discovering those scandalous parts of her appearance for herself, and was not pleased with what she found. "What's wrong with my makeup?" she asked herself quietly in a high-pitched voice that somehow felt familiar and uncharacteristic all at the same time, as she attempted to bring her nonexistent crucifix up to kiss it out of habit. Her awkward movements showed a complete lack of awareness of her voluptuous body, and her arm bumped into her large breasts as she lifted it to her neck, causing them to bounce under her tight top. Not seeing what the obstruction could have been in her reflection, Nikki's eyes drifted down to her bare midriff and she recoiled in horror. She looked like a cheap whore! She wrapped her arms around her body in embarrassment, and whipped around to see if any of the other women in the room had noticed anything. The older, academic-looking woman was looking at her in surprise, and she felt a fresh rush of embarrassment at the attention. The redhead holding a small mirror, however, was looking at her with interest, almost as though she were some sort of curio in an art museum.

She looked the other direction and was horrified to discover another girl touching herself inappropriately on a large bed. Nikki felt the bad thoughts invading her mind again, thoughts she had tried so hard to repress, and she felt the familiar tingle start up between her legs at the sight of an athletic young feminine body in such a state of arousal. She became aware of a strangely airy sensation between her legs as her vagina began to moisten, and flushed with a fresh surge of embarrassment at the realization that she'd also somehow forgotten to wear any panties. She self-consciously pulled her skirt down as far as she could and kept her legs squeezed tightly together so that nobody would see her shame, but the unwelcome tingle between her legs continued to grow apace as she tried to avert her eyes from the delicious display of hedonism playing itself out on the bed, attempting to ignore the little voice telling her how good her own willing body could make the other girl feel.

Feeling a tightening sensation on her chest, Nicole glanced down at her body once more, and noticed that she'd also apparently forgotten to wear a bra, and her breasts with their hard, excited nipples were clearly visible through her tight black top. For the first time, she realized what was written across the front of her shirt, and knew that her secret was out. God knew about her secret desires, and whatever was happening to her now was clearly a punishment. She clasped her hands over what she thought were petite tits to cover them, but somehow her breasts continued to press out proudly around her small hands, and her large, sensitive nipples grew even harder as she inadvertently groped herself.

Intrigued by Nicole's obvious distress, Cassandra looked down at her mirror once more:

Nicole Anderson






It looks like she's still a horny lesbian. Cassandra thought to herself, feeling herself grow even more aroused at Nicole's utter lack of awareness of the extensive changes the mirror had triggered in her. And the mirror made her believe that she's petite. No wonder she looks so uncomfortable and awkward. I wonder how this will play out between the two of them.

As Madison rode out a pleasurable orgasm on the bed, she glanced down at the foot and saw the busty Nikki standing there, staring confusedly at her reflection as she tried unsuccessfully to cover up her unexpectedly large breasts. Giving up, Nikki briefly looked back at Madison and lowered her gaze to what Madison's busy hand was doing as she came down from her peak, before blushing furiously and turning away.

"Hey bitch, if you're gonna stare that hard, might as well lick it yourself!" Madison said brusquely as she eked out a bit more pleasure from her overstimulated pussy by slowly stroking her swollen labia, which were still clearly visible under the short, pleated cheerleading skirt she had found herself in.

"Y-you want me to l-lick your... to do that?" Nikki asked self-consciously, guilty about how hopeful she was about Madison's answer as she tried to resist her urge to hungrily watch Madison touch herself.

"Hell no! Even if you did want to, I don't fuck losers," Madison said, but she began to regret her rashness as she checked out the body filling Nikki's tight clothes.

"O-ok, I'm sorry for bothering you," Nikki said demurely, but the way she quickly turned away and purposefully began walking over to the two women standing by the door betrayed how miffed she was by the girl's answer in spite of Nikki's kind nature. She had only wanted to make the girl on the bed feel good; she didn't have to be so mean about it!

Cassandra was still watching with interest, and turned to Professor Streater, whose face held a mixture of fear and confusion.

"Well, what do you know - they still don't seem to like each other, even as different people!"

"How are you doing this?" the normally reserved professor asked insistently. Her concern for the students under her care was clear, but she wasn't able to hide the trace of curiosity in her voice.

Cassandra gave her a knowing wink before answering her question. "I've always been fascinated by mirrors, ever since I was young. How they create perfect reflections of ourselves that are still somehow our complete opposites. If we are right-handed, our reflections will be left-handed. But, what about our minds, our personalities? If we're weak-willed, who's to say that our reflections might not be strong-willed in return? As silly as it may seem, I began searching for the answers to these questions, and one fateful day I was able to acquire these items from a trader who specialized in... certain types of rare goods. At last, my search was over, and I could begin to explore the power of these mirrors - mirrors with the power to transfer certain 'unseeable' qualities of our reflections, the minds and personalities of our doubles in the mirror universe, into our real-world bodies."

"So Maddie and Nicole are now their exact opposites, from this 'mirror world', because they looked into that big mirror?"

"It's not quite that simple. I have a few smaller mirrors that can be used to reverse simple thoughts and beliefs that I can 'program' - you may have seen them around this building, though you won't remember ever looking into them - but the large, much more powerful mirror over there that changed Maddie and Nicole is... unpredictable. It reverses a small set of randomly chosen characteristics, and I have no control over it whatsoever. And actually, I kind of prefer it that way; it's much more exciting to discover what the mirror has in store for each new person than to control everything myself. Look at the amazing modifications it made to Maddie and Nicole, for example - aren't they magnificent?"

"Is this permanent though? Are they stuck like this forever?" the professor asked, wrapping her small arms around herself anxiously.

"Goodness, no! Looking into this hand mirror reverses all of the changes. They won't remember anything from when they were under the mirror's influence, but they'll be right as rain. Plus, the next time they look into the mirror, they'll undergo exactly the same set of changes."

"What do you get out of all this?" Professor Streater asked pointedly.

"Me? I just like to watch," Cassandra said, tapping her glasses as her bright green eyes sparkled with delight. "Professor Streater, would you like to try out my mirror?"

"Absolutely not. Firstly, I have no desire to, and secondly, what you're doing to these girls is wrong!"

"Suit yourself. It's your choice, of course," Cassandra said with a smile.

"One final question. You mentioned that you knew that Maddie would show up tonight - how did you know that?"

"You're very perceptive, professor. Perhaps too perceptive. I may have had a small hand in Maddie's ill fortune today - one of the best ways to get new girls down here is for them to go through a breakup or other similar trauma, so I tried to set Darren up with Amber. It turns out Darren and Amber initially had no attraction for each other at all, but unfortunately, they both happened to glance into this," she said, holding up her hand mirror, "and after that they suddenly developed an overwhelming infatuation with each other. Before they knew it, all they could think of was getting into each other's pants!"

"That's horrible," Professor Streater said, taken aback by Cassandra's cruelty. "Are you going to keep us captive down here too?"

"Of course not! You're all free to leave whenever you like!"

"In that case, could you change the others back, please?" the professor asked, all the while planning to go directly to the university's disciplinary board to report Cassandra's crimes as soon as she was able to leave.

"Oh, I suppose. They clearly don't like each other, and while 'Madison' is enjoying herself for once today, Nicole doesn't seem very happy."

Cassandra called Nikki over, and handed her the small hand mirror. As Nikki looked into the mirror, she was briefly frightened by the antipathy in the eyes of the unfamiliar, busty goth girl staring back at her, before beginning to feel herself slipping toward the reflection in the mirror as the busty goth girl began to assert herself. As Professor Streater watched, Nicole's eyes and demeanor slowly regained their former imperious confidence, and before long, Nicole seemed back to her old self.

For her part, Nicole felt perfectly normal, except for an odd sensation of having somehow skipped forward in time. She knew intellectually that she must have been changed by the mirror just as Maddie had, but for the life of her she couldn't remember how, or what she had done up until looking in the small hand mirror Cassandra was holding. She could recall a feeling of revulsion at what her reflection had looked like, however, and concluded that she probably wouldn't like what she'd become, so she resolved to avoid the mirror at all costs in the future.

"Ok Madison, time to head out! No need to be in your cheerleader outfit any longer!" Cassandra called, now that Nicole had fully reverted.

"Finally!" Madison said, hopping up off the bed and quickly marching her athletic figure across the room as Nicole watched her strong, tan legs moving gracefully under her short skirt, remembering the delicious image of her fingering herself on the bed what felt like seconds before. Madison noticed her gaze, rolled her eyes, and gave Nicole the finger.

She looked in the mirror when Cassadra offered it, and the others watched as Madison's angry eyes slowly softened, and the simple Maddie that they knew and loved (or hated, in Nicole's case), slowly returned to them.

"Welcome back Maddie," Professor Streater said. "Do you remember anything?"

"Not really. It was weird - I looked in that big mirror over there, and suddently I couldn't help but keep staring. I can't remember what my reflection looked like, but it was like I was someone else, or like I was watching from a distance as my head got all fuzzy, and then I was gone. When I came back, I was over here by you guys. I have no idea what happened," she said, looking herself up and down. She was encouraged by the familiarity of her cheerleading uniform, though for some reason her bare pussy felt aroused and sensitive under her skirt as she walked over to the door to leave, almost as though she had somehow had sex. She wasn't sure what had happened down here, but she knew she didn't want to repeat it, in spite of the confusingly pleasurable sensations her swaying hips were causing.

"Ok Cassandra, time to keep your promise - let us leave," the petite professor demanded.

"Of course. I should warn you, however, that each of you will have to look into the small mirror above the door for it to open for you. If you have a desire to come back down here when you look into it, you'll never see me down here again, but if you don't want to come back, well, I guess I'll see you here next week, same time, same place, won't I? Oh, and either way, you won't be able to tell anyone else about this place, of course."

Professor Streater was horrified, since she planned to report Cassandra immediately after leaving. She walked over to the door and tried to somehow fool herself into believing that she really did want to come back next week, before finally meeting her own deep blue eyes in the mirror above the door, and feeling her head grow fuzzy as the door swung open. As she walked through, she realized that as much as she hated what Cassandra had done to the girls down there, for some reason she was really looking forward to coming back next week. The two undergrads came through the door shortly thereafter, but instead of discussing the strange events they had experienced that evening as they climbed the stairs, they found themselves talking about how excited they were to return.

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