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The cousin - part 2 - Her friends

2022-11-06 14:26:44

In the morning, I woke up alone. I searched, and found her eating cereals naked. So, last evening wasn't a dream. I'm glad. She looked, and me, and smiled with a mouthful of cereals. I realized that she was right. What we did made me comfortable seeing her naked. Whenever she stood up, and sit down again, I couldn't help but watch if I can take a peek of her pussy or butt. She noticed it, and had fun teasing me again, and again. I ate my breakfast with a hard on. She knew the effect she did on me. Maybe I will eat naked tomorrow or my cock will make a hole in my pj.

- Tonight, May I bring a friend of mine? She is great! You'll love her!

- Okay! If you say so!

- She danced like me! She is very open to sex! She is easy. You can nail her if you want to!

- Okay! I mean, it is ok for her to come, not to fuck her. Maybe I will, but you know what I mean!

She laughed. I told her to stop. But she said she was laughing with me. I was pretty sure she was laughing at me. I liked her laugh. Then she talked about the event last night. She shared with me that she was afraid that it may have dropped the mood, and put a distance between us.

- I am sorry about last night! What we did was great! But we needed to set limits you know, we are cousins!

- Yeah, I know! You are right!

- But we still can have some fun together!

Her feet were pressed against my cock over my pj. She smiled. She loved to tease me.

It was difficult, but I found the strength to leave a naked girl in my home to go to work. I wished I could have called sick, and have fun with my cousin all day. Maybe tomorrow I won't feel so good.

My life just became great for the next few months, hopefully more. Living with a naked girl with blowjobs on requests is a guy's dream come true. Today, my cousin's body was in my head all day long. After work, I hurried to get home as fast as I can. The excitation was at its maximum when I inserted the key in my door. I couldn't wait to caress all her body parts, and kiss them all. Inside my home, two strangers were with my cousin dressed up. I just remembered she talked about a girlfriend of hers coming up. I forgot about that. But there was also a man with them. He looked like of a footballer with his thick neck. They were in my living room. I hoped they left soon, I can't wait to have fun with my cousin. I thought of it so much that I think my cock was hard all the time.

- Hi cousin! Welcome home! This is my friend Sarah, and her boyfriend, John. He wanted to come too!

Sarah stood up, and walked toward me with a smile. My cousin had pretty friends. Her long blond hair reached her elbows, but she wasn't a real blonde. She was taller, and more muscular than my cousin, and dare I think it, more beautiful. She was a perfect 10 in my book.

- So this is your fucking cousin! Nice bod! My friend told me a fucking lot about you!

She approached me very closely. I was almost scared. I am kinda shy with pretty girls. They always end up with other guys. Maybe this is my lucky day.

- And also about this!

She was bold by grabbing my cock over my pants. I was surprised. I never met such kind of girls. She put her arm around my neck, and invited me to kiss her. I resisted a little. I looked up to my cousin. She smiled at me, and approving this. I wanted to be sure she wouldn't be jealous. So I kissed her.

- I knew you would like her! she giggled.

My cousin was right, she was easy. I think the best de***********ion for her is that she's a slut.

She removed my shirt, then quickly remove my belt, and pants like she was in a hurry. Never hesitated to remove my slip at the same time, even in front of her boyfriend. I felt kinda weird about that. But he ignored her completely. He was too busy kissing my cousin, and taking her clothes off. So, I let Sarah have her way with me. I concluded they were a very open couple relationship, and I would get some pussy tonight thanks to my cousin. They went to my bedroom first. Sarah was all over me, and my cock, she kept holding it, and rubbing it. After I striped my partner naked except for her panties, my hands were on her breasts, and butt or rubbing her pussy. I was kissing her all over. She then invited me to my bedroom. She was dragging me with my cock in her hand, so I didn't have much choice. She looked at me and smiled. No words were exchanged. My cousin and John didn't wait for us. I saw her fully naked on her back moaning like crazy with her legs up while John was fucking her pussy, or maybe her ass. My concentration was more about Sarah. Yes, she was prettier, and taller than my cousin. Her breasts were not huge, but bigger than my cousin. Just her blue eyes would have seduced me if we met in a bar. I can't believe I have two beautiful girls naked in my bedroom. What did I do to be so lucky? She removed her panties, and got on my bed on her back, besides my cousin, and asked me to fuck her brains out! I leaned over her body, and with one hand, I guided my cock to her hairless pussy hole. She took my head with her two hands, and french kissed me. While doing so, I started fucking her! I knew she wanted it hard. But I started slow to tease her. While doing so, I was admiring my cousin's enjoying sex. I never experience a foursome or a threesome, and now, two girls were naked on my bed having sex. I was in a dream, I am sure. The girls moaned so loud that I feared that my neighbors would complain. Sarah stopped kissing me, and turned her head toward my cousin, she put her hand on her chin as an invitation. My cousin accepted with a smile, and they kissed. Not a small kiss, but a passionate kiss as she fumbled my cousin's breast. It was better than the porn channels that I visited regularly. My cousin looked at me during her kiss. She knew that she just revealed her bisexuality secret to me. How many mysteries does she kept from me? I have to take notes of all the questions I have. John, and I stopped to let them kissed, and appreciated this erotic moment. He was probably used to seeing girls kissing each other, but this was my first time. Then the kiss broke with both girls smiling. John and I started again to rammed them up. It was like a competition about who fuck faster. Suddenly I stopped.

- Oh fuck! I don't wear a condom!

- That's fine, darling. I am on the fucking pills!

- Me too! added my cousin.

I kinda was ashamed to break the mood, but I really didn't know. Satisfied with those answers, I continued to fuck her, but Sarah stopped me to get into a new position, so we reversed. I was on my back, and she was on top of me. She guided my cock in her pussy while I caressed her breasts, and pinch them. She kissed her bf, and then jumped up, and down on me. I looked on the side, and my cousin was truly enjoying this. She also turned her head to see if I was having fun. We smiled at each other. I wanted to kiss her, but I restrained myself. The limitations between cousins is important to respect each other. She offered her hand, and I took it.

After a few minutes, Sarah whispered something to her bf. At the same time, Sarah removed herself from my cock, and John stopped his motion, and remove his cock from my cousin's hole. She took my cock, with her juice all over, and was prepared for a blow job. I didn't mind having a lady to lead me sexually. I usually lead when I have sex. A change is nice. With her other hand, Sarah pushed my butt on the side while still holding my cock with her right hand. She was a strong lady. I thought she was going to give me a blowjob? What the? John was also pushing my cousin's body on the side. With his strength, and the small size of my cousin, the job was easy. At the same time, Sarah was aiming my cock in my cousin's pussy. Their plan was a success, I had my cock inside my cousin's pussy! We were both surprised that our bodies were against each other. One of the two limitation rule was crossed, and forced upon us.

- C'mon! Fuck her! Sarah yelled at me.

My cock was totally in my cousin's pussy. I froze. It was too late to go back. She realized it too. It was she who started the motion, and I followed. I hold her breast in my hand. We kept staring in each-other's eyes. The taboo of incest was happening. Our limit didn't last 24 hours. Our bodies enjoyed it. Taboo sex was very exiting!

- Yeah! Fuck her man! said John with his first words of the evening.

So I did, and it was so good! No more rules. We could now fuck at anytime while she stays in my home. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me.

- Now go fucking kiss!

- Yeah! We want to see you two kiss! added John.

My cousin approached her lips to mine to break the second rule. I guess we wanted both that since yesterday. And we kissed. It was so wrong. It was so right. That first kiss had to be the best we ever had or given. She was a very good kisser. She had more experiences than me. I was under pressure, and did my best to not disappoint her.

She rolled over me, I was on my back, and she started jumping on my cock. She was moaning and yelling « Yes! Fuck! Yes!» while I was caressing her breasts. This was the best moment of the evening, I thought. Sarah, and her bf were enjoying us having our first incest sex, and probably wish they had a camera. He whispered something in her ear, and she said yes. He walked on the side of the bed, and presented me his cock in his hand. It was ten centimeters from my head. I didn't move, It was like he wanted me to jerk him off. His intention was very clear, but I was definitely not into guys. I loved pussies, breasts, and girls. I just ignored him to enjoy my cousin's cunt.

- Be a good fucking guy! Suck him up! insisted Sarah.

I looked away. I ignored them, and concentrated on fucking my cousin, and feeling her tits. My cousin stopped, and lean on me with my cock still inside her. She kissed me. It was a very good kiss, like the one before. Our tongues danced with each other in harmony. Then she stopped.

- Cousin, if you do it, we will all have more fun! Please, suck him!

She took my right hand to put it under his cock. I resisted a little, but she was my cousin.

- Do it for me, please! You will be so sexy! And I love sexy guys!

Her voice was so sweet. Then she kissed me while moving my hand rubbing his cock. This was the first time I held someone else cock in my hand. I knew what to do. But refused to do it. My situation was that my cock was in my cousin's pussy while kissing me. My mind wasn't in the best condition to think much. Then she let go of my hand, and I continued the motion.

- Yes! Yes! You're fucking doing it, man! encouraged Sarah.

She broke our kiss! Then my cousin pushed the back of my head toward John's cock. I resisted. Stroking a guy's cock is something, but sucking it is a step too far.

- Please cousin! I love you so much! Do it for me!

The tip of his cock touched my lips. Instinctively, my lips entered my mouth, and my tongue tasted his cum. It was not that good. I never tasted my own cum. Also, this cock just came out from my cousin's joy cave, so lots of her juice was still on it. With pressure from her hand in the back of my head, I got his cock's bulge in my mouth. My hand was still moving slowly on his cock. I noticed his cock was as long as mine. I expected bigger with his size. Then she let go, and rise to continue fucking me up, and down.

- Thank you, cousin! You are the greatest!

- Yeah! Suck me dry, man!

Sara was bored, and positioned herself on my side on the bed while I was sucking my first cock. My cousin got out of my prick to accept her invitation to have lesbian sex with her. Leaving me with him. He reached for my cock, and rub it with his right hand. It was already rock hard, but it was the first time a man touched my cock. Lots of first times in the last 24 hours. I was trying to do a good blowjob when he came into a 69 position to suck my cock. Being suck off is always great, but awkward with a man's mouth. In that position, I could see my cousin kissing Sarah with all their hands over each other. When Sarah saw John in his position, she suggested it to my cousin, and she agreed. So they copy our 69. This was a very good sight. I continue to suck his cock with a good view on my left. Two beautiful girls, naked having wild sex just on my side. That's great! I rubbed faster, and was expecting to swallow his cum. This is quite a new experience to me. My cousin was right again, it was more fun this way for all four of us. But when he was close to cum, he made me stop. He stood up, and turned me around on my stomach like I was a small child, and put my ass up. He went behind me, and I knew his plan.

- Way to go, cousin! she encouraged me.

- Fuck him hard, John!

I was kinda afraid that he does. And was too shy to say no. My hand made him rock hard. He started by rubbing his cock in between my ass checks. I relaxed all the tensions in my body. And then he rammed it in. It hurt. I tried to hide it as much as I could. Then, as expected, he pushed further, and further. Not sure if he was good at it, but it hurt, and felt good at the same time. Then he rode me in, and out fast. I was concentrated in not moving while relaxing. It was kinda difficult. His cock got out a few times, but he was able to finish in my ass. This experience wasn't so bad after all. Strange, and joyful. To tell the truth, I enjoyed it.

- You no longer have a virgin ass cousin! I am proud of you!

- Yeah! yelled Sarah.

My cousin gave me a kiss, and I tasted Sarah's pussy. She giggled, because that's what she wanted.

My body and ass rested. John went to the bathroom while I watched the girls continued doing their 69. They decided to switch. My cousin went on top. Both girls were beautiful to watch. I heard the lapping, and the moaning. I didn't expect that kind of evening. John came back, and had a good hard on. He placed it on my cousin's butt, and started fucking. I didn't see which hole, but she was enjoying it a lot. So much that Sarah felt like a third wheel. My cousin was too busy to lick her. So, she came to me. We kissed, and she raised my cock hard again with her experimented hand. Then she sucked it. She wanted it in her ass this time. She positioned herself, and I did what she asked. I don't do ass fuck very often, so I did it carefully not to hurt her. I guided my cock on her ass, and push in. As I noticed earlier, her ass is very stretchy. It was easier than I thought. My cock slid in and out very nicely, and quickly. She enjoyed it, and I rammed it much harder, like she asked. My cock was quickly completely inside. The couple on the bed wanted to do something else. So, my cousin showed her pussy to Sarah for her to lick it, and she did. I slowed down my fucking so that my cousin could receive a good orgasm. John came in my back, and put his cock in my ass cheeks again for round 2. My ass was rested for a good ten minutes, and I hoped it could take more. I didn't want to say no. First, John kissed me on my shoulder. I was surprised. Then my neck, and then he slowly put his hands on my head, and turn it toward him, and we french kissed. I kissed back while ass fucking Sarah. It was strange to have a man's tongue in my mouth. It slowed me down a little. She didn't complain. I bet that she took that time to lick my cousin even better. He broke the kiss to ram it in my ass. Once it went all in, he kissed me again. My movement backward was pushing his cock in me, and when I rammed my cock in Sarah's ass. When the movement was perfect, I was fucking an ass, and getting fuck in the ass. Actually, it's the reverse. I was fucking a cock with my ass. As John was just holding his cock in my ass. He concentrated on not pulling it out, to keep the balancing movement as long as we can. Then I came, and had to stop. John continued to fuck me. He wanted to cum again, So I bend over to help him till he did. All this was great. Not just the gay stuff, the whole thing. I wish I was fucking my cousin's ass at the time instead of Sarah's, but soon, I know I would fuck it unless she added a new incest limitation rule.

My best sex evening came to an end around 2 AM. I don't know if I will some day top it. We were all tired. Definitely, today is a sick day for me. The girls got many orgasms, and we boys did cum a lot too. Our visitors couldn't stay the night, and got dressed up. We exchanged great kisses before they left. They said they will come back for the weekend. Then I tried to catch my naughty cousin, she ran naked, and tried to escape me while laughing. Then she gave up, I caught her, and pined her down on my bed. After we laugh, I embraced her with a kiss. She noticed my cock was hard again pressing against her pussy, so we did another session of sex just the two of us.

- Do you prefer to be fucked in the ass or the pussy?

- I like both! You decide!

Lying on the bed naked, my hand caressed her body from her breast to her cunt. I said:

- Looks like we crossed the cousin's limitation rule!

- Yes! Looks like we did! Our relation will be much more fun this way! I may stay here a little longer than expected!

- Yeah! I hope it will take time for you to find a job! I joked.

She giggles.

- When I invited you, did you plan to have sex with me?

- Well, I really wanted to. But I hesitated. I didn't know your sexual limits. I assumed you were a very straight guy. So, I tested the ground with some of my family secrets first. Following your reaction, I started to lower down your guards with some nudity. Then you ate in my palm.

- You naughty girl! Did you plan it all?

- What do you mean?

- Did you knew that your friend Sarah would jump on me like a tigress?

- Oh yeah! She is always like that!

- Did you knew that she would force us to have sex?

- Hum! To tell you the truth, I was expecting it... I mean, hoping for it! We discussed it when you arrived!

- You VERY naughty girl!

She giggled again.

- Did you also plan that I would have sex with John?

- Well, that part, we didn't talk about it. I knew John was bi. I was thinking that if this evening went well, maybe, eventually, you would come to suck his cock or during their next visit. It was all Sarah, I assure you! When I saw her move, I decided to not resist! It was so much fun watching your butt get fucked!

- I will get you for this, cousin! But tell me the truth! Did you have sex with your brother?

I asked while circling a finger on her left tit.

She looked up. Thought for a moment. Then answered:

- Well, here's what happened...

To be continued.