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No Anniversary Roses

2022-10-03 00:02:32

No Anniversary Roses

By aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

Mark and I have been working on ‘spicing up’ our love life. We were in the adult book store as usual on Friday evening. We have been renting DVDs for several months now and we try to find different sexual variations. Our first was different positions, and then we found we learned new positions in the DVDs we rented, some very interesting. We have watched bondage, and some discipline movies. I liked the ones where I was tied up and totally helpless, but not our favorite. As Mark was checking out the information on the various DVDs, I looked over the store and felt a stirring sensation as the only woman in the place.

Everywhere I checked, it seemed that the men in the store kept moving where they could see me. I looked at the dildos and vibrators and the men would watch, especially when I would hold them up to my mouth, just close enough to see how wide I would have to open my mouth. I picked up one monster dildo which was black and as I was rubbing a hand up and down the shaft, Mark asked, “Why the black one”? I said, “It’s the biggest one they have”. Mark laughed and said, “If you want to try it, let’s buy it. I would like to see you try to get that in your pussy”.

I decided to buy the dildo as I continued to shop. I looked at the various sexually designed dresses and lingerie. I picked up various styles of panties and held up several pairs of crotch-less panties and watched the lusting expressions on the men watching me. I was getting turned on as my pussy was now beginning to wet my panties. For the men watching me, I begin to put on a show, holding see thru dresses in front of me. My latent exhibitionist tendencies were coming out by hiking my skirt up to straighten my nylons and check the clips on the garters. Usually, a bit higher than usual where I gave them glimpses of my sheer panties. I was beginning to flow more vaginal juices as I secretly watched their lust filled faces and bulging crotches.

I noted the front door open and a couple came in. Another woman in the store, I had reinforcements for the men to ogle. The man went to the check out counter and gave the clerk some money. He and his female companion immediately went into the theater section. I noticed that she was wearing a sheer blouse with her hard nipples poking out under the material, it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. She was wearing a very short skirt and high heels. Soon the men that had been ogling me, they began to slowly migrate and follow the couple into the theater. I looked over the signs and play bills to the theater and saw a list of movies that were being played. There was a charge of $5.00 per person, that was for men, women were admitted free.

I pulled Mark over the to door of the theater and we looked over the movies being played. Mark said, “There are a couple of gang bang movies, and the rest seem to be regular sex between a man and woman. Nothing special, I have a gang bang DVD for our viewing tonight”. I was curious about the theater and was hoping that Mark would take me in. I wanted to see why the couple were followed. Mark didn’t get the idea, so he paid the rent for the DVDs and bought the dildo I picked out. I was going to put on a show for Mark tonight with that black monster dildo. We have watched each other masturbate, but he hasn’t seen me use a fake cock, especially a big black one that I had picked out.

After dinner, Mark and I slowly undressed each other as we kissed passionately. Mark had the video he rented playing, it stimulated us with the scenes of a woman being worshiped by several naked men. I sank to the floor among our rumpled clothing and began to caress and kiss his cock. When I engulfed his cock and worked it toward my throat. Mark began to moan with the sensation I was inflicting on the nerves in his engorged shaft as his swollen glans was seeping pre-cum.

As I was sucking Mark’s cock, I was having visions of the woman in the adult theater sucking her man’s cock as all the men that followed them watched. My vaginal fluids were flowing more as I imagined being watched by strange men. Just the thought of exposing my panty covered pussy as I was bent over Mark’s lap was causing my vaginal muscles to twitch and throb.

Suddenly, Mark’s cock expanded and my throat was flooded with his ejaculate. I caught a glimpse of the video and saw a big black cock thrusting into a white pussy. Mark was turned on with the interracial scene being played. As I began to suck his cock clean, I spread my legs and inserted my new dildo into me, stretching my pussy as it entered. Mark pulled away and knelt to watch my black dildo enter deep into my pussy. Mark then said, “Yeah, baby, pump that black cock deep, take it, take it”. As my pussy expanded to accept the fake cock, I began to pump faster and deeper. Mark’s eyes were wide as his cock began to harden again.

I then said, “So, your fantasy is to watch a black cock fucking your wife’s pussy”. Mark began to groan as he mumbled, “Such a contrast, so hot. Your white pussy swallowing that big black monster”. He was having visions of MY pussy being fucked by a black cock. I said, “You’re imagining right now, a black mans big black cock stretching my pussy open, aren’t you”? Mark was pulling on his hard cock as he watched the black dildo pumping my pussy. I added, “You want to see a black man’s cum oozing from my pussy. Would that be hot”? Mark was transfixed watching the video of a white woman being fucked by a black man, I knew he envisioned me as the white woman in the video. He was now smiling and jerking his cock harder.

Now, I was having my own visions. Are black cocks really big? Wider and longer than my husband’s cock? I have read stories of women obsessed to have ‘big black’ cock, they used the term ‘BBC’. Just what was the difference of being fucked by a black man over a white man? My pussy was now flowing as I kept thinking of a real black cock fucking me. I was feeling the desire to satisfy my curiosity, but would I really let a black man fuck me, especially for my husband to watch?

Mark seemed to be transfixed watching me fucking the black dildo into my pussy. I began to moan and then said, “Yes, that black cock feels so good. So big and long, yes it fills my pussy.” Mark was now masturbating hard, pulling his cock as he was watching me in the orgasmic throes of a fake black cock pumping my pussy. My orgasm was building as I was now wishing the dildo was a real cock, a real black cock fucking me deep. Just the knowledge that a real cock could inseminate me with a black man’s sperm. I fell back and my legs shook as my orgasm hit, yelling, “YES, YES, FUCK ME, CUM IN ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK. FUCK ME, FUCK ME”. Mark then shot his sperm over my chest and breasts.

We were both soaked in sweat as we laid quiet. My normal breathing returned as I laid with the dildo still buried in my pussy. Mark looked and said, “Well, that black dildo brought out a fantasy. You were so hot screaming for another man’s cum. You were so beautiful shaking from your orgasm”. I looked at Mark and said, “I’m so sorry baby, I don’t know what made me say that. I love you too much to cheat with another man”. Mark smiled and said, “Baby, you were so hot to watch. I’m glad we bought that dildo”.

We laid together as I fondled Mark’s soft cock and he slowly pushed the dildo in and out of my sopping pussy. Mark softly said, “This cock really stretched you wide. I never thought this thing would ever fit in your pussy”. I smiled and said, “I didn’t think it would either. It hurt like hell at first, but after it stretched me, I could feel it thrust against my cervix. God, It felt so good”. We fell asleep, his hand on my dildo, and my hand on his flaccid cock.

I woke and withdrew the dildo and realized that I soaked the bed with my juices as I was sleeping. I didn’t remember it, but I must have had a really hot dream. The bed was a mess from my flowing pussy. I examined the dildo and marveled at it’s size. I actually had the entire thing inside me, I had never been fucked by such a huge cock, real or fake. I noticed that Mark’s cock was hard and I sucked it into my mouth causing him to stir and smile at me. He mumbled, “This is a good way to wake up. What a dream I had”. I wondered if he had the same dream. It didn’t take him long to cum, filling my mouth and stomach with his sperm.

I put the coffee on as Mark got his shower getting ready for work. When he came into the kitchen, he had the dildo in his hand. He held it up and said, “That was hot to watch this black cock fucking you”. I smiled and said, “It felt good. Maybe we should repeat our performance again tonight”. I poured his coffee and began to make breakfast. We had our breakfast and both agreed that the video was ‘really hot’ as we smiled at each other. I asked, “You said you had a dream, what was it”? Mark smiled and said, “You were being fucked by a black man while I watched. Your climax was amazing the way you were shaking and screaming”. I smiled and said, “Maybe, some day I will have the courage”. As Mark was leaving, he gave me a long sensual, loving kiss as he ran his hand over my robe covered pussy. He said, “I’m going to have a hard day at work. You know where my mind will be”. We smiled and he walked to the car.

I knew where his mind was going to be, I was already thinking about that black cock deep in my pussy, fucking me as my husband watched. My long morning shower was accompanied with my black dildo as it was now easier to enter my stretched pussy. I began to wonder if Mark really wanted to see me with a real black cock fucking me. Was it just a fantasy he was having, or was his real desire to see me fucked by a black man?

The water was cascading over my body as I was pumping my dildo faster as my mental image was now having sperm filling me. I imagined Mark spewing his sperm over my breasts as a black man was filling my womb with sperm. My pussy throbbed as a wonderful electrifying orgasm shattered my body. I got out of the shower but couldn’t dry my pussy as I continued to flow my juices.

All my household chores were done, even changing the bed to clean linen. Being bored, I sat sipping my coffee as I watched the DVD again. I couldn’t get the image of being fucked by a black man out of my mind. I called Mark at work and even tho is wasn’t Friday, told him that I would go to the adult book store and exchange the DVD for another. He said, “Get one that’s interracial, one where a white woman is fucked by a black man”. I said, “We saw that last night”. Mark said, “That was just one scene, get one that is totally interracial. It was hot to see a white woman fucked by a black man”. “Yes, sweetheart,” I said, “I’ll see what I can find”.

I was hot again. He wanted to watch white woman fucked by black men. He had visions of his wife being filled with cum from a black man. Once again, I had to dry my pussy as I got ready to drive to the adult book store and exchange the DVD. Off I went, my panties were already soaked by the time I pulled into the parking lot. I was wearing one of my short skirts and remembering the woman I saw entering the theater, so I copied her and had on a thin top exposing my hard nipples as I entered.

I took the DVD to the counter and saw the man was starring at my nipples. As my pussy began to flow heavier, I asked him if they had a special section of interracial DVDs. He asked if I wanted ‘white women fucked by black men’ and I said, “Yes, what else is there”? I must have been in a mood, I couldn’t believe I said that to a total stranger. But it got his attention as he showed me the DVD section. He picked up a couple and said, “I think you would like these”. I looked them over as he said, “You should like these, they will make your juices run, trust me, many women have confided in me when they returned them”. I thanked him for his positive ‘review’.

I continued to look over the various DVDs as I noticed a couple enter the store. The man went to the counter and paid for entry to the theater. After they entered, I then went to the counter and asked the clerk to hold the DVDs I had and asked if I could check out the theater. He said, “Of course, for you there is no admission fee. I’ll change the movies being shown to some interracial videos you would like”. I thanked him and entered the theater. I had to pause inside to get my eyes adjusted to the dark.

Once I could make out the seating, there were vinyl padded benches without backs ten feet long and two feet wide on both sides of the center aisle. There were five rows and they were spaced about four feet apart. I then spotted the couple I saw enter and he was sitting while his wife was sucking the cock of another man sitting next to them. I saw her skirt up around her waist as her husband was finger fucking her bare pussy. I noticed several men surrounding them watching.

I sat in the row behind them and was soon surrounded by three men. I saw the movie change to a gang bang of a white woman being fucked by several black men. My mind was now riveted on the large flat screen hearing the woman screaming for the man fucking her to push harder. I was so engrossed, that I didn’t realize that I had my skirt pulled up and my fingers were frantically fucking my pussy. My mind returned to reality as I felt a hand fondling my breast, working to get under my top.

Another man sat next to me and I saw his pants open and his hard cock exposed. Without thinking, I reached and began to masturbate his penis. Then I heard a voice next to my ear, “So, do you like to see black cocks fucking white women”? I moaned, “Oh, yes. That guy is fucking her real hard. That’s a big black cock”. The face next to my head began to lick and kiss my neck.

My mind returned to the video as I saw the woman with a cock in her pussy and another cock in her ass. “Oh, my God,” I said, “her husband should see her like that”. The voice next to my ear then asked, “Does your husband like to see you being fucked by black men”? “Some day, maybe”, I said. I then turned my head and saw the black face of a man as he then quickly kissed me, opening my mouth for his tongue. I felt no resistance to his kiss and opened my mouth wider for his probing tongue.

His hand then pulled my top up to expose my breasts. He broke the kiss and said, “You have such lovely white tittles”, and then his head bent down to suck my nipple. My head fell back as my nipple was being stimulated. He then slid down on the bench as he sucked hard on my nipple and his fingers pulled the elastic of my panties aside making it easy for his fingers to enter me, replacing my own fingers.

I began to moan, “Oh, God, yes, yes, yes”. He shifted and I could feel pressure against my hip. I looked down and his black cock was exposed pushing against me. He was big, about the same size as my dildo. Without thinking I turned toward him as he then began to move me. I spread my legs to allow his fingers to enter me deeply as he then pushed me back on the bench causing me to raise one lag to straddle the bench. Now my panty covered pussy was fully exposed to him.

I instinctively lifted my hips as he pulled my panties off. His arms went under my legs and lifted them high as he now positioned his body on mine. My ankles were now on the sides of his neck as I watched his wide smile. He seemed to be entering my soul with his eyes, his piercing eyes.

My pussy was flowing as I felt the bulbous head of his cock rub against my mons as my vulva was spread open for him. All that was on my mind was to have his cock deep inside me, to be fucked and filled with sperm. I felt my vaginal walls spread as he entered me. I began to convulse with a pending orgasm as his shaft pushed toward my cervix.

“Oh, God, yes, your black cock is so big. Fuck me”, I moaned. He pushed against my cervix as he asked, “Do you think your husband would like to see you now”? “Oh, yes,” I said, “I want him to watch me fucked by a black man”. I felt his cock increase speed as he thrust deeper and then he asked, “I'm ready to cum, you want it in your pussy”? I pushed my pelvis hard to him as I said, “Oh, yes, cum in me, CUM IN ME.”

I felt his cock swell and then the pulsing of his sperm blasting into my womb. He filled me and then it was over except for my tingling pussy. He pulled out and quickly there was another cock in my cum filled pussy. I looked up and saw another black man fucking me. My legs wrapped around his back, pulling him into me further.

The first black man was again sucking and nibbling my nipple. He looked up and asked, “Do you think your husband would like to watch me and my brother fuck you”? I said, “Oh, yes, he wants to see me fucked by black cock”. He said, “My brother is going to cum in your pussy, do you want his cum too”? “YES, YES,” I screamed, “FUCK YOUR CUM IN ME...FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE”. My eyes then scanned the area and I saw several people watching my first black fuck.

After my womb was filled with two loads of sperm, I laid on the bench with my legs spread wide as the cum was oozing from my pussy. I heard people talking, “That was hot”; “She looks like a good fuck”; “look at all that black cum”, and others as the crowd began to thin. The first black man wrote his name, ‘Reggie’ and a phone number with ‘For a big black cock, call me’ and placed it in my hand. I smiled at him as he and his brother walked away. The man and woman I saw earlier, were now sitting next to me and she said, “That was hot, I’m glad we were here to watch”. Her husband was grinning and I just knew he was imagining his wife being fucked by black cock too.

I gathered my panties, not bothering to put them on, smoothed down my skirt and pulled my top back down covering my breasts. On wobbly legs and sperm running down my thighs, I left the theater section and picked up my rented DVDs. The clerk smiled and mumbled, “That was a great show”. On the drive home, my mind kept rerunning the events of my fuck by two black men, their large cocks and all the cum they filled me with. This, definitely, was not a one time thing, their big black cocks were going to be regular in my sexual diet.

After dinner that night, Mark loaded the first DVD and we watched a white wife being offered by her husband to a group of black men. Her husband told them that they could use her body in any way they pleased. Mark and I tore off our clothes as we watched several black men strip the woman as she began to suck their cocks.

Several times, Mark made comments as to how big their black cocks were and how she enjoyed being fucked over and over. After two hours of them fucking her, Mark marveled at the amount of cum leaking from her pussy and ass. I asked, “Mark, what would you think if a black cock fucked my ass”? He said, “Oh, yeah, that would be hot, especially when another black cock was fucking your pussy”. I remembered Mark fucking me harder when watching double penetration, which could have happened in the theater that day.

Mark gave me a good fucking and after filling me with cum, he fucked me with my black dildo causing his sperm to splash out around it. He said, “How hot is that, seeing your cum filled pussy when another cock pumps into you”. I smiled and asked, “When I return the DVDs, is there another request”? “Just more of the same,” he said, “they were great”. I asked, “So, you want your wife to be fucked by black men like those gang bangs”? Mark said, “I think that would be hot”.

I watched his actions as his cock was hard and twitching. I licked the pre-cum from his cock and asked him if we could go to the adult theater next Friday night instead of renting a DVD. He said, “We’d be in public, we can’t rip each others clothes off there, I would want to fuck you”. I said, “I was just thinking of something new for both of us. See what happens there, just something new and maybe exciting. Maybe it will turn us on to get home in a hurry”. “Yeah,” he said, “maybe we would have to fuck in the car before we get home”.

The next day, I returned the DVDs. I looked around and the store was empty so I asked, “No action? No one waiting to go in the theater”? He said, “It’s quiet today, most of the action is after 5 pm. You were really hot yesterday with those two black guys”. “Oh, no,” I said, “you saw me? Please tell me that you didn’t see me”. He said, “You were hot, especially when screaming for them to cum in you, I tell you that was a great show”. I felt like I should run from the store but he said, “I don’t talk about what people do. It’s a regular sight to see women fucked. Even gay men get hot with each other in there. Why do you think I put on the black gang bangs, they were what you wanted”.

“You are such a nice man”. I said, “What is your name”? He said, “I’m Sam and I like to make people happy in their choices. If you want to bring your husband in, I’ll give you both free entry. It would be nice to see you with a couple of black men again”. I said, “I don’t know if they would be back”. Sam said, “Oh, Reggie and his brother are regulars. When you went in to watch interracial videos, I sent them in. I hoped it would be an adventure for you. I would love to have a video of them fucking you”. I said, “Well, as a matter of fact, we discussed it. My husband and I plan to come in Friday night. What is the best time”? Sam said, “Most people come in around 8 pm. It seems to be when most of the action begins”.

On the ride home, my pussy was oozing and tingling thinking about Friday night with Mark. I had to call Reggie to be sure he and his brother would be there. Mark was going to see how much fun there can be in an adult theater. He was going to watch me getting fucked by two black guys...maybe more, who knows.

First thing when getting home was to call Reggie. The plan was set up. Reggie then asked, “Friday night is a few days off, how about you come visit me at my apartment. We can discuss how we are going to cuckold your husband”. I asked, “What is a cuckold”? Reggie said, “That’s when a husband or boyfriend likes to watch their women fucked by other men”.

I wrote down Reggie’s address and took a quick shower, I wanted to be fresh. I put on a light summer dress, no panties or bra. No need for excess clothing. I kept thinking about Sam and his comment that he wished he had a video of me being fucked by the two brothers. I was really turned on by the thought of people watching, maybe it would be fun to be exposed in a video, to have Sam put it on the internet for millions of men around the world to watch and jack off to. My pussy was flowing on the drive to Reggie’s apartment.

I arrived and was met at the door by Reggie wearing only a robe. I entered the living room and was surprised that there were ten black men there. Reggie said, “Now, you will really know what it is to be fucked by black cock”. He then reached down to the hem of my dress and pulled it up and over my head. I was now totally naked in full view of these black men and they liked what they saw. I immediately went to my knees and begged for cocks to suck. I licked and sucked pre-cum as I was in a sexual rush with a building orgasm.

Reggie laid on his back and pulled my legs apart and scooted his head between my legs licking my pussy. I marveled at all the black cocks, they were all huge and rock hard. I gagged as I was learning to deep throat like a proper whore. With Reggie’s tongue, my orgasm hit and I had my first female ejaculation, something I have read about but never experienced. I wanted more, I wanted all their cocks inside me, I wanted them to flood my womb and ass with cum. I wanted these black men to fuck me, no holes barred. I wished Mark was there to watch.

As I was being led to the couch, I got my phone and gave it to Reggie. He looked puzzled and then I said, “I want a video for my husband”. Reggie grinned and turned the lens toward me as I knelt on the couch with my head against the back cushion and legs spread. The next shot showed a naked black man approaching and rubbing his big cock on my labia.

As that big cock was entering me, all I could murmur was, “Oh, Oh, so big, yes so big. Oh, God, Yes, fuck me”. As the first cock was pumping in and out, I saw another black cock approach from behind the couch toward my face. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock as he kept moving forward to allow me more to suck. Reggie was now taking a close up video of me sucking a black cock as he asked, “Do you like that black cock”? I mumbled as best as I could, “Oh, God yes. I love that cock and the one in my pussy”.

Suddenly, the cock in my mouth erupted and Reggie said, “Don’t swallow yet, I want to show your mouth full of his cum”. I had a hard time keeping all the cum in my mouth as some was seeping around the edges of my lips.

When the cock pulled out of my mouth I kept my mouth open for Reggie to video the cum from a black man pooled in my open mouth. He then videoed as I swallowed the cum and licked my lips. “Oh, I’m going to cum,” I heard the man fucking me, “I’m going to fill your womb”. “YES,” I screamed, “PUMP YOUR BLACK SEED DEEP INTO ME”. He did just that as I was reaching a spectacular climax. He had a lot of sperm saved as my pussy was flowing when he withdrew.

Another naked black man was seated next to me and pulled me onto his lap. I was now facing him as his cock thrust deep into my sopping pussy. He pumped his cock deep for a few minutes and then I felt a hand on my ass, rubbing a lubricant around my anal opening. Several fingers entered my ass and opened me before I felt the head of a large black cock push in past my sphincter. I yelled out as the pain was stretching my ass wide. The pain then eased as I then felt two cocks separated only by the thin membrane between my ass and pussy. My nerve endings were sending pleasure to my brain as another orgasm was building.

I felt the two cocks alternate thrusting into me as I peaked, “OH, GOD, YES FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE. Ugh, Ugh, yeah, FUCK ME”. I felt both cocks swelling and I knew they were going to erupt, filling me with more cum. I was in a special high as now my orgasm was causing my legs to shake, my arms fling and shook. I felt their cocks begin to forcefully pulsate as they pumped cum deep into my womb and bowels. As both cocks pulled from me, I yelled, “MORE, I WANT MORE COCKS. I WANT YOU ALL TO FUCK ME...FUCK ME, FUCK ME”.

Two more cocks entered me and I opened my mouth for a third. Reggie asked, “Do you want more black cock? Do you want your husband to see you fucked by black men”? He wanted my comments recorded on the video. “Yes,” I said, “I want black cocks, I want to be stretched, I want my womb filled with cum. I can’t believe that black cocks could make me feel this way. I have missed so much pleasure for all these years”.

Reggie and all his friends fucked me over and over for many hours. I was soaked with cum and my body was filled with cum. Reggie transferred the video from my phone to his computer and told me that he would make a DVD for my husband. I gave Reggie a kiss before leaving and reminded him, he and his brother were to meet me at the adult book store Friday night. I had to drive home without panties and the seat of the car was soaked when I arrived home. Walking into the house, cum was now running heavy down my legs. It felt good to soak in the tub as I recalled my great day and reviewed the video on my cell phone.

Reggie was good taking the video, the angles and close ups were fantastic. I was going to wait until after Mark sees my performance in the theater Friday to show him the video. I would surprise him with the DVD Reggie was making. I wasn’t sure if Mark would be jealous or regret his fantasy when he sees me with black cock in my pussy. This would be a first since we were married that Mark would see me fucked by other men. I was hoping that Mark would be so turned on that Reggie and his brother would be regular visitors on the weekends. I was a confirmed white slut for black cock.

I planned my wardrobe carefully. A thin tank top to show the outline of my nipples and a wrap-around skirt that I hemmed to barely cover my ass. I wasn’t going to wear a bra or panties, they would only be more to have to remove. I called Reggie to make sure he didn’t forget our ‘date’ Friday night. Reggie said, “How could I forget your white pussy”? “I have a request”, I said. “Yes?” Reggie asked. I said, “I want you and your brother to DP me for my husband”. Reggie said, “Sure thing, maybe trade places so we both get pussy and ass”. I moaned, “Oh, God, yes. And with the audience watching, that’s so hot”. I got off the phone and my pussy was sopping wet, I needed my dildo.

Friday night arrived. Mark got home from work and we had dinner as my stomach was in knots hopping Mark would be pleased to see me fucked by two black men. I took a long soaking bath and then began to dress as Mark watched. Mark asked, “You aren’t going to wear panties”? I said, “Hell no. I thought it would be hot to have the audience watch my spread open legs as you finger fuck me”. Mark smiled and asked, “Do you think you could really do that, being watched?” I said, “It turns me on to think of people watching”. “OK”, Mark said, “You might end up being nude for all to see”. Now, I was really seeping my juices and my stomach was fidgety hoping Mark would be happy with what I planned with Reggie.

In the car, my skirt was so short, my pussy was exposed. Mark kept glancing at my pussy and several times I thought we were going to crash from my distractions. Every time Mark began to move to the left or right, I would rub his hard cock protruding in his pants and kept reminding him, “Soon baby, access to my pussy will be available to your fingers”. Mark said, “I hope the movies tonight will be good”. I said, “Oh, yes, I hope they show black men fucking white women, especially married women with their husbands watching. Those make you hard, don’t they honey”? Mark only gave a nod and a quiet moan.

We pulled into the dim parking lot and I saw Reggie and his brother leaning against a car about thirty feet away. From that distance, I thought I saw Reggie wink, smile and wave as I got out of our car. I grabbed Marks arm as we walked toward the door and held him tight as we entered. My legs were a bit rubbery from the anticipation.

We went to the desk and Mark started to pay for entry to the theater. Sam recognized me and said, “As our newest customers, there is no charge tonight”. Mark and I thanked him and I asked, “What movies are playing tonight”? Sam smiled and said, “Tonight is interracial night, a lot of white wives fucked by black cock”. My legs became weak from a tingling sensation in my pussy and I clung to Mark to keep from dropping to the floor.

As Mark and I were about to enter the theater, I saw Reggie and his brother enter the shop. After entering the theater, I held onto Mark as we stood adjusting to the darkness and then I spotted a center row bench. I giggled as I also saw several men in the vicinity of the bench and I pulled Mark to that central spot where I would be a prime fuck target. As we sat, I cuddled in close to Mark and ran my hands over his covered cock and then pulled his zipper down. Mark moaned as I pulled his cock free as he watched the movie.

He whispered, “Look at that slut with her pussy stretched by a black cock”. I asked, “Would you want me to be a white slut? If I took off my skirt, would you let a black man fuck me”? Mark then said, “Take off your skirt. Let everyone know what a slut you are”.

As I stood to untie my wrap-around skirt, I saw Reggie and his brother on the bench behind us. I smiled at Reggie as I removed my skirt and knelt on our bench and took Mark’s cock into my mouth. My naked ass was now high and totally exposed. The nerves in my pussy were on fire as vaginal juices began to coat my thighs. Mark began to moan as he saw another man’s hand on my breasts. His cock then began to throb as he was watching another man’s hand rubbing my pussy and ass. Mark said, “I think our thoughts are about to happen, there’s a black man’s hand on your ass. He’s going to finger your pussy”.

I looked up at Mark and asked, “Are you sure you want to watch a black man fuck me”? Mark said, “Oh, God, his cock is out, it’s really big”. I asked again, “Do you want him to put his cock in me”? Mark then began to fill my mouth with his cum. As I was swallowing his cum, Mark watched Reggie position himself behind me. Mark reached back and put his hands on the cheeks of my ass and spread me apart and said, “His cock is so big,” then loudly, “FUCK MY WIFE, STRETCH HER PUSSY OPEN”. I pushed up on my arms so my face was even with Mark’s and said, “Watch his cock go into me baby, I want to feel his cock deep”. Reggie lunged hard, the force pushing me into Mark. Mark then got up, moving to my side to get a good view of a black cock fucking into his wife’s pussy.

Watching Reggie’s cock pumping into me, Mark said, “Yes, fuck her, fuck her deep. Stretch that pussy open, I want everyone to see her fucked by your big black cock, FUCK MY WIFE”. I noticed a crowd begin to gather and then Reggie’s brother’s cock was nearing my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked the pre-cum off his cock before engulfing it deep into my mouth. I began to suck hard on the black cock in my mouth when I felt my ass hole being fingered. I kept hearing Mark saying, “Yes, Yes, keep fucking her. CUM IN HER, FUCK HER, FILL HER”. The cock pulled from my mouth and I was able to look back at Mark.

It was Mark fingering my ass and now he had three fingers in me, finger fucking my ass as his eyes were glassy and he was salivating as he kept mumbling, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh, God, Yes”. Now I saw Reggie’s brother laying in his back along side me and Reggie pulled out of my pussy. I was quickly moved over to where my pussy was now being impaled on Reggie’s brothers cock and Reggie was pushing his cock into my rectum. Mark was closely watching my double penetration as he kept repeating, “fuck her, fuck her, fuck her”. The sexual excitement was overwhelming as my climax hit an electrifying peak and my legs spasmed against the two black men fucking me. I was now screaming, “SO BIG, UGH, FUCK ME HARD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD, FUCK ME”.

During my climax, I saw lights flashing and then realized that Sam was there taking pictures as another man was holding a video camera to record the amazing activity and my intensified rapturous uncontrollable orgasms with my body spasming and violently shaking. My screams of rapture to be fucked by these black cocks echoed in the theater causing men surrounding me, including my husband, to erupt their sperm on my body, breasts and face. As I looked at Mark, his face showed intense lust as he kept repeating for the brothers to fuck me.

The black brothers changed positions after filling me with cum. With the stamina they had, they kept fucking me hard with my husband watching my pussy and ass taking their cocks and cum. Our sweat covered bodies and the smell of sex permeated the theater as the on looking crowd of men chanted, “FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUCK HER”.

Several times my squirting pussy sprayed the black cocks fucking me causing my climaxes to be stronger with uncontrollable spasms and a lustful desire for black cock, BIG BLACK COCK. I didn’t want this sexually stimulating event to end, but the brothers were finally sated as the three of us laid spent, my legs spread wide with cum oozing from my pussy and ass.

My husband was in a trance as he looked at my cum saturated body. He ran his fingers in my vaginal canal and then spread my labia wide open to allow the cum to flow from me. As I looked at Mark, I saw the pleasure in his eyes as his fantasy was fulfilled. I said, “Honey, I love you so much, please don’t be mad that I let them fuck me”. Mark said, “It was so hot, sweetheart. Their big black cocks stretching you open, I was so hard watching your orgasms and hearing your screams to be fucked”. Mark stood up and his cock was rock hard. I pushed myself up and sucked his cock into my mouth which soon erupted his ejaculate. I swallowed and smiled up at him.

We finally gained our composure and I put my skirt back on. We left the theater and I stopped and smiled at Sam as I said, “Thank you. Thank you for showing the films you know I wanted”. Sam smiled and said to Mark, “I will have a special DVD for you, it will be yours to remember this day”. Mark and I left, my legs still wobbly as we made our way to the car. Reggie and his brother were beside the car and Mark thanked them for making my evening pleasurable. I told Mark, “I have Reggie’s phone number and address. He has invited me to his apartment every Wednesday to entertain his friends. I won’t go if you don’t want me to”.

Mark looked at me, smiled and said, “Baby, you go, I want video’s to watch. My day at work will be visions of you fucking black cock. When I get home, you will have to show me your swollen and cum filled pussy and ass and the video of what caused it”. I smiled and hugged Mark as I ran my hand over his crotch feeling his renewed erection. Reggie smiled and said, “I will be sure she is safe and well fucked for you”.

I hugged Mark as I was getting in the car and reminded him that I wanted him to fuck me when we got home. Mark said, “Our anniversary is coming up”. I just said, “No roses please, just bring me a big black cock”. Mark said, “You got it sweetheart”, as we both laughed when driving out of the parking lot. I was going to give Mark the DVD Reggie made of my gang bang to watch when we got home. Mark and I are going to validate our LOVE for each other.