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my new submissive family - Part 3 Tom & Mary's initiation

2023-01-22 00:19:04

Themes: Anal, Rape, Violence, Non-consensual Sex, Bondage & Restriction, Torture

Part 3

I opened up the cell door and walked in. As I stepped in front of them I said.
“Welcome to your new home. How are my new slaves doing tonight? What, we aren’t talking tonight? Oh that is right, you can’t talk with your mouth full, hehe. I bet it was tiring standing like that. Let me let you down to a more comfortable position.
I pulled two special tables in front of them both. I first removed Mary’s gag and then released the chains holding her arms, and then laid her across the table. Her ass was pushed into the air, her head propped up and her tits were open. Her legs were tied down along the table legs with her arms strapped forward. As tired as she was, she gave me no trouble. Tom on the other hand tried to be more aggressive, and I wanted him to. I knew with him standing the way he was that his arms and legs would be tired and shaky. As soon as I released the cuffs he removed his gag and tried to attack me. Each time he would lunge at me, I would step aside and land a blow to a different part of his body.
“Tom, I thought you were the man of the family? Stacey put up a better fight. Maybe I should dress you up in tights? Of course, if you were a real man, your family wouldn’t be where they are in the first place.”
Tom jumped at me again and I punched him in stomach.
While gasping for air, Tom said. “I’ll kill you!”
“Tom, tisk tisk. I bring you into my home and this is how you talk to me? I pack the family up, bring them here, feed them, clean them up and I even kept Mary warm for you and after all that, you want to kill me?”
Tom looks over at Mary but Mary’s eyes were closed.
Once again Tom lunged at me; I moved out of the way and landed the last blow on his chin. Tom dropped like a rock onto the floor. While he was unconscious I stripped him down to his underwear. I picked Tom up and placed him on the table and restrained him like Mary.
Mary begged “Please stop, your hurting him”
“Please what? He is no longer of any concern to you. I am your master now. You do what I tell you, do you understand?”
Meekly she stated “yes sir”
I walked around behind Mary and started to finger her pussy. “While we wait for Tom to wake up, I need to keep myself busy.” I replaced my finger with my cock head and started to slowly slide it into her moist cunt.
“Not bad, good to see you are keeping yourself damp for me. You will learn to keep yourself that way. You will keep yourself wet for my cock. Actually you will keep yourself wet for any cock I want you to fuck.”
“Why are you doing this to us? What did we ever do to you?”
“I wanted you. That is all you need to know.”
After about a dozen strokes I heard Tom start to awaken.
I walked back up in front and sat down where both Tom and Mary could see me.
“Damn son, looks like you have a glass jaw. For a man, you seem to spend a lot of the time on the floor. I will say that you have great taste in women. Mary is a fine looking woman and I want to thank you for finding her for me.”
I walked over to Mary’s table and moved it so that they face each other.
“I want you to watch her face as I fuck her. Have you ever watched her face when she gets fucked? She probably just lays there when you fuck her with your tiny dick, but she really gets into it with me. Look how wet my cock is after a short dip while you were out.”
Tom looked down at my cock and then over at Mary in disgust.
I whispered into Mary’s ear. “Now give Tom a good show. Show him how much you love your masters’ cock.”
“Please don’t” Mary says.
She closes her eyes and bites her lip as I slip my cock into her waiting pussy. I start slow and reach around to rub her clit.
“What do you want from us?” Tom shouted.
“Right now, all I want you to do is watch Mary enjoy my cock. Now don’t disappoint me Mary. Tell him how much you loved getting fucked in the garage and at the barn.”
Mary’s lips tremble and I can feel her lift her hips towards me. “Please stop”
“You want me to stop? I am so enjoying your hot wet pussy, but I will respect your request this time. I will stop fucking your pussy.”
I pull my cock out of her wet pussy and place it at her still sore butthole. In one quick thrust I bury it deep into her bowels.
Mary screams in pain.
“Tell Tom what I am doing to you right now Mary!”
“He is hurting MEEEEE!”
I say “Oh you can do better than that! Tell him how. Describe him what I am doing!”
Crying she says “He is fucking my ass. Please stop. Tom, make him stop PLEASE!”
I say “Tom can’t do a damn thing but watch. Oh Tom, Some day I will just have to let you have some of this. Mary’s ass is so tight! Just as tight now, as it was last night and early this morning. You should have seen her first try to squeeze my cock in last night. I bet she worked on getting herself impaled for a good 20 minutes. Then with a little coaxing, she just slammed it home. Oh she rode that cock dry. And then that surprise ride this morning! Damn she is a great slut.”
Tom shouts between the tears. “Stop it STOP IT”
I continue my assault on Mary’s behind for a few more minutes. I am enjoying her ass almost as much as I am enjoying watching Tom squirm. I can tell he can’t take being so controlled and helpless. I am not finished with him yet.
“I am trying to decide whether to have you taste Mary’s ass or suck my cock? I bet you would like to have me stick my dick in your mouth right now. I bet you would even love to sink your teeth into me and bite my cock off, wouldn’t you?” As I pull my cock out and shake it at him.
Tom shouts “Bring it here. I dare you to put that thing I my mouth!”
“Watch out for what you ask for, you might just get it! You’re going to get my cock in your mouth, but first you get a fitting.”
I get from the box four items. Two of the items look like a round metal ring with teeth guards. The other two items are head harness’s that prevents the jaw from opening.
I place a harness over Toms head. Tom tries to lock his jaw shut to prevent me from inserting the mouth piece so I reach around and grabbed his balls and started squeezing.
“Open up and let me put this in or I will make you open up.”
Tom opens up his mouth and I slide the piece in. He bites down on the piece and I tighten the harness down. I then insert the same pieces on Mary.
“Now didn’t you dare me to put my cock in your mouth? Well here it comes. Enjoy the taste.” I said.
I stepped in front of Tom and pushed my cock between his lips. The ring is just large enough for my cock to slip in and yet the wearer can still close their lips. Tom tries to keep his tongue away from my cock, but there just isn’t room. I slowly slide my cock deeper into his mouth.
“Here is your first lesson in Deep Throat. I recommend you start breathing through your nose. And while your at it, Get that tongue working on cleaning Mary’s shit and my cum off my cock. Start sucking my cock you boytoy!”
I slide my cock down his throat and he starts to gag. I pull it out and then back again. I start slapping Tom in the face. I increase my tempo, giving him barely any time to breath.
“I will stop face fucking you as soon as you clean off my cock, bitch”
Tom continues to gag and choke for a minute or so before he realizes that he had better do as instructed. Tom starts licking my cock and I slow down to allow him to clean my cock and savor the taste. After a few minutes my cock is clean and glistening from his saliva.
“That is a good bitch. You cleaned off your masters’ cock nicely.”
I turn Mary’s table around and raise her butt up so that it is the same height as Tom’s face. I push her back so that her ass is a couple inches from Tom’s mouth.
“Look how good Mary’s ass looks. Don’t you think so? I think you should service that ass. Mary’s ass is sore and I think you should take care of it for her. But how can you really take care of her, if you don’t know how she feels?”
I step behind Tom and tear his underwear off. I grab some lube and put some on my fingers. I proceed to slide my greasy fingers around his puckered butt. All I hear is some groans and complaints from my intrusion.
“This lube is for my enjoyment. Last thing I want to do is rub my cock raw from your hairy ass.”
I replaced my finger with the head of my cock and started to push. Tom tried to squeeze his cheeks to keep me out, but with my pressure and the lube there was no preventing it. Tom was screaming like a little child when my cock popped past his sphincter muscle. I paused for a couple seconds to enjoy the tight hole I opened up. I started to push my cock deeper into his dark orifice until my cock was all the way in. I reached up and loosened the head harness and Tom quickly spit out the mouthpiece. Then I grabbed Mary’s legs and slid her ass into Tom’s face.
“Now start licking Mary’s sore ass.”
“No, Stop, Please.” Tom cried before all I heard was muffled words.
I pulled my cock almost out and slammed it home hard. My balls slapped against Tom’s balls. I slapped Tom’s butt cheek hard leaving a handprint.
“I said lick and clean Mary’s ass now! That was not a request. Lick and suck her ass while I fuck yours.”
I continued to ram my cock into his rectum while slapping his cheeks until he started to lick Mary’s ass. After a bit, Mary started to slide her ass up and down, rubbing her crack into Tom’s face. The more he tongued her asshole, the more she moved her ass. Mary started to moan from the tongue lashing she was receiving. I glanced down and noticed that Tom’s cock was hard.
After several minutes, Mary’s body started to shake from an orgasm. Seeing this I felt that wonderful feeling deep inside, my cock started to get even harder. I started to hammer my cock deeper into Tom’s ass. I was shoving so hard that I was pushing Tom’s table into Mary’s and pushing her towards the wall. I started to spew sperm into Tom’s ass. Tom was moving his hips in a fucking motion. He was fucking air. I pulled my limp cock out and watched my cum drizzle out and down his balls.
I pulled his table away from Mary. He had spit with little pieces of shit all over his face.
I reached over to Mary and released the head harness and I took the mouthpiece out. I proceeded to release her restraints. I lifted her from her table. She kept her head lowered.
I told her “Follow me.”
I led her into the shower room. I turned on the shower. Soon a hot spray filled the room with steam. I started to wash Mary from head to toe. She just stood there savoring the warmth. After I finished washing her entire body I motioned for her to sit on the bench.
“I will shave your pussy this time, but from now on, you will keep your pussy hairless. I expect no hair on your pussy, legs and underarms. Is that understood?”
Mary nodded and said “Yes sir”
I grabbed the shaving supplies. I made up some warm shave cream and used my brush to apply it. The shave cream has a minty aroma. Then I took out the straight razor. Mary looked down, staring at the razor. I gently start outside and slowly remove the hair. Shaving with a straight razor takes patience, but gives the best shave with minimal discomfort.
When I finished, I rinsed her pussy off with warm water. I looked down to admire my work. Her pussy looks so beautiful bald. Two mounds with two lips between them. Above the lips is a small hood covering her clit. Her lips and hood are red from the fucking they had received.
Mary looked down with wonder at her pussy.
“Go ahead, play with it, and explore it. See how it feels. This is how I want you to look from now on.”
Mary moved her hand down and lightly rubbed over the freshly shaven area. As she started to slide a finger between her moist lips, she froze and looked up at me for approval. I nodded my head in approval. She slid her fingers between her lips and started to massage her pussy concentrating on her clit. Not knowing how long I would give her she raced as quickly as she could. She added more fingers until she was using almost her whole hand. Her head went back and her eyes closed as her body started to shake violently. Mary let out a loud groan as her body convulsed from pleasure. She leaned back trying to catch her breath. Her body was still, except for her heavy breathing. I gave her a couple minutes to recover.
I touched her face and looked into her eyes. “You earned that orgasm. You have done well and IF you continue to progress this well, you will earn many more. I am not a cruel master. If you do well, you get rewards, but if you displease me, you will be punished. You have a lot of training to go, many things to learn. Many misconceptions corrected. You will feel pain and pleasure. Sometimes both, and sometimes you won’t be able to distinguish the difference. You will learn your place. Now wash me as I washed you.”
I handed Mary the washcloth and she proceeded to wash me from head to toe. She proceeded slowly and carefully. While she was washing me, her eyes wandered all over my body. Her hands were gentle. She soaped up my groin and washed it with her bare hands. She rinsed my body and made sure that there was no soap left. I pointed at the towel. She grabbed it and dried me off.
When she finished I touched her chin and said, “Now dry yourself and follow me.”
She quickly dried herself and followed me to my study. I placed a couple sandwiches and something to drink on a table and pulled the chair out.
“Now eat. I will be right back”
I went out and filled three buckets, two large and one small, with ice cold water and placed them next to Tom’s table. He had fallen asleep on his table. I went back the study and grabbed a cart with some special equipment inside and wheeled it into the cell. Returning to the study, Mary had just finished her sandwich. She had noticed that I had my monitor showing their cell. I grabbed another sandwich and had Mary follow me back to the cell with Tom. I instructed Mary that she was to wash Tom and then feed him.
“Wake up Bitch!” I shouted as I dumped the small bucked on him.
“Fuck that is cold. What the hell is going on?” Tom shouted.
“It is time for your bath and dinner, Bitch! And Mary, make it fast. You have 10 minutes.”
I stepped out and walked to my study. I put on my robe, grabbed a couple printed sheets, sat down to watch Tom and Mary. Mary started to wash Tom.
“Release me” Tom said
Mary pointed to the camera “He is watching. He controls everything. We can’t try anything yet. Not until we find out about the kids.”
Mary quickly washed Tom and gave him the sandwich.
I entered the cell just as they finished. Mary asked “Sir, may I get a towel?”
“No, he does not need to be dried off. Return to your table.”
When Mary returned to her table, I tightened the restraints and pushed her table back to its original position alongside Tom.
“You will read and say this list of statements. You will talk in a loud and clear voice. You will convince me that these statements are true. Do you understand me?”
I placed the paper in front of Mary. Mary read the sheet and looked puzzled. She started to say the statements:
“I am Mary. I am the masters’ slave. I belong to the master”
I interrupted her “I don’t think you understand. I am not convinced that you believe this. Try again!”
Mary tries again a little louder but still not convincingly. “I am Mary. I am the masters’ slave. I belong to the master”
“I still am not convinced. Tom, here is your sheet. Show me that you can at least follow orders.”
Tom reads his sheet and says “I will not say this.”
“Ok, I guess you both need a little enticement.”
I open up my cart and pulled out a number of instruments and some cables. I connected the cables to the back of a small box which was connected to a computer. Both the computer and the box were plugged in. On the ends of the cables were connected several objects. One cable set was designed for male and the other for female. The female had two dildos with a metallic ribbed covering and four alligator clips. The male cable had one dildo, four alligator clips and a small hollow metal tube.
“What are you going to do to us?” Tom said.
I ignored the comment while I grabbed the female cable and walked over to Mary. I lubed up the dildos and pushed them into Mary’s pussy and ass. I then grabbed one of the clips and reached under to clip it onto her clitoris. Mary jumped and let out a scream when it sank its teeth into her tender clit. I then grabbed two more clips and reached under to clip them onto her tits.
I then grabbed the male cables and moved it over to Tom. I shoved the dildo into Tom’s ass. I then grabbed the metal tube. I grabbed Tom’s dick and slowly inserted it into the pee hole. Tom screamed as I inserted the rod into his dick about 4 inches. I then grabbed two of the clips and clipped them onto Tom’s nipples. Tom let out another scream.
“You are now connected to my computer. I have created a program that will provide you with various levels of stimulation. The computer controls each stimulation independently, both electrical and vibration. This stimulation can range from pleasure to extreme pain and everything between.
I clicked on the program and set it to a low level. “This is one of the pleasure levels.” as a low voltage starts to flow through each device and the dildos start to vibrate.
Mary and Tom both start to squirm as they feel a pleasurable buzz.
“As I increase the level, things go from pleasure to uncomfortable.”
Their eyes and mouths open up and they both let out a loud groan.
“And as I increase it more, it can be very painful.”
Both of their bodies lock as every muscle tensed up. They both screamed and begged me to stop. I stopped the program and their bodies’ collapsed onto their tables.
“You will note that this is not the highest level. I have the ability to program a variety of levels.”
I ran a script that gave up to 2 seconds of each level, in a random pattern, for a total of 5 minutes. For that period, the expressions from Tom and Mary changed constantly ranging from pleasure to pain.
After the period ended, I gave them a few seconds to comprehend before I placed the sheet in front of Mary and she read it again.
This time Mary shouted out loud: “I am Mary. I am the masters’ slave. I belong to the master. My pussy belongs to the master. My ass belongs to the master. My tits belong to the master. My mouth belongs to the master. My body belongs to the master. Tom is also the masters’ slave. I will do what ever the master wants me to do. All I want to do is please the master. I love my master.”
I placed the sheet in front of Tom and he also shouted out his statements. I am Tom. I am the masters’ slave. I belong to the master. My cock belongs to the master. My ass belongs to the master. My tits belong to the master. My mouth belongs to the master. My body belongs to the master. Mary is also the masters’ slave. I will do what ever the master wants me to do. All I want to do is please the master. I love my master.”
I picked up the mouth pieces and proceeded to insert them back into Tom’s and Mary’s mouths and tightened up the harnesses. I then grab the last clip and insert it in the mouthpiece. They both scream as I clip it under their tongue.
“It is time for you both to try and get some sleep and remember these words to live by.”
I think to my self that sleep is the last thing they will be able to get. I walk over to the computer and select a script that will run continuously. It provides a random pattern to the impulses. The pattern has the intensity from low pleasure to medium pain, each lasting from 1 to 5 seconds, with a pause of up to one minute. I set the script to start in 20 minutes. I headed into my study. I pull up the recording made from Tom & Mary’s cell. I load it into my system, split them into separate recordings, and then played them both at the same time continuously. I had it start to play into their cell just as the script begins the impulses. Between the messages, in their own voices, and the lack of sleep, they will be easily manipulated. It won’t be long before they will believe every word. I shut off the lights, locked up the study. I am tired.
I headed to Lisa’s cell. I had decided to move Lisa to a living cell.
“This is your new cell. You will find some food and drink in the refrigerator. You will sleep here. For many nights, we will sleep together, but I will not hurt you. Your sexual training will begin later. For now, you will need to read and learn these rules posted on your door. You will start learning these tomorrow. Tonight we sleep.”
I laid Lisa down on the bed and I climbed in next to her. I shut off the light. Lisa tried to get up, but I put her in a spoon position and placed my arms around her. Even though I quickly went to sleep, I don’t think my new slave family slept well. That will change in time.