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Janet in Training 05

2022-08-02 00:00:03

Part One: Friday

The following weekend, Janet had her usual date with Mistress Erica. After
her time with Stephanie, she wondered how she would feel about seeing her original
Mistress again. There was no doubt that she had an exciting time with Stephanie.
What could she say about a three-week period in which she had been treated as
a slave girl, then given the opportunity to dominate another slave girl? In
all of her time so far, she had never had such an interesting and painful time.

She rubbed her new marks for days afterwards, amazed that the angry red welts
could fade. She remembered the pain that she had undergone when they were inflicted.

Even though Stephanie had made no secret of the fact that she was a harsh
Mistress, Janet had enjoyed her stay with her. Stephanie had taken Janet even
further into the concept of slavery. Janet had to admit to herself that she
found the idea exciting.

Janet wondered to herself just what further torments that Stephanie would
be inflicting on Camille in the days to come. Stephanie had said that Camille
was to be punished for something, and that her discipline was not yet complete.
It had been part of Stephanie's design to shame Jessica by having Janet discipline

She had arrived at the house at the usual time, being driven up by limo. Even
before she could ring the bell, the front door opened to admit her.

"Janet, how nice to see you again," welcomed Erica.

Janet entered the house, and handed her coat to Andrea, who was standing in
the foyer. She looked at the Mistress and her Maid, and suddenly realized that
nothing had changed between herself and Erica. It was a sharp observation when
she thought that even though she had been with another Mistress, it was still
Erica that she belonged to.

"Mistress, I......."

"I know just how you feel, Janet. Come and sit down in the library, I know
that you probably have a lot to tell me."

The two sat down in the library, with Janet looking for a leather covered
footstool. Andrea had wheeled in a tray with tea, and stood waiting. Erica motioned
for her to serve, and she poured two cups, one for Erica and then one for Janet.
Then she stood again, silent. Janet thought that Andrea would be standing in
attendance as she discussed her time with Stephanie.

"Andrea, please leave us. You may prepare for the evening, and attend to our
guest downstairs," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Andrea, who bowed and left.

They were alone. Janet had thought carefully all week just what she would
say to Erica. Now that they were together again, all that she wanted to say
had been quickly forgotten.

"Mistress, I.....want to talk to you," began Janet.

"Yes, Janet," answered Erica.

"Mistress, when I was with Mistress Stephanie, I was unfaithful to you. I
said that I loved her and her whip, and I liked the way that she was tormenting
me," Janet replied, her words broken by sobs.

"Janet, it is not uncommon for a new slave girl to be quickly attached to
a new and different kind of Mistress. What you have to realize is that what
you love are the chains that you wear. And you will like being punished, no
matter how harsh."

"Mistress, I was given the opportunity to discipline another slave girl,"
offered Janet.


Janet was not surprised by Erica's answer. Since the two dominants were friends,
there were probably no secrets between them.

Janet merely nodded her head in assent.

"I know about Camille. I have even dominated her myself when Stephanie was
out of town. You should feel honored. Few slave girls get the chance so early
to punish another slave. Now you know how it feels to dominate another. Since
you are still a new slave, I shall have to punish you harshly to beat out any
ideas you may have that you are now different or special."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

"However, I am far more concerned about what Stephanie told me about your
little confession. I want to hear everything that you are doing at home. Now!"

"Mistress, after becoming your slave girl, I found that just being here on
the weekends wasn't enough. I work in New York City, so I began to explore.
I found a shop that sold high heels like those you lock upon me, along with
collar and bracelets. So I bought them, and wear them naked around the apartment,"
Janet confessed.

"Is there anything else you've bought?" Erica demanded.

"No, Mistress," Janet answered.

"You did this without my orders. For that, you will be severely punished,"
admonished Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"And was there anything else you were planning on buying?"

"Yes, Mistress. I wanted a dildo harness for myself, and a latex Maid's uniform,"
Janet admitted.

"You haven't earned the privilege of wearing clothes yet. Nor do I want you
stimulated except when you are here with me. Do you understand?"

Erica's voice had suddenly turned cold and menacing. Janet feared that she
had angered her Mistress, and she knew that she was going to pay a terrible
price for it!

"Yes, Mistress. I will follow all your commands."

"Though I suppose some of this is my fault, since I haven't given you a set
of instructions to follow at home. I never thought that you would be such a
little slut to begin playing at slavery at home," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"That will be remedied later. For now, strip!" commanded Erica.

Janet had been listening carefully to Erica's lecture, and she was totally
unprepared for the command at the very end. Suddenly they were no longer sinner
and confidant, but Mistress and Slave.

"Strip!" ordered Erica again, displeasure clearly evident in her voice.

Janet quickly got to her feet. She knew that this would occur, and she had
planned for it carefully. She had worn a blouse, skirt, stockings, and sensible
heels. She unbuttoned her skirt, folding it carefully on the chair. Next came
her blouse. She removed her shoes, and the garter belt and stockings came next.
Finally, she removed her bra and panties, and stood silent and naked in front
of her Mistress.

Erica rose slowly, and paced around Janet. She noted that Stephanie had indeed
placed new and deeper marks on her slave's body. Placing a finger on one, she
traced one mark how it followed Janet's curves.

The only reaction that Janet gave to her inspection was to stand stiffly.
Even though her marks were still fresh, she did not flinch when Erica felt them.

Erica did not have to be told what her friend had used on Janet. She knew
that Stephanie had obeyed her instructions, and only the whip and crop had been

"Did you go on the rack?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"And how was your time on the rack, dear?"

"I found the rack to be very unpleasant, Mistress," answered Janet.

"Good. Then perhaps at a future time, I will hand you back to Stephanie so
that you may experience the rack again. Would you like that?" asked Erica.

"I'm sure that Stephanie would enjoy having me again, Mistress."

Erica looked her slave over. Just a few weeks ago, Janet had been new and
unmarked. Now she had already felt what a different Mistress was like.

"Janet, on the table over there is a wooden box. I want you to go over there
and open, and remove the contents and place them on the table."

Janet did as she was ordered. In the box she found her collar, bracelets,
and a ball gag. They were the familiar instruments of her bondage to Erica.

"I want to collar and bracelet yourself," ordered Erica.

Erica had her measured weeks ago, before she had been lent to Stephanie. Janet
picked up the collar, and closed it around her neck. It locked with a satisfying
click. Janet then closed one bracelet first around one wrist, then another.
Next, her ankles were adorned also.

"There's a pair of shoes under the desk. You know what to do."

Janet next locked the shoes on her feet, closing the little padlocks herself
with a satisfying click. She stood silent, awaiting further instruction.

"Now gag yourself, and then I'll lock your wrists," instructed Erica.

Janet picked up the ball gag, and slowly opened her mouth. She had some trouble
forcing it in, finally adopting a seesaw motion before she got in it properly.
Drawing the strap through the roller buckle, she was able to close the two pieces
of leather together. She was now gagged, and by her own hand!

Erica produced a single link from the desk, and a leash. Janet stood stiffly
as her hands were again locked behind her back. For the week, Janet had been
free. She had wondered if she would walk back into slavery. However when she
had returned to Erica's house she realized just how strongly that she was attached
to her Mistress. The sight of the instruments of her captivity had made her
heart beat faster, exciting her as she not been since leaving Mistress Stephanie.

"Well, Janet. I see that you have made your decision. I'm sure that you will
enjoy your stay here this weekend, no matter how much your flesh may protest."

Janet remained silent, her power of speech forbidden by the gag. She had succeeded
in forcing the ball in far deeper than she had thought, and now it had silenced
any replies that she could make. In addition, the strap hurt her cheeks and

She could do nothing except stand there and await the next move of her Mistress.
Janet did not have to wait long for Erica to lock her hands behind her back,
and attach the leash to her collar.

"I'm sure that I can give you what you need, Janet. So come along," ordered

Erica led her slave through the house, to a hallway. Once there, Erica removed
a device from her pocket, and pressed a single button. At once a secret door
opened, revealing an elevator. Leading her captive inside, Janet could only
marvel at the construction involved.

"Excited, Janet? Asked Erica.

Janet already felt her heart beating faster, and knew that her nipples must
be stiff and erect. As for her sex!

Erica was pleased that Janet had returned to her. While she knew that Janet
had been attracted to Stephanie, she felt that Janet was not really ready for
her. Janet still had a lot of training in front of her before she could become
a really good slave girl.

Erica led her into one of the Dungeons, which Janet noted was unoccupied.
There was no sign of either Andrea, or the "guest" that Erica had mentioned.
There was no doubt in Janet's mind that the unfortunate girl was probably in
some sort of uncomfortable position right now.

Her collar chain was then attached to a ringbolt set in the wall. Janet tested
the link that held her wrists together, and found it unyielding.

"I have to go and change. But I want you to know I do love you, and will be
using you shortly. But before I go, I just want to leave you with a reminder
of things to come."

With that thinly veiled threat, Erica began to fondle Janet's nipples. Being
with Erica again already excited Janet. But now that she was naked and chained
again, it didn't take much to excite her again. Erica then produced two clamps
from her pockets, of the type that Stephanie had introduced her to. In quick
succession both of her erect nipples received the clamp. Janet indicated her
distress by shifting her position and moaning from within her gag.

"Now don't try and knock them off, Janet. I can guarantee that even worse
punishment will be waiting for you. How would you like those clamps on your
pussy lips instead?"

As she watched her Mistress leave, Janet knew that Erica had not just made
an idle threat. Janet knew that Erica would not hesitate when it came to punishing

There was little that she could do. She examined the Dungeon for any change
since she had last been here, but she could not find any. It was the same things
that she had seen before!

Interrupting her reverie was Erica, who now strode confidently into the Dungeon.
She was wearing a black latex bodysuit, pantyhose, and a pair of high heels
that showed off her long magnificent legs. It all looked like it had been painted
on her.

"Now then, said Erica, "I think that I'm dressed for the occasion, and so
are you. I think that we can begin now."

Erica unbuckled Janet's gag. Janet would much rather have preferred to have
the awful nipple clamps removed first, but she knew that there would be a price
to pay.

"Thank you for removing my gag, Mistress," said Janet, panting.

"You're welcome, my dear. Did you miss my whip all that much?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Are you ready to feel it again?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please punish me harshly."

Erica removed a riding crop from the wall. The crop was long and thin, and
from experience Janet knew that it would be very painful on her exposed flesh.

Erica toyed with the crop, until Janet saw her swing the crop, landing a blow
on her leg. At once, a sharp pain shot through her leg. The stroke had been
a mild one, and it had not really marked her. Janet knew that it was a foretaste
of things to come.

"Janet, the position you're in is so difficult. I think that a change is in
order, don't you?" inquired Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

Unlocking her collar chain, Janet was pulled over to a single chain that was
hanging from the ceiling. Her two wrists were unlocked from behind her back,
then locked in front to the chain. Erica then went to a switch on the wall,
and Janet felt her wrists rising as the chain rose. Janet soon found that her
feet were just barely scraping the floor.

"Isn't that much better than before? Now I can whip that lovely back and behind
of yours," said Erica.

Erica then removed a leather whip from the wall, which was long, black, and
sinuous. Janet knew that the whip would hurt her deeply, yet she didn't mind.
She had come here to be disciplined by her Mistress. Now that she had gotten
her wish, she knew there was no turning back!

"I think that you could use a few strokes with this. I just know that this
will soften you up for the evening."

With that last statement, Erica began to whip Janet. The whip would strike
the bound girl, and wind its way around her naked body. Mistress Erica would
determine just where the tip would land on Janet's exposed figure.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Janet.

"Really, and I haven't even started yet. I can just imagine how you'll feel
after when I get finished!"

Erica had not removed her nipple clamps, and she began to tug at them. Each
time she did, Janet flinched.

"Mistress, please! Not my nipples! They hurt, please take the clamps off?"

"Are you telling me what to do?" demanded Erica.

"No, Mistress," Janet answered contritely.

Just to be cruel, Erica first removed both clamps from Janet's nipples. The
clamps had made them red and sore. Erica sucked at them, continuing to pinch
them and keep them erect.

"Just to teach you a lesson, Janet."

Erica then replaced them when Janet's attention was elsewhere. When she felt
the bite of the first one, she kicked in reflex. For the first time since she
had been a slave girl, her shod foot hit something. Her foot had glanced off
Erica's leg! Acting as if nothing had happened, Erica proceeded to place the
other clamp on Janet's other nipple as if nothing had happened.

"There will be a severe punishment for that, Janet," said Erica sternly.

"Mistress, please! I'm sorry. I really am, I'll do just anything to make up
for that. Please, please, I'm so sorry!"

Holding Janet's breast in her right hand, she began to pull on it and the
nipple clamp again. Janet did not protest or complain, as she realized that
she was in enough trouble already. She wished that Erica had locked her ankles
to a spreader bar attached to the floor, as this would have prevented her from
striking Erica.

Erica bent down, and produced a key to the padlocks that imprisoned Janet's
feet. She unlocked the small padlocks, and removed Janet's shoes. Each foot
made an audible pop when it was removed from it's leather covering. Erica's
hand explored Janet's feet, spreading apart her toes and feeling the bones and
muscles. Janet wondered what the purpose of the examination was.

"Since it was your foot that struck me, I think that is what deserves to be
punished. Before I move on to punish the other parts, of course."

Erica began to toy with Janet's feet. Her strong hands pulled at her toes,
separating them. Janet felt that the attention given them was an omen indicating
that something truly bad was coming.

"You know, Janet. Hanging around like that really isn't the best way to punish
feet. I have something much better in mind."

Janet was glad when she was let down, but her concern for her flesh grew when
she saw what was awaiting her. Janet was released from the ceiling chain, only
to be led over to a bench where a set of stocks awaited. Her ankles were soon
imprisoned between bars of think polished wood, and Janet's wrists were locked
behind her back. Aware that the stocks had made her feet very easy to punish,
she knew that the moment of truth would soon arrive.

Erica took several seconds to select the instrument of Janet's torment. Much
to Janet's relief, it was a riding crop with a broad piece of leather at it's
tip. Janet knew that the larger piece of leather would serve to blunt the impact
of the crop. She had feared that Erica would select a long thin crop that would
slice apart the tender and unpunished soles of her feet.

Erica offered the handle to Janet, who kissed the leather-covered handle.
Her bright red lipstick left the imprint of her lips upon the crop. Erica noticed
this and smiled.

"Do you love me or my crop?" asked Erica.

"Both, Mistress," replied Janet.

"I think that you should count the strokes, don't you?" questioned Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

When the blow was delivered, Janet had been fearful that it would be a flesh-shattering
stroke. Instead, it was a mild slap, with the force evenly distributed by the
broad piece of leather.




Janet remained in her wooden prison as her Mistress gently slapped the soles
of Janet's feet with the riding crop. She squirmed and tried to twist her feet
away from the crop, but she was held fast by the stocks. No wonder that they
had been used from antiquity to the present day. It was a fearful engine of
restraint for a naked slave girl!

"Ten," cried Janet.

"That's all," said Erica.

Erica again offered the crop's handle to Janet, who repeated her earlier act
of passion for the crop. With her hands bound behind her back, and her legs
restrained in the stocks, she had to bend forward to kiss the crop.

Erica again played with her feet again, and Janet was relieved to find that
there was no lasting pain from her discipline.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"I'll have Andrea come along and release you soon. I want you to get some
penance in the stocks first before you're released. I have a much better one
where you rest upright on your knees while your wrists, head, and ankles are
all enclosed in wood. Do you want to try that one?" asked Erica.

"Not just yet, Mistress."

"Soon, though," said Erica as she left the Dungeon.

Janet was left alone in the Dungeon. She had seen stocks in television and
movies, and the only place she had ever seen one in real life had been in a
museum in New England. She had never imagined that they were still used for
anything, except maybe movies. Janet sat on the hard wood, since the bench wasn't
padded, and tried to relieve the pressure on her behind. She felt like the skin
on her bottom was glued to the wood.

Any girl restrained like this for a long time would be quite willing to do
anything to get out of the stocks, thought Janet. She hoped that Andrea would
be along soon to release her.

There wasn't anything for her to do but wait patiently for the arrival of
the Maid. Doing penance in the stocks was certainly the correct term for she
was held almost motionless by the wooden embrace.

Unable to count the passage of time, she sat for what seemed like an eternity
before she saw Andrea appear before her.

"Hello there," greeted Andrea.

"You'll forgive me if I don't stand up or shake hands," said Janet, "But I'm
a little restrained right now."

"How very droll," said Andrea.

"Thank you."

"I'm sure that Mistress Erica would be amused by your comments, but I'm not.
Besides, I'm to take you to see someone."

"Who?" asked Janet.

"That would take the mystery out of life. C'mon now, out of the stocks!"

Janet was glad when Andrea opened the lock and pulled the wooden bar upwards.
She swung her legs away from their wooden prison, and onto the Dungeon floor.

"Don't stand just yet," cautioned Andrea.

Testing her bare feet, Janet was relieved to discover that there wasn't even
any pain left from Erica's mild discipline.

"Mistress Erica cares for her slaves," said Janet.

"Yes," replied Andrea.

"May I stand?" asked Janet.

"Carefully," cautioned Andrea.

Gingerly Janet applied pressure to her feet, and put her weight upon them.
She gradually stood up, and with Andrea at her side, began to walk small steps.

"I'm fine," said Janet.

"Just don't go running any marathons," replied Andrea.

"I wasn't planning to. Not from the Dungeon, anyway," answered Janet.

"Enough small talk," said Andrea, "time to go visit the mystery guest."

With her hands already locked behind her back, Andrea attached the leash again
to her collar. Janet stood silently as she was again forced to open her mouth
for the ball gag, and a blindfold soon followed.

Janet was glad that she was allowed to remain barefoot, and was not forced
again to wear her high heels. She felt a gentle pull on her leash, and Janet
followed carefully behind. She measured each step as if she was still wearing
her high heels.

Andrea did not force her to walk faster than Janet wanted to, since Andrea
had also experienced the same punishment.

Following the gentle pull on her chain, Janet walked behind Andrea. She had
no idea where they were going, but Janet was wondering just who Erica had been
talking about.

When they entered the other Dungeon, Janet was stripped of her blindfold and
ball gag. She saw that she was again in the presence of her Mistress.

"Hello, Janet. Feel better?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Andrea, please leave us," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," said Andrea as she departed.

Janet saw that they were not alone, as there was a naked girl hanging from
a ceiling chain with them. Her arms and legs were kept apart by spreader bars,
and her feet were locked into high heels. Janet did not know her identity, as
the girl's head was encased in a red leather helmet that was laced up in the

Janet was sure that she was a natural blonde by seeing her pussy hair.

"Do you know who she is?" asked Erica.

"No, Mistress," replied Janet.

"Look her over, I'm sure that you'll find a way to identify her," instructed
Erica as she unlocked Janet's wrists.

Doing as she was told, Janet walked over to the bound girl. She had already
been whipped tonight, and her skin bore many whip marks. Janet heard nothing
from the girl, and knew that she was gagged.

It was then that she noticed something shiny hanging from one of the girl's
pussy lips. Bending down, Janet discovered a small token that was suspended
from a small chain that was embedded in on of the outer lips.

Taking the token in her hands, Janet saw on one side the engraving of a coiled
whip and two crossed riding crops. On the other were the words, "Tiffany, property
of Erica."

Janet gasped. It was Tiffany, her best friend in chains that Erica had been
"entertaining." From the many whip marks, Janet knew that she had been intensely
punished this evening. Janet also knew that she was very jealous of her friend,
because Tiffany had the token and she did not.

"You may take her helmet and gag off, Janet. I wanted to see Tiffany, since
she has been so submissive since she returned with that medallion. Would you
like one also, Janet?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

Circling Tiffany, Janet found that laces at the back secured the helmet. Tiffany's
blonde hair fell down her back, which had not escaped the marks of the whip.
Janet loosened the laces, and she pulled the helmet off of Tiffany's head. Next
she undid the ball gag, and held both in her hands. She then walked in front
of Tiffany, who was still blinking in the sudden light.

"Thank you, Mistress," declared Tiffany when she saw Erica standing in front
of her.

When she saw Janet, her eyes widened, but she did not otherwise acknowledge
the presence of her friend.

"Just thought that you might like some company, Tiffany. Janet is here tonight,
and I know that you two are really very friendly towards each other. So friendly
that I have a really smashing idea for just the two of you. Janet, I want you
to release her. You two are really going to have some fun together."

Erica handed her a key that unlocked Tiffany from the bars that held her arms
and legs. Tiffany stood shakily on her high heels, naked in the presence of
Erica and Janet.

"Now then," began Erica, "What I propose is this. In my hand, I have a deck
of cards. You will each draw one card, and the winner that has high card will
get to dominate the loser for the evening."

"But, Mistress, what if I don't want to dominate Tiffany?" asked Janet.

"What a question to ask. Why I thought that you liked to dominate another
slave girl?"

"That was different, she was........."

"A stranger? Someone that you barely knew? Surely by now you have learned
that the girl beneath the whip doesn't have a say in who dominates her. Either
Tiffany will dominate Janet, or vice versa. Else you can both be sure that you
will both be punished in a manner that both of you will never forget."

Janet could see that her protest had no effect on Erica. She realized that
nothing that she would say would make any difference.

"Each of you, take a card!" ordered Erica.

The two naked girls did as they were told. Each walked over to Erica, and
removed a card from the deck that was opened before them. There was total silence
in the Dungeon, and the only sounds that could be heard was the hushed breathing
of the three occupants of the well light chamber.

"Turn them over," Erica ordered.

When Janet turned hers over, she saw a ten. However, she saw that Tiffany
had drawn an ace, which she was now displaying to Erica.

"Well now. I see that we have a winner. Looks like this is your lucky night,
Tiffany. Not only are you wearing my medallion, but you also get to chastise
Janet also."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Tiffany, you have the use of Janet for tonight."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tiffany.

Janet stood in the dungeon speechless. Surely Tiffany would not agree to punish
her? They had expressed both friendship and love towards one another. Now she
was to be punished by her friend?

Tiffany wasted no time in securing Janet's wrists behind her back. Erica had
left the link on Janet's cuff, which made it easy to render Janet helpless.
She then found a leather strap, which she secured above Janet's elbows, pulling
them together. This had the effect of pushing Janet's breasts outward, leaving
the exposed to whatever cruelties might await them.

Janet stood in silence as Tiffany confined her arms. She was more surprised
when Erica, who then motioned for Janet to open her mouth, handed Tiffany a
ball gag.

"Open wide," ordered Tiffany.

Janet realized that she had to put up some resistance to Tiffany. Else Erica
would say that it was too easy and use it as an excuse to discipline both girls
again. So she stood there with her mouth closed, shaking her head from side
to side in defiance of Tiffany's attempt to gag her.

Tiffany then surprised her by pinching Janet's right nipple, first gently,
then progressively harder. It was a foregone conclusion what when Janet finally
cried out, Tiffany forced the rubber ball into her mouth. The buckle was firmly
secured at the back of her neck.

"Now hold still," commanded Tiffany.

"Mmmmph," cried Janet.

Janet's eyes opened in fright as she watched Tiffany open the helmet and began
to place it over Janet's head. Janet tried to run, but had only been pulled
back into place by Tiffany. Now she waited as the red leather was pulled and
laced over her head. There were small breathing holes by her nose, and her hearing
and vision were cut off. She next felt herself pulled along by Tiffany, until
she felt herself her collar chain being attached to a chain. Finding herself
released from Tiffany's grip, she took a step and bumped into the wall.

Through the helmet she could hear steps and the click of heels, but no conversation.
She knew that there were others in the room with her, but gave no sign about
what would happen to her next.

Finally, she felt herself released from the wall, and she was pulled along.
In a short time, her ankles were locked apart to a bar. Then them felt a woman's
hand cup and massage her open sex, making her moan behind her gag. Then her
wrists and elbows were freed for a short time, only to be pulled forward and
then suspended over her head and locked to a chain. Then she felt the chain
tighten, and she was lifted off the floor.

Janet knew that she was about to be punished, and she shuddered when she felt
Tiffany run the strands of a coiled whip over her breasts, which were still
tender from the clamps that had been used before. Next, she felt her sex fondled
and roughly used.

Then the whip struck, making Janet flinch in her chains. Janet bit down hard
on the rubber ball, glad that she could not see the face of her tormentor. The
whip struck again and again, wrapping it's coils around Janet's naked figure.

For whatever reason, after only ten strokes, the helmet was suddenly removed.
Blinking in the light, Janet did not know what to expect. When her vision cleared,
she saw that Tiffany stood in front of her, still holding the whip. Seated nearby
in a large white wicker chair was Erica. Janet knew that her punishment had
not ended but merely begun.

Tiffany was no longer naked, but instead was wearing a vinyl outfit bodysuit
like Erica's, and thigh high matching boots. A belt around her waist accentuated
her figure. In her right hand was the whip, which Janet knew was intended for

"Well, Janet. You once took a punishment that was intended for me. I guess
that you really must love the whip, no matter who is yielding it," said Tiffany.

All that Janet could do was to rattle her chains in response. Tiffany took
no notice of Janet, and proceeded to strike her with the whip. Each time the
whip curled itself around Janet's exposed female shape, it seemed to strike
some vital area. All that Janet could do was to turn slightly as she bore the
whip again and again.

Finally, the gag was removed after what seemed like a lifetime of the whip.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Janet.

For her statement, Janet received another stroke from Tiffany.

"Fool," said Tiffany, "Don't thank me so fast for your discipline. The night
is still young, and we have a lot of ground to cover."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Tell me, which do you desire more, the whip or the crop, Janet?"

"I prefer the whip, Mistress," answered Janet.

"Good. Then you shall have the crop instead. What did Mistress Erica use on
you earlier?"

"The crop, Mistress."

"Good," said Tiffany as she exchanged one device for another.

Tiffany began to deliver a series of strokes that barely marked, but increased
slowly in severity. Janet moaned each time that she was struck, but more out
of fear than for actual pain.

Tiffany then reached out and inserted her finger into Janet's sex. Janet moaned
as the finger probed deep into her wet slit.

"Little bondage slut, aren't you," said Tiffany.

"Yes, Mistress."

Tiffany then proceeded to poke the tip of the rigid crop against Janet's flesh,
making it bend. Janet flinched whenever it put pressure on her punished form.

"Why Janet, you really have collected a nice series of marks tonight."

"Yes, Mistress."

"I believe that I can add a few more."

Before Janet could respond, she found herself being cropped again. No amount
of preparation or bravery could prepare her for the pain and anguish that the
crop produced on her naked body.

"Mistress, please," plead Janet tearfully, "Please stop cropping me?"

Her pleas and cries produced no effect on Tiffany, who continued her determined
chastisement of her captive. The crop continued to fall on Janet's skin, making
her fight her chains but to no effect. It all seemed like some horrible dream
that she could not escape from.

"Mercy, Mistress," cried Janet.

"Mercy," repeated Janet.

Her plea for mercy had resulted in a temporary cessation of her cropping.
Tiffany continued holding the crop in her hand. Tiffany looked over at Erica,
who signaled something that Janet couldn't see in her haze of tears.

"That's enough for now," said Tiffany.

Afterwards she had been cleaned up and locked in a bedroom by her collar chain.
Tiffany then visited and used her cruelly during the night. When she awakened
the next morning, she found that she was alone.

Part Two: A Strange Warning

"Wake up," said Andrea.

Janet stirred uneasily in her bed on Saturday morning. The sun's rays had
not yet reached her bed, and she preferred to stay in bed, dreaming. Andrea's
soft voice brought her back to consciousness.

"Where am I?" groggily asked Janet.

"Chained in Mistress Erica's house, that's where. Now get up, I have to get
you dressed."

Janet sat up, and suddenly remembered the events of the previous night. She
rubbed the new welts on her body and pulled at the chain that locked her to
the wall.

"That's better," said Andrea.

Andrea had brought up a tray, on which was a cup of juice and coffee. Janet
downed them eagerly, and her stomach growled for something else.

"I'm hungry," said Janet.

"You'll have to wait. What a mess!"

Janet got up from the bed, and realized what a mess she had been sleeping
in. The sweaty sheets were a disheveled jumble, and stained with her juices
and Tiffany's. Her own body felt like it had been ripped apart, and she looked
at herself in the bedroom mirror. At least she had not been confined in a cell
all night, but had instead enjoyed sleeping in a bed.

"C'mon now. I've already drawn a bath," said Andrea.

Janet was unlocked, and led to the steamy bathroom. Her collar and bracelets
were removed, giving her a brief feeling that she was somehow no longer the
property of Mistress Erica.

Until the steamy hot water of the tub hit her fresh welts, making her squeal
in pain. She remembered how both Erica and Tiffany had imposed their will on

"Ouch!" said Janet.

"You'll feel a lot better after a soak," said Andrea, "But we can't take too
much time."


"Don't mention it. Someday, you may be returning the favor," Andrea answered.

Janet luxuriated in the tub, letting the hot water unknot her muscles and
dissolve the dried sweat and secretions away. She further enjoyed it when Andrea
washed her hair, and helped dry her off.

After what seemed like a forbidden period of pampering, she was finally clean
and dry. Her hair had been dried, combed, and set. Looking at herself in the
mirror, Janet realized that she usually paid someone to make her hair look this
good. Except that she had paid dearly for this, with the stripes on her body.

Then she locked the familiar heels on her feet, with Andrea looking on. Next
came her bracelets, and finally the collar. She was Erica's slave again!

"Not ready just yet," said Andrea, "Erica has said that a little more preparation
is in order."

Janet stood still as rouge was applied to her breasts, making them look darker
than before. Then she had to open her thighs slightly as Andrea took an atomizer
and sprayed a scent that stung as it dried on her skin.

"Ouch!" cried Janet.

"You would feel that a lot more if your pussy was shaved," said Andrea. Janet
stood impassively as her wrists were locked behind her once again, and a leash
was attached to her collar.

"Where's Tiffany?" asked Janet.

"I'll tell Mistress Erica that you asked about her. That's none of your concern
right now. Let's just saw that she's rather occupied right now," said Andrea.

"With Mistress Erica?" Janet asked.

"No, and I shouldn't be telling you this, but Erica had her taken to Stephanie's
this morning. Seems she needs a little extra discipline, and Erica would much
rather play with you," said Andrea, "And if you breath a word I told you, I'll
tan your hide at the first chance. After mine gets whipped by Erica, that is."

Janet was disappointed to hear that she would be alone. Ever since she had
belonged to Erica, Tiffany had always been there to share her pain. Even had
been her bed partner. But now her companion in chains had been shipped off to
Mistress Stephanie, and she would be alone with Mistress Stephanie and Andrea.

"Time to go," said Andrea.

Janet had been left downstairs chained in the kitchen while Andrea had bathed
and dressed Erica. When she returned, she noticed that Andrea was wearing a
new Maid's uniform.

Then the two of them served Erica breakfast, with Andrea in her latex uniform
and Janet naked. During the meal, Erica would sometimes reach out and fondle
Janet's sex, making her shiver with excitement.

Janet was not distracted by this, and managed to maintain her composure. She
did not drop or spill anything, and Erica soon took a cup of black coffee to
the library.

The two girls quickly cleared the day room, and once inside the kitchen they
had a quick meal themselves. Janet looked enviously at Andrea's latex outfit.

"What are you looking at?" asked Andrea.

"When I was at Stephanie's, I was allowed to do the housework in your uniform,"
Janet answered.

"Until Erica say's you're allowed to, you'll do the housework naked," said

Once the kitchen was cleaned, both reported to Erica. The Mistress had prepared
a list of chores to do, that both attended to quickly.

Janet did not want to risk a punishment by slacking off on the housecleaning.
That would be one way that she showed her devotion to her Mistress and owner.

At one point, she was on her knees, bent over while trying to clean something
that was difficult to reach. She was totally immersed in what she was doing,
and didn't realize that Erica had joined her until she felt her sex fondled.

Without stopping, and taking no notice of Erica, she continued to do her work.
Erica's fingers were probing and massaging her sex, bringing her almost to orgasm.
It took all of her discipline not to finally reach down herself and bring herself
to climax. Had she relieved herself that way, she was sure that she would have
been in trouble.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Continue your work," ordered Erica as she left Janet alone.

Janet did the laundry with Andrea, and thought just how strange it was to
be washing clothes while she was naked. She looked around the laundry room,
and saw that Andrea was drying several items of latex clothing there. Having
worn rubber before, she guessed that it was a constant battle to keep it clean!

Both girls served Erica lunch and dinner, with Andrea garbed in rubber and
Janet naked. With the sun streaming through the dining room windows, it seemed
quite a surrealistic sight with only Erica wearing normal clothes.

The two finished their respective chores, and Janet was glad that Erica did
not choose to have her wear a dildo harness while she worked. It was erotic
enough for her to work naked and in the high heels, without being sexually stimulated
with every movement of a phallus inside her.

Finally, dinner was completed and the dishes washed and stored away. Janet
knew that her time was coming again in the Dungeon, and she looked forward with
both anticipation and fear for what was coming next.

After a bath and massage by Andrea, her wrists were locked behind her back
once more. Instead of being led to the Dungeon, instead she was led to the library!

Erica sat behind her desk, dressed in some form of latex outfit. The tight
black latex clung to her breasts, and she wore gloves that reached to her shoulders.

"Thank you, Andrea. That will be all," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," said Andrea as she left the library.

In front of one of the chairs was a large paper wrapped object. Janet didn't
know what was inside, but she guessed that whatever it was, it had some meaning
for her.

"You've become quite a slave, Janet," observed Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"It isn't often that I take on a new girl, especially one that has had no
experience before. But Sally and I have known one another for quite some time,
and I decided to accept her judgement. You have turned out rather nicely."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Your capacity to accept some rather harsh discipline is extraordinary. While
I'm really not sure why you're such a good slave, I'm glad to see that you accepted
Stephanie's discipline as well. Why are you such a good girl, Janet?" questioned

"I love you, Mistress," Janet answered.

"Really. Is it me you love, or just my whip?" demanded Erica.

"Both, Mistress."

"Good. Then perhaps you shall have both tonight. Of course that depends on
how you prove yourself to me. Now then, shall we begin?"

Erica pushed her chair back from the desk where she had been working on some
papers. Upon rising, Janet discovered that she had been wearing a black latex
sleeveless Catsuit. The latex clung to her every curve, and shined in the bright
lights of the library. She was wearing a pair of high heels similar to the ones
that Janet had on, except that hers were held on with straps. Not the heavy
straps and padlocks that Janet wore constantly.

Erica picked up some kind of large leather object that had been draped over
a chair. She approached Janet, who stood perched on her high heels.

"Ever see one of these?" asked Erica, "It's called an armbinder."

"No, Mistress."

"Then you should have done more looking around when you bought your home bondage
things. They're in all the shops. Have you rented any tapes?"

"No, Mistress," Janet answered.

"Too bad. I'd have thought that you would have been jerking off to at least
one tape by now. Still, I'll send you some. Just to keep you busy when you're
not here."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Erica unlocked the straps and opened a zipper. The thing opened along its
entire length, and Janet gasped when she figured out just how the armbinder
was supposed to be used!

"Just stand still," directed Erica.

Janet stood impassively as Erica made certain that her arms were palm to palm.
She slipped the armbinder on, and after making sure that the thing was straight,
slowly began to zip it up. Janet felt her arms being drawn together as the leather
closed. When the zipper had gone all the way up, Erica then closed a strap with
a roller buckle above her elbows. Janet knew that there was no way that a girl
could ever escape the grip of the armbinder!

Next, straps that had been unused were drawn on both sides of her neck over
her shoulders. Roller buckles on the binder secured them also. The total effect
was to pull her arms together, pitch Janet slightly forward, and make her chest
stick out shamefully.

"Would you like to see yourself in the mirror?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," choked Janet.

Erica led her charge over to a full-length mirror. Janet looked at herself,
and saw how the armbinder was constructed. The thing covered her from elbows
to hands, and the straps crisscrossed over her shoulders. It was quite attractive,
even sexy. But any girl confined in such a thing was totally helpless and vulnerable!

Erica then began to pinch and play with Janet's erect nipples. Janet loved
the feel of latex as Erica first pinched, and then pulled at her nipples. Her
breath grew short and she knew that she was being quickly aroused and excited!

"Don't you dare cum before I say so," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered.

Even though she agreed to Erica's demand, Janet knew that she was already
wet with excitement. She loved the touch of Erica, even though the leather prison
pained her arms!

When Erica had satisfied herself that Janet was ready, she pulled her slave
girl over to the desk. There she produced a box, from which she removed two
metal clips. These were soon fastened on Janet's nipples!

But Erica didn't stop there! She roughly fondled Janet's sex, and found that
she was indeed wet. She then produced two more clips that were attached to Janet's
outer lips.

Janet moaned as she felt the clips applied, and knew that Stephanie must have
told Erica just how she had reacted when they had been used on her before!

"Enjoying yourself, Janet?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. I thought that I should use the library instead of the Dungeon tonight.
I think that a little change of scene is called for," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

Erica then inserted a rubber-covered finger into Janet's ripe sex. Janet immediately
moaned with pleasure, then nearly lost her balance as Erica proceeded to thrust
her finger in and out of her sex.

"My, we are horny tonight," said Erica, "I guess that Sally unleashed a real
minx when she suggested that you try a Mistress."

Janet opened her legs wider to accommodate