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I gotta try it

2022-10-20 00:50:05

I walked into an adult store to buy lesbian videos. I have always gotten off
on watching women get it on together. I even masturbated to one in a store
that had booths where you could watch videos. I also buy lesbian magazines.
I love watching women kiss each other, lick each other's pussies, grind their
pussies together, and fuck each other with strap-on dildos.

I never really liked walking into adult stores though because I felt someone I knew would
someday see me walking in. So mostly I ordered magazines, books, and videos by mail.
I usually received a free gift with my orders. Upon receiving a dildo one time as a
free gift I put it in a drawer never expecting to use it. Watching women fuck each
other with double-headed dildos, however, got me horny enough to wonder what it would feel
like inside my asshole.

After watching a video one day and feeling extra horny, I took the dildo out of the drawer.
I had some vaseline and applied it to my asshole both around and inside. It actually felt
good to feel my finger inside my asshole. This just made me hornier to shove the dildo inside
it. I figured it was about 8 inches long and maybe 1/2 an inch wide. I dropped my shorts and
underwear and slowly shoved the dildo into my ass. My cock was throbbing and bouncing up and
down. As I shoved it in I felt precum leak from my cock.

As I pushed it all the way in I actually shot a spurt of cum. I kept it in a while relishing in
how good it actually felt. Then I started fucking myself slowly with it. My cock spewed cum as I
increased the pace of my self-fuck. I started meeting my own thrusts of the dildo and came harder
than I ever have. I didn't stop until my cock quit shooting and leaking cum. Oh what a fucking
unbelievable feeling. Needless to say I fucked myself every day with that dildo as I watched the
lesbian videos I had bought.

When I got my first computer, I quickly made a search for free lesbian videos and lots of links
popped up. I clicked on several and masturbated to the videos I was watching. I would masturbate
up to 3 times a day watching these free videos. Upon clicking on a link one day I got a pop-up of
animals fucking women. I looked at some of the pictures on the site and noticed mostly dogs mounted
on women fucking them. When I saw some women were actually getting fucked in the ass it made me get
a hard-on. I felt that ought to feel even better than fucking myself.

Because I never entertained the thought of allowing a guy to fuck me, it intrigued me as to how it would
feel letting a dog fuck me. My cock was aching just thinking about it. I clicked on one of the videos
that showed the woman getting fucked in the ass and ended up masturbating as I watched it. I noticed
the dog had slipped its knot inside her asshole and stayed tied to her for about 15 minutes while
shooting his cum deep inside her.

After this I started searching bestiality sites and started reading the free stories posted on many of
the sites. I was fascinated by the stories of males being fucked by dogs. I knew I had to try this. I
started looking differently at every stray dog I saw, especially if I saw it was a male. I would quickly
look at its cock and get a hard-on if it was a male. I would drive slowly past dogs looking to see if they
were males and looking at them as I passed by. I would get a hard-on. If I was going to let this fantasy
happen, I needed to bring home a stray.

I started to notice this one stray in my neighborhood every day. He was a mid-sized male and didn't have
a collar. I would sit outside my carport in the evenings watching to see if it would walk by and kept dog
treats handy. The next time I saw him I called out to him and held out a treat. He stopped and looked at me.
I got down on my knees and held the treat out calling to him. The dog slowly inched his way toward me. He
was wagging its tail but appeared very shy. I broke off a piece of treat and tossed it about 5 yards in
front of me. The dog slowly came up to it and ate it. I then held out my hand with more treats and the dog
slowly walked up to me and took one from my hand.

I gave him another one as I slowly put my hand on its head and petted it all the while talking to him to
keep him calm. I figured someone must've let this dog go because it was too well behaved to not have been
around people before. I got up and walked inside my carport calling to the dog. He kept his ground though and
slowly turned around and left. The next day he was there again though as I fed him more treats. Again the dog
could not be coaxed to come inside my carport. The next day I set out a bowl of food and water just inside my
carport. I offered him the usual treats when he came by. As I walked inside the carport he slowly followed me.
He then got to the food bowl and scarfed the dog food down. He then drank some water and stood there looking at

I walked to the kitchen door and held it open. "Come on boy". To my disbelief the dog actually walked up
to me and went inside. He followed me into the living room. I sat on the recliner and he just laid himself down
next to the recliner. Every time I got up to go to the kitchen he would follow me. I had to gain his total trust
so I could see if I could somehow coax him to fuck me. I had a hard-on just thinking about that.

He followed me into the computer room one night as I sat down to watch bestiality videos of men getting fucked
in the ass. Some of them would allow the dog to tie while others were satisfied with the dog mounting them 3-4
times and shooting some precum as they withdrew their cocks each time. I feel I would do the latter til I knew
how big a cock this dog might have. I masturbated while watching these videos and moving my ass as if I was the
one being fucked.

The bestiality movies I watched also showed men being fucked by horses, bulls, pigs, and goats. One of the
videos I saw was a bull that mounted a guy although the bull never did penetrate the guy. I was just
fascinated with the 12 inch torpedo I saw shoot out of the bull each time it reared up to mount him. He always
missed the spot up high and then would climb off. I would love to see all of this video to know if that cock
ever made its way inside the guys ass. I saved it on my computer because I have fantasized and masturbated to
the thought of that 12 inch cock making its way inside my ass and feeling the force of the cum shoot in it.

One evening after watching this particular video and masturbating to it, I looked over and noticed the dog had
some cock peeking out of its sheath. I had to take advantage of that. I quickly got on the floor near the dog
and continued to masturbate as I looked at the computer screen while seeing the 12 inch cock of the bull. The
dog stood up and looked at me. I rubbed his head with my other hand as I kept masturbating. The dog walked
behind me and sniffed my ass. I almost came. I quit masturbating and got on all fours. The dog licked my ass as
some precum leaked from my cock. I noticed more cock had come out of the dog's sheath.

He kept licking me til suddenly he climbed up on my back and started humping. I could feel his cock hit above my
asshole like the bull with the guy. I lowered my ass when suddenly I felt the dog penetrate me. A load of cum
spurted from my cock as the dog started fucking me. Although I was used to fucking myself with dildos, the
penetration of his cock hurt. I didn't care. I relaxed and enjoyed the fucking. I felt the dog grip me tighter.
He shoved forward and I felt his knot slide inside my asshole. It hurt also but I spurted another load of cum.
He really hunched over my back and fucked me hard and fast.

He suddenly stopped as I felt his cum shoot deep inside my ass. My cum spurted out of my cock as I pushed back
on his cock wanting all of his cum deep inside me. Oh what a great feeling this was. It was everything I had
hoped it would be. Now I only wish I could have that bull shove that 12 inch cock deep inside me, fuck me hard
and shoot his cum deep inside my ass. The dog shot cum for about 10-15 minutes when we managed to untie. We
definitely became best friends and he fucks me every day.