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Goes Around / Comes Around

2022-10-21 00:41:12

Goes Around / Comes Around
By Jax_Teller

I had done many things in my life to make money but this was going to be different. As a young man, a fighter and ex-military man I was well conditioned and fit so to speak. I had been living life hard and fast and this job was going to be more than just interesting, it was an awakening. I would do just about anything for money as long as my moral compass wasn’t too upset.

Sexually, I had been paid to perform privately and publicly. I had sexual encounters with both males and females for money. I had performed sexual acts on film and stripped in a club. On the darker side, I had also taken on the job of collections for a loan shark, a drug dealer and general fist for hire jobs. Fighting came natural to me but organized fighting had too many rules. I had never used my fighting skills to kill for money though.

I was working at a club called the “V” a strip club when I was introduced to Mary by a friend of mine, the club bouncer named Tiny. Mary was good looking but wasn’t showing off, rather the opposite, she was dressed down. She seemed completely out of place in the strip club like a lot of first time women at club like that just can’t relax and fit in. Most of the women who went to a strip club had a hunger to quench. Mary was different though, something was out of place. Tiny a man of 450 pounds had told me she had asked about a fist for hire (his wording). Now this wasn’t where I usually picked up those jobs, but I would take work where I could get it. I sat down with her and she was shaking slightly and nervous.

I asked her what I could do for her. She blurted out in a hushed whisper, that she needed someone beat up, not bad enough to cause permanent injury but enough to require medical attention. I had heard similar requests before, it was a good sign that she knew what she wanted specifically. This time though instead of it being a boy- friend or ex-husband it turned out she wanted me to beat her that way. She wanted to pay me to rape and beat her at a specific place and time. I asked her why and she said that it was her business. I told her I wasn’t sure as to what she was asking, and I needed specifics or I wouldn’t do the job at all.

She begrudgingly went on and told me that over the last 3 yrs. her ex-husband had been beating and raping her whenever he wanted and then had it covered up, saying it was consensual. She wanted me to put her in the hospital so it would appear that it was him who had done it and she would be rid of him. I asked her why she didn’t just have me handle him myself. She said she wanted him to be humiliated and put in jail for what he had done. Her plan was to have me come over after the next time he raped her and finish the job so the hospital would get involved and the police would have to deal with it this time.

I asked her why she didn’t have the police after him already and she told me he was the police. She explained how when they met he was a good officer and a fine gentleman, but through the years the job consumed him and destroyed his faith in humanity and he had become like the animals he had been dealing with on his job. I wrote my number on a match book from the bar and told her I would be at her service. I told her I would beat her and that the only word that would make me stop was bull winkle. We giggled at that for a second and she gave me her address and said it would probably be in the next two weeks. She also told me that she wanted me to rape her and anally rape her, and use the flash light on the nightstand as he had done in the past . I told her, I never had to use my talents quite like this before but that I would only charge her $200.

She agreed to the price and said she’d be in touch. A month went by and I thought that maybe she’d changed her mind or that the guy had stopped his abusing her, but then one morning as I was getting off work at the club at 3 am I got her call. I asked her if she was sure. She said yes but not to ask her again. When I got to her house the front door was unlocked and I went inside with my gun drawn and went upstairs where I could hear her sobbing. I put the gun away after making sure we were alone in the house first. I put on my leather gloves and I walked up to her, ready to commence the beating part of the job when I noted the damage the guy had already done.

I understood now why she was doing this. He had been careful not to hit her face but seeing her naked body I could see the beginning signs of bruising. She said don't forget the flash light. I was taking my time trying to give her a chance to back out but She looked at me and said please get this over with. I pulled her head back with a hand full of hair and blackened her face and broke her nose. I grabbed her arm and twisted, making her struggle until I felt her shoulder dislocate. I punched her breasts like punching bags until her nipples started bleeding. I undid my fly and put on a condom and fucked her hard with no added lubrication. I could see her beginning to fade in and out of consciouness. I pulled my cock out of her vagina and plunged it in her asshole, the only lubrication being that of her ex-husband’s seaman that he had left on and in her when he was done.

I wasn’t being just rough but as brutal as I could. I saw the flashlight the kind cops carry, a 6 “D” cell Mag light, her ex had left on the night stand and I fucked her pussy with it. Looking her over, her eyes were swollen shut, her nose bleeding and her lip was busted open and there were bloody patches of hair missing on her scalp. Her nipples and ass hole were bleeding and she was coated with his come. I looked her in the eye and she wasn’t giving up yet so I punched her in the rib cage and stomach where she had some bruises from him. She was now wincing and her eyes were swollen shut from my attention. I took off my gloves and made sure I left no DNA of mine behind. Mary’s’ ex-husband had not used a condom so his DNA was all over her. And looking at her, I could tell she could barely see now, and was having a hard time breathing or moving. I used a hanker-chief to put the cordless phone from the night stand next to the bed, in her hand and dialed 911 and left.

As I left the immediate area of her house I called a news reporter friend of mine from a pay phone at the next corner down from her house and left an anonymous tip on her voice mail. I watched from a distance as an ambulance showed up and then the police. Soon a news crew from the local television station showed up and managed to get footage of the paramedics carrying Mary out on a stretcher. She was hooked up to an IV and monitors and they loaded her in the ambulance. As they finished loading Mary into the ambulance the camera crew turned quickly catching the commotion of to the side of her ex-husband being subdued by other officers and handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car. Mary’s plan had worked. This time, it was on the television news before she even got the hospital that he’d nearly beat her to death.

I could have considered this job finished but this time I had a bonus. This man had done this to her, time and time again, all the while getting away with it by abusing his position and relationship with Mary. I took it upon myself to make sure he would get what was coming to him sooner than later. Later that morning I waited in arraignment court and when it was his turn, Detective Joseph Basconti, Mary’s Ex-husband, pleaded not guilty. The P.B.A. lawyer asked for bail and the judge asked the district attorney for his recommendation on bail. After some discussion, $500,000 with no 10% was sufficient to make him appear at his court hearing.

I made a phone call to a local bail bondsmen I knew and made sure he realized that Detective Joseph Basconti was a flight risk and was dangerous. I told him that Joseph had bragged that if he were ever caught for anything, that he would escape before spending even one night in jail. I asked my friend the bondsman to pass it on to the others and he thanked me for the heads up. Detective Joseph Basconti did not bond out. Later that day I sent an associate of mine into the hospital to check on Mary and deliver flowers from Bull Winkle. Lisa said Mary was sedated but that there was an officer at her door and he was not local PD but a Marshal of some kind. She said the hospital had her listed in serious condition. The next day I called my contact at the news station after seeing the news report and told her that he had a history of doing this and if he would do this to someone, he had once loved, they should check into his professional record and see if he had any complaints against him. The next day it was apparent that by the media coverage he was getting, that this was not going away, but he most likely would be.

I kept informed and every time Joseph was in court I was there too. I learned that the P.B.A. lawyer that had represented him at the initial hearing had dropped Joseph during a pretrial discovery hearing, stating a conflict of interest. Due to the communities’ outrage and media coverage the trail date was moved up on the docket. Still for the weeks it took to go to trial there was something every night about the case on the evening news. On the first day of the trail I was in the courtroom too. Mary walked right past me and did not even notice me. She sat beside the DA. Her face was still badly bruised and she walked slowly and deliberately with a cane. There was a lot of cameras taking pictures as the defendant, Detective Joseph Basconti her ex-husband was led into the court in an orange jump suit. He was shackled at his ankles and handcuffed to a chain leading to the shackles. He could not even take a full step because the shackles were shortened to keep prisoners from running. Before he sat down, he paused and looked over at Mary and muttered “bitch” under his breath causing a loud uproar in the court room complete with the gavel banging on the bench. The bailiff sat him down, whispered in his ear, and gave him a squeeze on the shoulder. The Judge admonished the public defender to keep his client quiet or he would be removed from the courtroom.

The Public defender looked like a scolded puppy and briefly spoke to his client and sat down. The rest of the day in court did not go much better for him or his client. First off, the DA had been well prepared and knew when to speak and how to speak. The judge an older woman reminded me of Judge Judy from television. She was in control and only wanted to get through the media frenzy of a trial. Joseph was charged with rape, felony assault and a list of other related charges. Over the next few weeks the trial progressed the media dug up complaints that the police had dismissed or not followed up on.

There were also accusations from 4 other women of the community that had been raped and beaten by him as well and that those complaints had also gotten covered up as well. There wasn’t any word on a plea deal and in the end; a jury took 20 minutes to convict him on all charges. That made the media jump as well because it was unheard of any jury ever taking so little time to convict. The Judge was more than clear that there would be no bail while he awaited sentencing. Joseph said nothing and looked down as he was led out, I could only imagine that he thought he was royally screwed over. I looked over at Mary and throughout the trail, she had kept herself composed, but seeing him convicted she broke down in tears.

This could have been the end of the story but I decided once again that he deserved what was coming to him sooner than later. I made a few calls to people I knew and made sure the word got out that when Joseph got to Attica that there was a reward for his virginity, so to speak, and the fact that he was an ex-policeman be known. This would ensure he would live out his sentence watching over his back as he got what he had given Mary. Less than a week later, I got word via a post card the inmates account number to put the reward into. He had been put in the medical ward of the prison and an inmate had gotten to him there. I gladly put the $2oo into the inmates’ account, the same amount that I had received from Mary.

Six months later, I was working at the strip club and to my suprise Mary walked in and took a seat. I finished my set on stage and I started to exit away from the side of the sage where she was sitting at a table. I looked over at her as I headed for the pit to do a private show. When I finished the private show Mary was waiting and she walked over and sat down next to me. She asked if I would dance for her. We talked for a song or two. Then we went into the pit area and I danced for her. Even though we aren’t supposed to let customers touch our manhood we were in the pit. In the pit no one could see us, after all that’s the point of the pit. Mary rubbed my cock and cuddled my balls in her hand, pumping it to the rhythm of the music. When I sat down with her, she asked me if I would be interested in going back to her place. I asked her if she was sure, and she said yes but not too rough this time.

We both laughed and I met her in the parking lot and we took her brand new car to a new house she had just bought out on the shore. I asked her how she afforded all the new stuff and she said that an unexpected turn had come just after the conviction when the police benevolent fund offered her a structured settlement of 20 million dollars over 10 years, and they paid all the medical bills too. The city of Potnut had also settled for an additional 5 million dollars, for the cover up of her initial reports. She told me she hadn’t even considered filling suit, but that because of the Medias’ involvement they wanted to make the offer before it went to court and that she signed a nondisclosure concerning the official mishandling of the case.

Mary also said that the feds had interviewed her for a case against the department as well. In the end, several policemen lost their jobs and others were reassigned lesser positions. Mary commented on how quick the media was at the house that night. I kept my face straight and just listened. Mary and I became good friends after that and occasionally lovers too. I don’t think I could really handle getting to involved with her emotionally. Friends with benefits was all I could take, because I couldn’t get past the beating I gave her and raping her, at her request. It was just too much to handle emotionally.

*Characters in the story “Riding Jenny” are common with the characters of the same name in this story.