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2022-07-04 00:00:04

I have been dressing as a woman and having sex with guys since I was 16. I am bi and have fulfilled most of my fantasies but 1. I have been gangbanged by 30+ guys while my wife watched and videotaped it. I have had random sex with guys in bathrooms and ally ways. Even an airplane once.

This is what my ultimate fantasy is…

Get dressed up as Paula and me and my partner (male or female) would head out to the bar for a few drinks. We walk into the bar and find a seat. The bar would be not very full only about 20 or so people mostly guys but a couple girls. We order our first drinks of the night and they get delivered to our table by an obvious transvestite which gets me hot.
We drink those drinks and I head to the bar to order more. I hear a faint clicking sound but don’t pay much attention to it. I get to the bar and order our drinks and feel someone behind me. They don’t say a single word but just lift my skirt up and slide my panties to the side. Pushing me against the bar I feel their cock at my asshole. I think to myself damn I am about to get raped. Well kinda since I was looking to get fucked anyway. I feel the cock slide into my ass. Still nothing said, I glance around and everyone in the bar is watching me take this cock. I start to moan and grind my ass against it. Ever since the first time a guy came in my ass I have loved the feeling and its either I take it in my ass or my mouth. And since judging by the cheers in the bar I would be getting fucked a lot that night I wanted the first guy to cum quick. I started to basically bounce on my heels to fuck him faster. Moaning ever louder as he got the hint and picks up speed. The first words spoken between us would be me telling him to fuck me harder and cum in my sluty ass. This would send him over the edge and he would shot that hot sperm in me.
I start to walk away from the bar and am grabbed by another guy and pushed towards the pool table. The guy says to me oh honey you are about to be fucked by everyone here if you think you can handle it. I nod a yes and let him guide me to the pool table. Where I am greeted by 3 guys with cocks already out. I tell them give me a sec and let me strip to my bra and panties and nylons. I quickly pull off my skirt and blouse and hop on the pool table. By this time I am so ready for this I would be a very willing partner. I get gently but roughly at the same time pushed onto my back. A cock gets shoved in my face and I start to suck on it. I feel someone push my legs apart and start to take my panties off. I pull my mouth off the cock I am sucking and say no just move them it turns me on more to be wearing them as I get fucked. The person does as I ask and just moves them aside. Since I have already been fucked once I am a little loose and the first guys cum helps lube me up. I go back to sucking on the cock in front of me as I feel the guy enter me. He puts his head in just a bit then slams all the way into my ass. I moan around the cock if it wasn’t in my mouth I would scream in pleasure. I have always been good at sucking dicks and make the guy cum pretty fast. I swallow his load and he moves aside only to be instantly replaced by another cock. Someone says well hell she has 2 hands free jump in guys.
The guy fucking me isn’t all that big and he was very fast he cums in minutes. He pulls out and like the cock in my face I feel another cock take his place. I start to stroke the guys who joined and look over at my partner which ever sex it may be at the time and they are getting fucked on the table. But by only 1 guy. The guy who replaces the 2nd cock in my ass is bigger and thicker. He goes a bit slower entering me and instead of a fast pace takes nice long deep strokes which I love. I moan harder and I feel the guy in my left hand start to cum. Normally I will not waste cum but I don’t have a chance to get my mouth over there before he shoots all over my chest.
Another cock jumps into my hand and the guy in my mouth starts to cum. He cums and moves away. I look up at a huge 12 inch cock in my face and tell this guy oh no baby you are not getting a blow job you are fucking me next. I don’t want to waste that huge cock in my mouth. He says whatever you want. I feel the guy in my ass swell up and he starts going faster and says omg here I cum. Which sends the guy in my right hand over the edge this time I don’t even try to get mouth there I figure what the hell get covered in cum too. Another guy steps up to my mouth and I start to suck him. The guy with the 12 inch cock gets between my legs and I stop sucking the guy in my mouth. No lay down I tell him. I want to ride that thing. He lays down I get on top of him lowering my now loose as hell asshole down his cock. I motion to the guy I had been sucking to come back once I get balls deep on his dick. I start to suck him again while I slowly move up and down that cock.
I feel 2 more dicks press into my hands and start to jack them off. I start to pick up a little speed on the guy I am on top of. I slide up almost out and then back down. I am loving every second of this night. I ride him for about 10 minutes slowly while blowing 2 more guys and getting the ones in my hands off. I look down at him and say ok ready to fuck me? I want it hard and just like this I tell him. I want you to bend me over the pool table and take me from behind and do it hard and fast. But don’t cum to quick. He does as I ask and takes me. This leaves no room for anyone else at this time but at this point I don’t care it’s about me for now. He fucks me hard for another 10 minutes before he says I can’t hold back anymore your ass feels too good. I’m gonna cum. Having been with large guys before I know it’s always a huge load so I pull off him and turn around as fast as I can. I drop to my knees taking him into my mouth. He don’t disappoint with the size of the load it takes me about 5 swallows to get it all. He looks at me and says damn that’s a first ass to mouth I love it.
Not sure how many have gotten off I jump back on pool table and wait for the next ones to step up. I feel a guy slide under me and push into me. I then feel another cock near my asshole. Oh god yes double at once I think. The 2nd guy says think you can take both? I just moan and he starts to press into me. It takes a little bit of work but he finally gets in there. They find a nice rhythm and since nobody has stuck a cock in my mouth I am free to be loud. I moan and tell them fuck me good. I start to move my hips in time with them. I am almost screaming in pleasure as I feel both of them swell up at the same time and cum in me.
They pull out and I look around. Everyone seems to have gotten a piece of me so I ask anyone left? Or anyone going to take care of my cock? A womans voice says yes I will. And she climbs on the table with me. She lays on her back and I grab her legs and stick them on my shoulders to enter her easy. I then feel another cock at my ass. This one is even bigger then the 12 inch cock at least thicker. He says well since youre fucking my wife its only fair I fuck you. I say hell yea but go slow and easy. I want it slow this time.