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Cousin Brandy

2022-08-03 00:00:03

Brandy had always had a strong attraction to her cousin Kevin. They grew up together and grew accustomed to being around each other constantly. It got to the point where both were comfortable enough to change in front of each other. In her mind, she had always hoped it would lead to something happening. Brandy knew incest was frowned upon so she didn’t want to make the first move, afraid he’d reject her. If that were to happen, things could become very awkward. She’d stare at his thick cock as he changed into his clothes. Whenever she would masturbate, thoughts of him filling her pussy up with his hot seed would flood her mind driving her to orgasm.
It was the summer of 2005, a hot one in Louisiana . Brandy’s parents were going on a trip to Europe to celebrate their anniversary. She’d be staying with her Aunt Karen, which she didn’t mind, knowing that Kevin would be there.
When she arrived, she was a little surprised to see that it was just Aunt Karen in the house.

“Where’s Kevin at?”

“Oh, he’s at work right now, first day. He should be home shortly after 5. I have to get going in a few minutes, but you’ll be okay, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I am sixteen. I can handle myself.”

“Okay, well you can put your stuff up stairs hun. Get settled in.”

Brandy threw her stuff in the corner of the room that she’d be sharing with her cousin. She lay on her bed and read for awhile. Her interest waned fast and the clock only showed 4:14 .

“Fuck, I’m bored. I guess I could get online, surf a bit.”

The screen didn’t turn on when Brandy moved the mouse. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the screen had been turned off. She clicked the on button and was surprised to find a porn movie playing. A blond with a large chest was wearing only a latex skirt while getting double penetrated by two black men.

“Maybe he’s into interracial stuff. There are probably more videos and what not on here.”

Brandy felt a little guilty invading his privacy but she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to know what turned him on. A search turned up hundreds of videos and pictures. While flipping through the pictures, there were a couple common themes, and they weren’t interracial.

“There is leather or latex in nearly every one of these pictures. Seem to be a lot of girls smoking cigarettes too.”

She double clicked Mozilla and googled "smoking fetish." Sure enough it came back with hundreds of results. Brandy didn’t realize there were people out there turned on by smoking.

“I guess I get that. It must be a bad girl image kind of thing. More latex in these videos...”

She pondered for a moment, what if she was to get some sort of latex or leather and smoke for him. Would that finally get him to make a move?
Brandy knew she was attractive and never had a problem getting the attention of men. Her fiery red hair dropped down just above her 36d’s. She worked out so she had a nice body, though her ass was a little big, but there were never complaints about that.
Her parents had left her a credit card of theirs, for whatever she may need. They repeated NEED many times. No frivolous spending on wants. In her mind, this was a need. Her dad did say to get some new clothes.
The latex she picked out took over a week and was cutting it close. Her stay there wasn’t going to last much longer. It had been fun but hearing Kevin stroking himself at night, while she was supposed to be asleep, drove her wild. She wanted to leap on him, but waited for this day.
Kevin was supposed to be home at 5 that day. The dark blue latex dress gripped onto her pale skin, squeezing her ass, torso and breasts. The black elbow length gloves were difficult to get on, but she finally managed. She spread the shining spray all over, giving it a nice coat, causing it to glisten brightly in the light. Brandy felt sexy, studying herself in the mirror as she applied some dark red lipstick.

“Okay, where did I put those cigarettes?”

She had stolen a couple from Aunt Karen’s purse but couldn’t recall where she stashed them. Finally, she remembered that they were in the side pocket of her bag.
Brandy had lost track of time and was caught off guard when she heard the sound of the door closing. Kevin was home.

“Anybody home?” he yelled throughout the house.

“I’m up here.”

When he walked into the door, he was surprised to see his cousin lying in bed in skin tight latex. Brandy put the cigarette between her plump lips and lit up, blowing a thick cloud his way.

“Um, hi. What are you doing?”

“Trying on some new clothes I bought. They are comfortable and I think they really make my body look great. What do you think?"

“Yes, that dress really shows off your body. It looks good.”

“Thank you, I do feel very sexy in it,” she said in a low voice as her finger traced her nipple through the thin material. "I guess it's lucky I learned about it when I arrived here. I turned on your computer and saw a lot of pretty girls in outfits made of this."
Kevin looked away, embarrassed. He had completely forgotten to go back and close the video that day. He had assumed he had gotten away with it.

"It's okay Kev, we all have our sexual interests. I have to admit, the videos turned me on and being in this now, is making me really wet."

“Maybe this is wrong, and if you don’t want to I’d totally understand, I mean…”

“Just spit it out. We have known each other all of our lives.”

“Well, I’ve always kind of had a thing for you. I've fantasized about you so many times. Seeing you dressed in that...and the cigarette...it's really hot.”

“I guess it's only fair I confess that I've always wanted to have sex with you. I've listened to you masturbating so many times and on many occasions I've almost gotten up to help you finish the job.”

"I wish you would have! I most likely was imagining cumming in your mouth when all along I could have been actually doing it."

"Well, I did this for you so why don't we make some fantasies come true. Fuck your cousin Brandy. Fuck her in this tight rubber dress."

Brandy spread her legs revealing that she had no panties on. She held the cigarette to her lips and deeply inhaled before exhaling smoke up in the air.

"I've always wanted to taste your pussy," Kevin said softly as he got down on his knees, grabbing onto her thighs, pulling her closer. His tongue ran slowly up her slit, tasting her sweetness. Brandy pussy was soaking wet and it tasted better than he ever could have imagined. She let out a moan before biting her lower lip as his tongue pushed inside of her. It swirled left and then right before exiting. She was surprised when his tongue poked at her tight virgin asshole, but it felt good as it slid along her anus.

"God, that feels good but it'd be unfair if I didn't return the favor. Get on the bed."

Kevin got up off the floor and sat onto the bed, removing his pants. His cock was standing tall, rock hard and aching for attention. The feel of her latex clad hand around his shaft sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. Brandy took one last inhale of her cigarette and blew it on his cock before putting it out in an ashtray near by. It was the moment he had dreamed about for so long, his cousins lips were now wrapping around his prick and it felt incredible. She rubbed his balls, occasionally gripping the bottom of his shaft to take every inch into her mouth. No matter how many times she did it, he always had an impressed look upon his face as if he had never seen it before.

"Do you like that? Are my lips soft on your head?"

"It feels amazing. I love it."

"As much as I'd love to jerk you off into my mouth and taste you, I've been waiting a long time to feel you inside of me. I'm on birth control so don't pull out. I want to feel you cum in my pussy."

"I've always wanted to do that. Lay down next to me."

She lifted the rubber dress up a bit and spread her legs. He got between them and moved his cock towards her pussy. "Are you ready?"

"I'm ready, put it in."

Kevin watched intently as his head pushed into her hole. Her pussy was warm and soaked, making it fairly easy for his shaft to slide."

"Mm, I want to feel every inch of you. Push it."

He pushed every single inch inside of her. His right hand lay on the bed to hold himself steady while the left reached up towards her breast. He traced her nipple through the thin rubber dress, pinching at it as he got into a rhythm, driving his cock back and forth inside of her. Brandy reached over and cupped his hand, forcing him to squeeze her breast.

"You don't have to be gentle with them. Squeeze them and fuck me hard."

Kevin wrapped his hand around her large breast and squeezed, rubbing his fingers around her nipple. He started thrusting faster like she wanted. The sound of his balls smacking her ass filled the room along with her screams and moans. Brandy could feel an orgasm getting close as she started thrusting her hips towards him.

"God...fuck...fuck. Keep fuckin me Kev. I'm going to cum."

Brandy's legs wrapped around his hips as her body quivered with ecstasy. She came hard, gripping onto his shoulder, pulling him in.

"Oh god...that felt so good."

Kevin smiled at her as he noticed her pussy getting even wetter. Brandy slid her latex clad finger around her cunt before placing it into his mouth, allowing him to taste all her wetness. She looked into his eyes intensely, not looking away even for a second, as she started rubbing her clit. He tried keeping eye contact but it was hard not to watch her masturbate while his dick was sliding in and out of her.

"Cum for your cousin Brandy. Fill up my pussy. I want every drop."

The sight before him combined with all his fantasies about her running through his head, drove him to the edge. He couldn't take it anymore so he thrust every inch into her as deep as he could. She could feel his cock enlarge as he shot spurt after spurt of semen into her hot pussy. She tightened her muscles, milking every drop.

"Mm, come here," Brandy whispered, signaling for him to move closer. She kissed him deeply.

"It's too bad you have to go back home tomorrow."

"We still have one more night. Besides, I have another latex piece that I bought that you haven't even seen yet."

His mind wandered off, imagining all sorts of sexy things she could be wearing later. He didn't care too much as long as he got to be inside Brandy again.