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Come On Please Rape Me

2023-01-24 00:08:34

Fbailey story number 228

Come On Please Rape Me

When I turned fourteen my sister Ashley was already fifteen years old. She thought that her shit didn’t stink. Ever since her tits got bigger dad had given her everything that she ever wanted and he paid very little attention to me. Mom was in the same boat because dad paid very little attention to her too.

Then one day when we were alone in the house mom said, “Please rape me.”

I had heard what she said but I just couldn’t believe it so I said, “What?”

Mom repeated, “Please rape me.”

Finally I asked, “Why?”

Mom cried and said, “I just can’t take it anymore. Your father won’t touch me in bed. I can’t take a lover and commit adultery because of my strict Roman Catholic upbringing but I can be raped against my will. That is a sin that can be forgiven. Joe our old farmhand used to rape me after he got drunk on Saturdays but when your father found out about it he fired him. Joe was a piss poor fuck but he was all that I had. Rover our dog used to attack me whenever I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor but when he attacked Ashley your father killed him. God I miss that dog. Could he ever fuck! All I had to do was take off my panties and start to scrub the kitchen floor and he would appear out of nowhere. But now I have no one so please rape me.”

“But mom I don’t know how too” I lied. Of course I knew how, hell I lived on a farm for Christ’s sake. The cows were always trying to hump one another even if they didn’t have cocks. Our ram was always trying to fuck the sheep.

I knew exactly how mom felt. I was so horny that I had considered fucking one of our sheep too especially since our old farmhand Joe had told that they feel just like a human vagina when you are in them. He told me that was why he always wore those black high rubber boots…so that he could put their back legs in his boots and they couldn’t get away.

Mom repeated, “Come on please rape me.” Then she started to cry.

The next thing I knew mom was on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor scrubbing with her old stiff brush. She had hiked her skirt up above her waist and she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

Honest to God, I did look a gift horse in the mouth. I looked at my mother. She was beautiful, she was only thirty-four, and she was waiting for me to rape her. She was a sure thing, as the boys at school would have said. That was what they always said about Brenda. Half of the guys in school claim that they had fucked her and she never denied it either.

Mom had a nice smooth firm ass, her tits hung down nicely in her top, and her pussy was moist and just waiting for me to fuck it. I couldn’t take it any longer. I dropped my pants and my underwear to my ankles and then I dropped behind my mother. She stopped what she was doing and stood perfectly still for me. I aimed my cock at her juicy pussy and shoved it into her. However I missed and had to try it again. Then mom reached up and positioned it for me. That time when I pushed it in it went in and then mom let out a sigh of relief.

That was how I lost my virginity…fucking my own mother…from behind…while she was scrubbing the kitchen floor. I cum pretty quickly but mom didn’t seem to mind any. I knew that I would get better at it and apparently so did she.

When I finished cumming in my mother’s pussy and pulled up my pants she turned toward me and said, “Thank you. Please rape me as often as you need too. Just don’t let your father or your sister catch us, please.”

Then mom picked up the brush and the bucket, straightened up her short skirt, and said, “Maybe I’ll try to finish this in a little while.”

I knew that she was trying to tell me to come back when I could get hard again. She would be ready for me.

Over the next two weeks I was fucking mom two or three times a day and she was smiling a lot more. She had become her old cheerful self again. Dad noticed the change in mom too so I had to be a lot more careful.

Then one dad I caught dad fucking Ashley in the barn and it sure wasn’t their first time either. No wonder dad hadn’t fucked mom in over a year. It was about that time that dad started paying more attention to my sister. Apparently dad didn’t have the same hang-ups about sex that mom had. Well he was brought up Methodist if that mattered any. No matter what, it was still incest just like what mom and I were doing but dad was really enjoying it while mom always prayed for forgiveness afterwards.

Right after dad took off in his truck I went into the barn to confront Ashley. She still had her shorts and her panties off and was just lying there in the straw resting. Her T-shirt was up around her neck with her tits exposed and her pussy was still leaking his cum. Ashley jumped when she heard me and pulled her short T-shirt down over her tits. I just stood on her shorts and her panties as she tried to cover her pussy with her hands.

“So you let dad fuck you when he won’t even fuck mom. How could you?” I asked.

“Because he caught me with Danny’s cock in my pussy. Dad said that he would put me in a Foster Home if I didn’t cooperate with him.” Ashley replied.

“So Ashley, how often does he fuck you?” I asked.

“At least once a day when he can get away with it.” Ashley replied.

I grabbed her clothes and marched her right into the house. I told mom what I knew and then Ashley told her a whole lot more. Together the three of us decided to catch dad in the act. We made up a signal to let us know when dad was after her. Ashley said that he liked to do it in the barn in the late morning. We always keep a shovel standing up against the barn so Ashley said that she would just knock it over as she went by it and that would be our signal to wait a few minutes and then barge in on her and dad.

The very next day I was keeping a close watch out of my bedroom window when I saw Ashley knock down the shovel and go in. Dad was just getting off his tractor and was heading in that direction. I ran right downstairs to tell mom but she had been watching too and already knew. We let dad get inside and then mom and I slipped out the backdoor and snuck around the house toward the barn. We quietly got closer and waited. Then we slipped into the barn and got right up near them. Ashley was on her back and she was totally naked that time. Dad had his overalls down around his ankles and he had his cock sticking in Ashley’s pussy. Dad was really going at when mom stuck him in his ass with a pitchfork. She wasn’t none too polite about it either. Mom shoved that pitchfork almost as far into his ass as his cock was shoved into Ashley’s pussy. He tried to pull out of Ashley but mom wouldn’t let him until she had her say.

If dad wanted to fuck Ashley ever again he would have to fuck mom first. He would have to hire old Joe back and he was not to kill anymore dogs either. Plus if he could fuck Ashley then I could fuck her, and any time that I wanted to too. When he finally agreed to her terms, mom let him up and then told him to drive himself to the hospital. Just as he was pulling his overalls up, mom told him that she had found the pitchfork stuck in a pile of cow shit.

After he left for the emergence room mom asked me if I wanted to fuck Ashley since she was ready and waiting. Ashley didn’t say a word so I dropped my pants and stuck my cock in her pussy. I knew right away that I liked facing her. All I ever got from mom was her back. I could see Ashley’s tits while I was fucking her and I really enjoyed that view. Over the last two weeks I had gotten pretty good at sex. Then Ashley started to fuck back at me. That was something that mom had never done while I was ‘raping’ her. Soon we were both cumming. Mom told us that we had done it perfectly if we had both cum together like that. We both got dressed and then went into the house. Mom taught Ashley how to douche and then fixed dinner for us. When she bent over to get out a pot I stuck my cock in her from behind. Mom held on to the drawer and I hung onto her swinging tits. Mom had finally relaxed enough to enjoy sex with me. As Ashley watched us, mom and I cum together for the first time. Mom just smiled and told Ashley to start peeling potatoes while she went up to douche.

When mom came back downstairs she was completely naked and she was smiling. Then mom suggested that Ashley should be naked inside the house too. That way they could both be ready for dad and I to fuck them whenever we wanted too. So Ashley went up her bedroom and came back down naked.

As they fixed dinner mom told Ashley that old Joe had fucked her on Saturdays after he was drunk. Ashley giggled and said that he used to fuck her too when he was drunk. Then mom told her about Rover fucking her on the kitchen floor almost every day. Ashley said that she always liked it whenever Rover fucked her too. She said that daddy had gotten jealous that Rover could fuck her too so he shot him. Daddy also hated it whenever Ashley let her boyfriend Danny fuck her too.

Just as dinner was ready dad’s truck pulled into the driveway. Mom and Ashley stood up proud and naked as he entered. Mom giggled because dad was walking very funny. He said that it took several stitches and that he had also gotten a tetanus shot along with some painkillers. Mom giggled again and asked him if he wanted to fuck her and Ashley before dinner. He said no and then he started to blow up a donut shaped pillow to sit on. We laughed at him and all he did was scowl at us.

From that day on mom ruled dad. She was in charge and we all knew it. Somehow during all of that mom also decided that if she wanted to let someone fuck her that she could. Mom and Ashley were almost always naked in the house and most of the time outside too. Joe ate all of his meals with us and enjoyed the women as much as I did. After every meal mom would ask Joe if he needed a quickie before going back to work right there in front of dad. He almost always said no but he still liked to get drunk on Saturdays and fuck mom. She always liked it.

Ashley would ask dad if he wanted to fuck her knowing that he would have to fuck mom first. He only took her up on her offer about once a week. Ashley’s boyfriend Danny got to fuck her a whole lot more often without dad chasing him off all of the time.

Mom got three new dogs and tried to train them all to fuck her. Ashley and I helped her out too. They eventually caught on quite well.

A few months after the shit hit the fan we had a party. Mom told dad and Joe to call it quits at noon and only put in a half a day of work. Mom and Ashley were naked as usual.

During the party mom got fucked by all three of us men with Joe and I fucking her twice each. We three men also fucked Ashley with me fucking her twice. Then the three dogs got in on the action too. All three of those dogs fucked mom twice and they fucked Ashley twice too. It was a red-letter day for mom.

After that party things got even better around our farm if that was possible. Dad, Joe, and I took turns fucking mom after our meals and the dogs got to fuck her all night long. Ashley got all the fucking that she needed from dad and her boyfriend but Joe and I still got a little whenever we wanted it.

Once mom was sexually awakened she was never happier in her life.

The End
Come On Please Rape Me