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Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 3

2022-08-05 00:00:04

Barbara Lewis woke up on Thursday morning. She was depressed. Deep in the hole with her bills, she was getting really close to the deadline that her bank has set on her loan. If they aren’t paid by Saturday morning then they are going to repossess her car. She just had to win the money she thought.

Barbara had spent the past five days performing sexual acts in a strange game that her friend Lena had told her about. The Gauntlet was the name of it and she only had two more days, which meant two more tries to win the $1000 prize. Her body was so sore and drained from the sex she had already performed. She also was starting to enjoy the constant fucking as well, which was screwing up her mind because she didn’t want to be such a slut but all this sex was turning her into one.

It was getting close to game time, so Barbara began to get prepared for another gauntlet try. She arrived at the place she had been going every night for the past five days and hid her extra clothes in a bag in the alley along side the building again. When it got to one o’clock, she entered and went to Mr. Mills office again. He was very surprised to see her.

Mr. Mills: “Wow! I have never had a woman run the gauntlet six straight days. You must really need the money Miss Lewis.”

Barbara: “Yes. Unfortunately I do.”

Mr. Mills: “I must admit you have given us plenty of footage for the movies that we create. We always enjoy gathering more though.”

Barbara’s heart sank a bit. She had been so busy trying to beat The Gauntlet that she had forgotten that everything she was doing was being filmed. She felt very dirty and embarrassed by those thoughts.

Barbara: “When exactly will my stuff be, you know…out there?”

Mr. Mills: “Oh we’ve already distributed some of it. Here, I can show you one of the DVD’s you’re on.”

Mr. Mills went to one of the drawers in his desk and produced a DVD and handed it to Barbara. She looked at the front of it and read the title ‘Dirty Little Ass Lickers 14’. She then flipped it over and saw her own face. Her tongue was between the ass cheeks of a big hairy black man. The disgust and embarrassment that Barbara was feeling a moment ago weirdly was changing to pride. She couldn’t figure out why, but seeing her own image on the DVD was making her a bit horny.

Barbara started reliving that day in her mind. It was the all-interracial day in which every room that she entered was doubled. She also remembered that the prize money, that of course she didn’t win, was doubled to $2000 as well. Her pussy started to get wet thinking about all of those big black cocks. She had an idea.

Barbara: “Mr. Mills, I know it isn’t Sunday, but would it be possible to run the Interracial Gauntlet again tonight? I really need the $2000.”

Mr. Mills: “Well, I could easily get the men together, but The Gauntlet isn’t set up with the larger format.”

Barbara: “Couldn’t I just do it on the smaller format?”

Mr. Mills: “Well…I’ll tell you what, I will allow you to do interracial on the smaller format for the $2000 prize if you sign an agreement right now, no questions asked, for six months of making porno movies for my company. You will get a base salary, which will be paid, in increments after each movie that you complete. Do we have a deal Miss Lewis?”

Barbara thought about what he just offered her. Making this deal would mean that she would be a professional porno actress. The thought wasn’t as bad as it might have been to her before the past week’s events. After a few minutes of thinking, Barbara agreed.

Barbara: “Get me the contract before I change my mind.”

Mr. Mills reached into another drawer in his desk. He pulled three different papers out of it and found an empty manila folder and wrote Barbara’s name on the tab. He then laid out all three papers on his desk and handed her a pen. Barbara signed all three papers then Mr. Mills put them in the folder and put them all back into his desk. He then put his hand out to shake Barbara’s hand.

Mr. Mills: “Welcome to Triple-X Porno Productions Miss Lewis. Next week sometime you come back here to my office and we’ll fill out a profile for you and get all of your contact information. But tonight…I believe you have a gauntlet to run. I will go and set up the rooms. Should be about 30 minutes before you can start so, you may make yourself a drink from anything in that cabinet over there while you wait. I shall be back soon.”

Mr. Mills then left the office. Barbara opened the liquor cabinet and decided to make herself a vodka tonic. She took her drink and sat back on the couch that was there and thought about the turn her life had taken. She wondered how much a base salary was and how much in the next six months she would have to work. She tried to figure out how many movies she could possible make in that time too.

After a while, Barbara tried to think about nothing but what she was going to do that night. Mr. Mills soon returned and told her that The Gauntlet rooms were now set and she could begin when ever she liked. He also told her that there wasn’t going to be any rest rooms and that he could only gather ten black men so they would be the guys in every room and would alternate throughout the game. Each room would only be an hour too as to not wear the men out because of the double shifting.

Barbara finished her second drink then started to remove her clothing. Mr. Mills gathered them all and bag them for her. Totally naked, she entered the first hallway and looked at the three doors. She chose the door marked ‘B’:

[You have entered a Double Anal Room. Two men will enter and you will allow them both to fuck you in your anus at the same time. You will allow them to do so for one hour’s time.]

Barbara got on the mat and waited for her partners. Two naked black men entered and joined her on the mat. Their penises looked huge, both at least 9-inches. The first guy lubed his pole and then got down on his back on the mat. Barbara then stood above him and brought her ass down onto him. Her asshole was still a little open, like it was stuck in that position, because of all the anal sex she had done in that week. His cock slid into her with relative ease and after a few minutes she was fully impaled and soon hopping on all 9-inches of it.

The second man then got himself into position and started feeding his cock alongside the first one. The two of them were prying her anus open and Barbara’s pussy was now dripping as they piston-ed in and out of her tight asshole. Soon the hour was up and Barbara was onto hallway #2. She chose door ‘A’ and was penalized and ended up back at the beginning.

Back in hallway #1, with her ass still sore but open, Barbara surprisingly chose The Double Anal room again. Two different black men joined her and she did another hour with two cocks fucking her ass and filling it with more cum. In hallway #2 she chose door ‘C’ and it was another penalty room. She couldn’t believe that there were two penalty rooms on the same level.

For the third time Barbara entered the first hall. This time she chose door ‘C’ and had to just laugh when she found out what room she had just chosen:

[You have entered An Anal Sex room. You will lie across the padded side of the table in a doggie position. Ten guys will enter the room and you will take each man’s cock deep into your anus for one hour. The men will shoot their semen into your asshole. When the hour is completed, you will find a shower area to rinse your body off in the next hallway area.]

Barbara bent over the table and waited with her sore ass in position for more cock. All ten black men entered the room. For the next hour they pounded and painted her stink hole mercilessly. The table threatened to collapse from the weight and force of it all. When she finally got to hallway #2 again, Barbara spent some extra minutes with the shower nozzle trying to cool her burning o-ring. Knowing the other two results, she then picked the ‘B’ door.

[You have chosen the Triple Penetration room. Three men will enter and you will be taken in all three of your holes simultaneously for one full hour’s time.]

This would be the fourth straight hour that Barbara had black dicks fucking her poor asshole. It was getting ridiculous. At least she could concentrate on what was being stuffed in her mouth and pussy too and maybe she could ignore the rawness in her butt. For the next hour the three men rotated their monsters in and out of Barbara. She had multiple orgasms and she accepted numerous sperm loads.

[You have entered a Blow Bang room. All 10 black men will enter the room and for one hour you will be required to give all 10 of them oral sex. You will also be required to swallow any semen that they release and you must not stop until the hour is complete.]

Barbara’s ass finally got a break in hallway #3. The ten black men filed into the room and She immediately got on her knees and sucked and swallowed. It was getting harder and harder for the men to cum, and they were shooting less of it when they did. Barbara worked as hard as she could and eventually got them all to squirt a load out at least once each. In hallway #4 Barbara chose ‘B’:

[You have entered a double-vaginal room. Two men will enter and you will allow them both to fuck you in your vagina at the same time. You will allow them to do so for one hour’s time.]

Now it was to be an hour of two in the pink. The two men stretched her cunt a little further and shot some more cum into her womb. Barbara was glad that she was on the pill. She had no idea why after six days of intense sex she hadn’t thought about the possibilities of getting pregnant from all of this. For some reason as two huge black dicks pumped their loads into her pussy on this sixth straight day of sex, it suddenly popped into her mind if only for a fleeting moment.

In hallway #5 Barbara picked door ‘A’ and she again hit an Anal Sex Room. All ten guys dick-ed her tired asshole for another hour taking turns painting her anus walls with more black seed. In hallway #6, she picked ‘B’ which was the Triple Penetration Room. All three of her holes were again filled by cum squirting black cocks.

Finally, for the first time in this gauntlet try, Barbara had reached Hallway #7. Door ‘C’ was her choice and bingo! She had finally reached the money room. The room was painted gold and there was nothing but a small table with an envelope of money on it. Also there was a bunch of bags with her clothing from the week’s failed gauntlet tries. Barbara fell to her knees and cried. She had finally reached her goal. Her car wouldn’t be repossessed and she could pay off most of her other bills.

Barbara opened one of her clothing bags and got herself dressed. She then gathered everything up and exited the building and went to the bus stop. She was exhausted; far more so than she had been all week after each failed gauntlet try. She arrived at her home and it was 11:30pm Thursday night. All in all she made good time during the days brutal events. She collapsed in her bed and passed out.

At around 10 o’clock the next morning she called her bank and told them that she would bring them the money. After getting dressed, she finally looked into the envelope and there was a note affixed to it:

Miss. Lewis,

We have decided to pay you $500 extra as a signing bonus for signing with our company. Please come to my offices next Wednesday morning at 9am for a meeting. Congratulations on beating the Gauntlet. See you soon.

Gregory W. Mills
Triple-X Porno Productions

Barbara counted the money and smiled. Her new life would begin next week and she no longer had a problem with it. She thought of the grueling week and how hard she had worked. She began to think of all the different penises that had been inside of her body during it all. She reached into her panties and put a few of her fingers into her sore pussy and realized that she was still dripping cum from the night before. Suddenly, her phone rang and startled her. She answered it. It was here friend Lena.

Barbara: “Hello?”

Lena: “Barb it’s me. So…what happened last night? Did you get the money?”

Barbara: “I did! I’m looking at it right now.”

Lena: “You did! That’s great sweetie! We should go out and celebrate tonight. My treat.”

Barbara: “I can’t. Sorry Lena I can’t tonight.”

Lena: “Why not? I don’t understand…”

Barbara reached back into her panties and put her fingers between her legs again.

Barbara: “Because I’m running The Gauntlet again tonight.”

Lena: “Again? Why?!?!?”

Barbara didn’t answer. She just slowly hung the phone up and smiled to herself as she rubbed her fingers into her pussy.

The End