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a good night out got better

2022-05-14 00:00:03

Let me start by telling you a bit about Lyn and myself, we married very young and had our kids, who have now left home, Lyn how every has kept a good figure, at 5ft 4, she is well built but not fat, with nice 38, 28 34 figure and big tits, after the kids, the boobs needed a little lift but wow do they look good, and she loves to show off with low cut dress's, facial she looks like Bo Dereck, so she never gets a knock back, when she chases a guy.

We have always enjoyed meeting people to swing with, for many years it was mainly couples, being good looking Lyn always had guys chat her up, so it was no surprise one day that she told me she had been fucked while I was ay work one day.

She found very quickly it was easy to have fun and often met guys often while I was at work, I would come home to be greeted with a cum filled pussy, and when we swung with couples she had no problems going with the woman, so I got to see her eat pussy, which was always a turn on for me.

This lead to us meeting people for 1 on 1's too more, I used to meet woman or couples, it was good fun doing 3 some's with couples, especially if he was bi too, now I tend to meet bi or guy gays more, and now most every Tuesday evening, I meet Tony, my regular top it was on one of these nights our love life took a new direction.

Lyn mostly met guys, quite often she would either go to motels or bring them to our place to play, now she had a good regular lover, she saw on a Wednesday night at a motel, spending 4 or 5 hours with him, whilst she met him, I met a lady friend or other guys, well this week, as I was getting ready to meet Tony, Lyn also did her internal cleaning, which meant she would be meeting some one too, often she did this at our house while I was out so nothing new so far.

I was ready to leave around 6.30 as normal, and Lyn gave me a kiss and said have a good time, then she told me that she was meeting a guy for a drink down the road later and might bring him home, but she had a sly smile when she told me this, again as normal I told her to enjoy her night, and left.

I drove to Tony's house, my regular top and within minutes we were fucking like crazy, he fucks me for some time, while he rests he fists my ass and then goes back to fucking me. I love the anal orgasm he gives me, and often go home totally worn out.

Tonight, knowing Lyn was playing at home, kind of made me want to finish early, so I really gripped his cock hard, waiting for him to cum inside me, I just love the way his cock pulses inside my ass when he cums, sending me into a nice anal orgasm again to finish the night off.

So when Tony began to grunt and flood my ass I made sure I gave his cock a good work out and then sucked him dry, it was about 10 pm, I got dressed and headed of home, saying same time next week to Tony.

As I pulled into our drive way, I saw another car there, so Lyn had brought him home and he was still here, great, I would get to fuck her cum filled ass or pussy, quietly I opened the front door and entered the house, the noises from the bedroom let me know they were still fucking, so I stripped of and walked slowly toward them, my cock already getting hard as I knew it would soon be put to use.

The bedroom light was on but not to bright, at first I could see shadows then more as my eyes adjusted, he was fucking her with her legs over his shoulders, then as I moved nearer I noticed he was a fairly large guy and a dark colour, wow she was being fucked by a Afro American, and he wasn't hanging back either, the sound of his balls slapping her ass filled the room.

I stood watching, my hand stroking my rock hard cock, this was some thing we had spoken about, but I had not see until now, my wife taking a nice hard black cock, wow, I wanted to get closer, but didn't want to scare him of either, Lyn was lost in her sex, her orgasm told me that he was doing every thing right, as she pushed back against his manhood.

I just about blew my load watching her take him all, now and then he pulled back a bit further, his cock would have to be 10 inches long to move that far out from her, but from my angle I couldn't see his cock fully, then his efforts got harder, his breathing louder, then he got verbal, telling his bitch she was going to take his baby juices in her ass, with every thrust now he pushed into her ass harder and harder, telling her what a naughty girl she was taking his spunk in her ass and how he would make her take the next load in her ass too, although he was talking dirty, he wasn't being to disrespectful to her.

With that he let out a loud grunt, pushed Lyn forward and let his balls flood her ass, Lyn let out a huge orgasmic scream, as he kept pumping more and more cum into her, after what seemed like minutes he finally stopped filling her with his spunk and lay on top of her sweaty body.

I waited for awhile then walked in, saying hello, and what a great sight that was, he jumped, not sure what was going on, Lyn laughed and said Hi, I lay next to her and kissed her tenderly.

As he rolled of her body, my cock needed relief, so I slipped it in her spunk filled butt, it was loose, very loose, but I had to cum, so quickly fucked her ass hard as Lyn tightened her anal muscles to grip my cock, that was all I needed, my seed joined his and my cock slipped out.

Lyn introduced Lewis, we shook hands, then I went down licking her ass out, taking both our juices, her pussy also looked puffy too, that must have had a good pounding by him too.

As we spoke Lyn said she was tempted to tell me about Lewis, but knew I would most likely stay home with her to play instead of going out, but also said she knew what time I got home and made sure they would still be fucking when i got here, which worked well, as she had needed a bit of time to get used to his large cock, but now he had opened up both her holes she was set to go.

We had a rest and a cool drink, then Lewis told Lyn to get on her knees, his cock went back in her pussy, and he started to pound her once more, my cock found her mouth and she soon had it back to full size, I then told Lewis to lat under her, his cock slipped effortlessly back into her pussy, my cock slipped up her ass, as we both got up to speed.

Lewis's cock was huge I could feel him pushing hard against my cock though the thin inner skin of my wife's butt, boy I hope hes bi too, as we fucked her silly, my cock now set to go for some time.

After about 15 minutes I told Lewis to change holes, poor Lyn was thrown around as our cocks changed holes, and once more she was fucked hard, Lewis sure did like her ass, his pace now quicker still, just about caused a fiction fire inside her ass.

I whispered to Lyn, did she know if he was bi, she said she wasn't sure, and then told me tonight was her night, and smiled, we kept going for awhile longer, then pulled her up to change position again. this time I got Lewis to lay with our legs entwined and told Lyn to sit on our cock, she choose Lewis for her ass again, my cock went in her pussy, she rode us like that for quite awhile until her legs gave out.

I swung around under her, and got into a 69, Lewis went back to fucking her ass, now it was my time to push things along a bit, every other thrust my tongue would lick his cock, and balls, Lewis never changed his position or speed, so I began to lick his cock more and more, then to my surprise and luck his cock came right out and he pushed it in my mouth, I sucked him right in, or as much as I could get, good he was OK with oral bi at least.

I let him get back to fucking her ass, my fingers playing with her clit got her going nicely, her orgasms now flowing from one to another, I swung around and slid my cock back into her pussy, for awhile we both gave her a good pounding, then I told him to pull his cock out of her, and slid mine in her ass, then looking in his eyes told him to join me inside her ass,

Lyn's eyes had a sign of panic in them as his cock began to enter her ass, it was tight, but slowly he got all 10 inches or more in with me, then as he was on top I let him pump her ass, enjoying the feeling of his cock rubbing against mine, I wish my cock was that good, Lyn was going wild her butt filled to the max with our cocks, as Lewis gave no mercy, Between us she went to jelly, her eyes rolled back and her body limp, she was close to passing out as I asked Lewis to slow the pace and let her come back down to earth, as he did Lyn regained some control of her body, but lost it as another huge orgasm ripped her body.

When she came down we both slipped out of her ass, Lewis came around to her mouth, it was then I saw his cock full size for the first time, very nice, about 10 to 11 inches long and possible 1 1/2 inches across too, no wonder she was making so much noise, this made my juices flow for it to be fucking my ass too.

I helped Lyn suck his cock, she was worn out, just able to suck him, when I asked if he liked anal sex as much as pussy sex, he replied, possible more so, as most woman can't take him anally, I then said what about men have you found one that can take it all, he looked a bit shy and not yet, I didn't miss a beat, I said I bet I can take it all.

Lyn could just muster a smile, her body shot, was wiling to let him fuck me if he wanted too, she turned to Lewis and said try his butt, he will take it for you, I knelt in front of him my cum filled ass held high, waiting for him to enter me. Lyn held his cock, and eased him towards my hungry hole, my heart racing, I was not only going to be fucked by a huge cock, but a black one too, any second and I was going to fulfil my biggest wish.

Lewis pushed in slow, knowing most would not take such a lovely cock, but as more went in, I pushed back hard, his cock now fully home felt great, he started to pump my ass hard, his hands gripped my waist as every inch found my ass wanting.

He was good too, as I saw when I watched him fuck Lyn's ass, he was fast as well as deep, and he could keep it up too, some 20 minutes, we changed positions a few times, but I ended back on my knees, as his grunting and dirty talk started, calling me his bitch, and did I want him to impregnate my ass with his man seed, I turned and told him to flood my butt, fill me with his seed, and make me his bitch too.

That was all he needed, I felt his cock grow, swelling inside my ass, then he gripped my waist so tight and pulled me back, holding me tighter still to keep his juices inside me as his cock and balls made me his. I was surprised by the amount of his second cum it was a lot, so much that it leaked out down my legs, as he kept filling me with more.

Lyn was now under me licking as much as she could from my legs, Lewis slumped worn out from a good long fucking of my ass, as his cock dropped out. my ass felt empty, I quickly sat over Lyn and let his cum drop from my gaping hole, she lapped it all up then kissed me to share his load with me, without warning Lyn went behind me and shoved her fist right up to half way to her elbow, Lewis's cum and my gaping ass made it easy for her.

I saw the look on his face, one of total surprise, as Lyn worked more arm into me, after a few hard anal orgasm's she pulled her fist out and we licked it dry. Lewis said no wonder you could take my cock so easy, after seeing that.

As Lewis got his breath back, he told me that he liked fucking my ass, and it was a great way for him to try bi anal, so Lyn gave him a huge kiss and thanked him for taking care of us both so well. He told us he had done oral bi, but this was a first for him, Lyn smiled and said what else have you thought or fantasied about, Lewis had that shy awkward look, not knowing what he could say without shocking us I think.

Lyn told him we are very open minded, and like to try sexual things, he then paused and told us he had though about being fucked too, we both looked at him and said great, we can help him with that. He then told us the anal was really good with us, as we were so clean inside, we told him about our douche and so on, and told him next time we would show him how to get ready for anal, if he wanted us to.

By now it was late, and Lewis had to leave, we told him to call us as soon as he had a spare night for more fun, he kissed Lyn, saying he was free on the weekend, we both told him that would be great, he then looked at Lyn and asked her if she could handle another black cock, we both smiled and said as long as hes as kinky as you, bring him along too.

Lewis dropped and slide my cock into his mouth, sucking hard, he pulled back and said next time I want this in my ass, Lyn told him she would fuck his ass with our toys too if he wanted, a smile a mile wide told us he wanted this too.

roll on the weekend.